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   Chapter 103 borrow you something

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Ferris laughed and said Ethan was naughty when he was a child. Luckily, he went to England when he was five years old and was taken care of by Howard. Therefore, he didn't get into trouble. "

If Ethan went to England when he was five years old, then Howard was already there.

England again?

Max remembered that she saw a man in the supermarket on TV. He looked like beggar. Was he also in Britain?

Does it have anything to do with the matter?

"Auntie, how old has Howard been to England?" Max asked curiously.

"Mr. Howard was born in England and the main project of Hua group was situated in England. Later, he grew up and set up a branch there. In recent years, he invested the main money in Asia. I have to say, Mr. Howard is doing great and I'm relieved to have Ethan with Howard!"

"Yes." Max thought for a while and asked, "aunt, what kind of person is Mr. Howard?"

"ha-ha, Howard is a smart, handsome and successful business man. Generally speaking, he is an outstanding man, and it's not your fault? Do you want to meet him? " Ferris looked at Max, confused.

"No, I'm just curious." Max said with a smile.

Handsome? 'handsome?'?

What Nina said was right. Was Howard wearing a mask?

"Auntie, but there are many scars on Howard's face. How could he be handsome?"

As soon as Max asked, Ethan went upstairs.

"Did you have a good time chatting with each other? What are you talking about? Tell me."

In fact, he had overheard their conversation on the stairs.

So when hearing Max asking about Howard's appearance, he quickly walked a few steps up the stairs and took over Max's words.

Max put her hand on her forehead and thought in pain, "Ethan, are you coming now or not? You are at the most critical moment.".

"Ethan, I talked to Max about your childhood? You were naughty when you were a kid. " Said Ferris with a smile.

Ethan put his hands on his mother's shoulders and said, "mother, don't reveal your son's past story in front of your daughter-in-law, okay?"

"Come on, Ethan. Stop acting like a child. You are already a married woman." Said Ferris, patting his son's hand.

"Auntie, Ethan said he was more handsome in his childhood than he is now. Really? " But she would not give up until she had achieved her goal! So she continued to ask.

Why didn't he remember what he said?

However, Ethan could guess the underlying meaning of Max's words.

Just to see him like a child? Of course, this was not the most important thing. She wanted to see if there were any pictures of Howard in his photo album.

It seemed that Howard's true identity was about to be revealed.

Ethan knew that it would come sooner or later.

But I can only trust him to reveal his true identity. As for me, I'd better keep a distance from them.

So he picked up an exquisite photo album and threw it to Max. "Max, look at these handsome men."

Max was very excited, but when she opened the pictures one by one, they were all taken when they were at kindergarten.

She had to admit


he took out his phone and called Ethan, "Ethan, come out and have a drink with me."

"Where is it?" Ethan asked in a low voice

"The old place." Howard said flatly.

The old place was, of course, the hotel named "camouflage bar". Because both Howard and Ethan were hanging up there.

This bar was the most luxurious and luxurious place in a city.

Most of the people coming here were either rich or powerful.

Finally, there were only two words - "old place" coming out from his mouth.

"Honey, be a good girl and wait for me at home. I have something to deal with outside," Ethan said after kissing on Max's cheek

With a mischievous smile, Max asked, "is it a pity that I'm pregnant and that I'm going out to have some fun?"

"Honey, don't talk nonsense. I swear to our baby that I will never date a woman." Ethan said seriously.

"Is that a date?" Max asked.

"Hey, it's my brother." Wearing a shirt, Ethan said with a smile.

"Is that Mr. Howard?"

"Max..." after a moment's hesitation, Ethan said, "you'd better not to get involved in Howard's affair. He can only solve it by himself."

"What does he want to do?" Max asked, pretending to be innocent.

Ethan took a look at Max and lowered his head. "Honey, sleep well. I'll be back soon."

"Oh, come on! Don't be so mysterious," Max snorted

Without answering anymore, he took off his shoes and left.

As soon as he left, Max followed him out.

Of course, Max was not following Ethan. She took a look at the taxi and went to the private detective house she had already contacted.

She had never taken so much money with her before.

They agreed on the deposit of two million dollars.

After that, she would pay the remaining five million.

If she screw it up, the detective would return two million dollars to her.

'what a handsome man!'.

It was in the "camouflage bar".

Instead of going to the box, Howard sat on a booth, with his cold eyes fixed on the men and women dancing crazily on the dancing floor.

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