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   Chapter 102 find a detective

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Nina added, "sometimes I doubt that Howard is the same as a beggar.

"Oh my God! You really miss your beggar husband, don't you? How can you think of such a fantastic thing?" Max announced again.

Then Nina said seriously, "don't believe it, Max. I always believe my instinct."

Max thought for a while. She had suspected the beggar's identity before, but she never thought that there would be something between the beggar and Howard. When she heard what Nina said, she was really suspicious.

"Nana, do you want me to have a trial against Ethan? Don't worry. He is afraid of me! I promise he will confess everything tonight. Believe it or not? "

Nina shook her head and said, "you can't ask Ethan about it. If he wants to tell you, he has already said it. Since he doesn't, it's useless for you to judge him."

"Then what do you want me to do for you?" Max was confused.

Nina wrote on it, "pay for me and find a detective to investigate the true identity of Howard.".

"Nina, why are you so silly! 'what Her identity is real and the beggar lied to you. beggar's identity is fake You are so annoying! You are so stupid! "

Nina stared at her with anger, "you are the fool. Have you ever seen the look of Howard before? He looks like he is wearing a mask. Have you ever seen him wearing a mask? Tell me, what does he look like? "

"Well, Nana, don't be so anxious! I will go home to look for a photo of Ethan or something like that. If I really can't find one, I will carry out your plan. What do you think? " Said Max.

Then she smiled and said, "thank you, Max!"

"Don't be so formal with me. Eat the noodles quickly. They won't taste good when they are cold."

After they finished eating, they walked out of the restaurant.

A black Ferrari quickly passed them.

"Shit! Why are you driving so crazy?" "Holley, you're not allowed to do so.".

For a moment, it was exactly like the car of Howard's bodyguard.

Why is it here? Was he following her?

"Do you want to go to the alma mater?" "Don't forget to remind her.".

"I have to work this afternoon. I'll have time in the future," Asked Nina.

"Well, Nina, you are perfect. It's just that sometimes you are too pedantic. Why don't you feel that Howard likes you! No matter he is a beggar or not, as long as he likes you, you should think about him. "

"Max, if Howard is really the beggar, will you forgive his cheating?"

Max stopped and took out a myriad of treasures, about to draw in.

Nina snatched the cigarette from Max's hand and said, "Max, be careful not to scold your baby. You're an incompetent mother."

"I was thinking about the question you just said."

"It doesn't work even if you think about it a thousand times. The result still depends on what you are going to do next? "Max, will you help me?" Said Nina coquettishly.

"Do I have another choice?" Max opened the door for her, "get in the car. I'll drive you to meet Mr. Howard."

"Before Howard's identity is clear, you are not allowed to meet him without permission!" Nina said with concern.

"I'll walk you to the gate."

Smilingly, Nina sat in the car.

In Howard's office, Bob put his pho

sed her.

Max blushed with shyness.

"Ethan, since you like this girl, you should pick a good day and get married as soon as possible. Then you should be responsible for her." Said Ethel, Ethan's father.

"You're right. Our son is better than our father. I'm sure we are about the same thing. That's why I bring Max back," said Ethan, looking at Max

"I don't know how to talk about this matter. You can go in and have a chat with them. I will go to ask the Buddha to give me a auspicious good day." Ferris walked into her Buddhist prayer room, smiling.

For Max, apart from believing herself, she had no other faith.

But she was afraid of people who had faith.

Ferris soon asked for a day. Ten days later, it was September 02.

"Why are you in such a hurry?" But Max didn't expect that the day would come so soon.

Holding the hand of Max, she said in a low voice, "Max, if I'm not mistaken, you are now pregnant with Ethan's child, and it's not clear yet. It's better to get married as early as possible."

"Well, I listen to Auntie," Hearing Ferris's words, Max felt even more embarrassed.

"Let's go upstairs. I have a gift for you." Ferris held Max's hand and went upstairs.

Ethan could see from his parents' smiles that they were all satisfied with the wife he had chosen.

Of course he was happy inside.

After Max went upstairs, she took out a pair of jade bracelets from the box.

"Max, my mother-in-law passed it on to me and passed it on to you. From now on, you are the only daughter-in-law of the Mei clan."

"Auntie, I haven't got married with him. Is this gift too expensive?" Max said, feeling flattered.

The jade bracelet had a good head. Even Max, who didn't know the value of it, could tell that it was very expensive.

"Whether it is precious or not, it is a token passed down from Mei clan." Ferris took out the Max's hand and put it on the Max's wrist.

"Aunt, was Ethan very naughty when he was a child?" Max did not forget her task for today.

Max thought that she might get something from Ferris when she asked her when Ethan was not at home.

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