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   Chapter 101 keep an eye on Nina

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Ethan bent over Max's belly and gave her a loving kiss. "Baby, dad is going to cook for you. Tell me, what do you want to eat?"

"There's a sandwich with Cole in it, a bowl of sparerib and scallop noodles, and a purse and crucian carp..." Max said, handing out several dishes.

"Wait a minute, Alice. We're having breakfast now. Are you sure that our baby can eat so much?" Ethan passed out when he heard the menu.

"I want it!" "Don't say that. It's none of your business.".

"Okay. I'll go with the cook now." He put on his clothes quickly and ran downstairs to find the chef.

Max stretched herself and then called Nina.

Nina didn't answer the phone behind her at first, but Max kept calling her.

She guessed that the reason why Nina sent her a message must be that she didn't want Ethan to hear what she was going to say, so she sent him away.

And why didn't Nina answer her phone?

"Honey, your phone is blowing up. Don't you answer it?" Hearing Nina's phone ringing, Howard thought, 'why does she refuse to answer the phone? What does she mean?

Did she want him to hear something? Or a man?

Nina could only answer the phone.

"Hey, Nana, where the hell were you just now? Why didn't you answer my phone?" said Max angrily

Nina took a glance at Howard, who was driving the car expressionlessly.

"Max, I think that since we haven't been together for so long, I want to have dinner with you today." Said Nina.

"Okay. I'll ask the cook to make more dishes today. You can come to my house and have dinner. By the way, you can take Howard." Max said with a bright smile.

"No, we are going out for dinner." Said Nina anxiously.

"Why? Oh, Nana! You don't know my cooking is very good. I can promise you that my cooking is absolutely better than the five-star and six star chef's. I hire the chef from our family at a high price... "

"Max, I'm not asking you for dinner. I have something to tell you." Why didn't Max speak to her recently! As expected, women could be talkative when they had men!

Max finally realized something and asked with a cold face, "Nana! Did Howard bully you?"

"It's not what you think. Let's talk about it when we meet! I'll wait for you in the restaurant! " Afraid that Max might ask more, Nina ended the call in a hurry.

Hearing that, Howard's beautiful eyes turned dark. Perhaps she went to meet Max just to tell her what she had found.

He lifted the corners of his lips silently.

Just like yesterday, the black Lamborghini stopped at the gate of the tycoon.

Nina glanced at him and said in a low voice, "Mr. Howard, I'll go now. You can come in later."

Without saying anything, Howard gave the file and computer to Nina.

Nina walked into the Hua financial tycoon with a computer on her back.

Rubbing his eyebrows, he was annoyed. What did she want?

'should she make an escape plan after she meet Max this noon?'?

It was a miracle for him to get rid of Howard.

With these words, Howard took out his phone and mad

at Max from head to toe, figuring out that this woman already had the grace of a rich lady. She was wearing gold and silver, just like a jewel.

"Well, I feel good about myself. I have slept and slept well last night. But I am going to be a fat pig."

Nina was amused by Max. "Oh, by the way, I think you are going to be a fat pig!"

A waiter came in with two bowls of noodles.

"I ordered some beef for you. You seem to be quite interested in it." Max pulled out two pairs of chopsticks and handed them to Nina.

"Not bad. I don't eat too much." Because of something on her mind, Nina didn't eat much.

"You are pregnant now. You should eat well." "Is it because of Howard? If he bullies you, you can't bear it. If this woman is spoiled by men, you will be bullied by him all your life."

She looked around and didn't find anyone suspicious.

She leaned over and said in a low voice, "Max, I found a secret about Howard."

"Come on, don't be so mysterious. Howard is a big shot. He certainly has some secrets. Since you are by his side, you should know that there are some secrets that cannot be revealed. " While eating the noodles, Max glanced at Nina.

"Max, it's not a business secret, it's..." "Okay. Thank you.".

She wrote on it, "I found that Howard wears a mask.".

After thinking for a while, Max finally understood what Nina had just written.

She almost choked on the last mouthful of her noodle. "Oh my God! Nana, are you out of your mind because of the fever? Are you kidding me?"

Nina was so anxious that she waved her hand and beckoned Max to be quiet.

"Well, what are you going to do now?" Max put down the chopsticks and looked into Nina's eyes.

Nina continued to write on Max's hands, "I want you to help me find out the true identity of Howard.".

"Are you an idiot, Nana? Isn't his identity clear? There's no need to investigate," Max snapped back

And then she pinched Max's hand.

"Ouch!" Max grimaced in pain, and finally did not dare to shout again.

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