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   Chapter 100 scratch

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Howard looked at Nina carelessly.

He still believed that it was impossible for Nina to hurt him.

As for what kind of poison was put in the coffee, he couldn't figure it out for a while.

"Honey, can I have more extravagant hopes to sleep with you tonight?" Lowering his head, Howard rubbed her hair and murmured, "for the sake of my help, promise me."

With an embarrassed smile, she said, "okay."

With an almost inaudible sigh, Howard held Nina in his arms and said, "my sweetheart, if I don't wake up tomorrow, please tell your babies that I love them very much!"

Howard's voice was still full of tenderness and affection. Even if Nina had drugged him, he would take it willingly.

He loved her so much!

Hearing that, Nina felt her nose ached all of a sudden. "Howard, that cup of coffee..."

"Sweetheart, the coffee you made for me is delicious. I like it!" he interrupted

She nodded and said, "if you like my coffee, I can make it for you more often, okay?"

Unexpectedly, Howard raised her lips and kissed it with all his strength. He didn't allow her to struggle.

If he couldn't have the chance to do that tomorrow, he would take this kiss as a farewell to Nina.

Finally, he felt weak. He smiled and let Nina go.

"Nina, remember, I love you!" Then he fell on the bed of Nina.

Without doubt, Howard was faking it. After drinking the coffee, he had been constantly watching the changes in his body.

Now that he didn't vomit and have a stomachache, he was sure about his guess. Nina didn't poison him, and he guessed that she might have drugged him with sleeping pills.

He lied on the bed and wanted to see what Nina was going to do with him.

When Nina saw him lie down, she put her hands together devoutly and said, "Mr. Howard, have a good rest. Eight sleeping pills won't kill you. Don't worry. You can sleep, and you will get better tomorrow morning!"

He smiled bitterly in his heart. Eight sleeping pills. Oh, my silly girl, you are really heartless!

How long are you going to let him sleep.

Okay, then have a good sleep!

Hearing that, Howard's eyelids became deeper and deeper. Finally he fell asleep.

After she finished praying, she stretched out her arm and helped Howard sit down. Then she ran to the washroom to get a basin of water and a towel.

She would carefully examined Howard's hypocritical wrinkled face.

Well, Nina got the towel wet, then she poured some cleanser and rubbed it hard.

However, he couldn't figure out anything.

Nina was not reconciled. She found a dagger and gently raised his face with the point of the dagger.

She was very happy this time because there was a small white dot in the place she had chosen.

If she really had a thick skin, it would bleed, wouldn't it?

It must be fake if she didn't bleed. Right?

Nina wanted to see the real face behind the mask, but she couldn't find it out after searching for many times.

What should she do if his face behind the mask was a beggar's face?

Nina sat on the bed limply, and the knife in her hand fell to the ground.

How is tha

breakfast silently, Howard didn't care about her as usual.

He put down the newspaper and drank a glass of milk without eating anything.

He pushed the omelettes and bread in front of him to Nina.

Then he got up, picked up the documents and computer, and walked out of the restaurant.

Since Howard was not here, Nina felt much more relaxed. She ate a little quickly and walked out in a hurry.

Thanks to the black Lamborghini, Howard leaned against the car model, which was more perfect than the body of a male model.

Nina condensed and thought for a while. Looking from a distance, if not looking at the face, Howard really looked like her beggar husband.

"Go to work, okay?" Noticing that Nina was in a daze again, he called her in a low voice.

"Coming." Responded Nina.

Howard opened the door for Nina, and she got in.

After Howard started the car, Nina took out her phone and sent a message to Max.

Max and Ethan were still sleeping!

Since Max moved in with Ethan, Ethan stayed at home from time to time and accompanied Max.

Whether it was eating, sleeping or taking a shower, he must be there.

At the very beginning, when Max talked about this matter for the first time, she would feel embarrassed. But after a long time, she was accustomed to it.

Hearing a message, Max picked up the phone and clicked it.

It showed: Max, wait for me at the 'food' restaurant this noon. I have something to talk with you.

"What's wrong with this girl in the early morning? Why didn't she call me if there was something wrong? She insisted on negotiating with me." Max complained.

"Who is this, Max?" asked Ethan, turning his body around with one hand on her chest

But then she shook off his arm and said, "she's my sister."

"Nina?" Ethan asked in a confused way.

Max didn't answer, but kicked him in the body and said, "Ethan, the baby is hungry. Get up and cook now."

Hearing this, Ethan would wake up in an instant.

As expected, he opened his beautiful eyes, "is the baby hungry?"

"Yes!" Max came to the point.

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