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   Chapter 99 eight sleeping pills

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Nina denied this conjecture right away, because Howard's bathe brand was in the bathroom. But how could such bath gel be put in the medical kit!

At this time, the flowing water in the bathroom suddenly stopped.

Nina was startled. She turned around and ran for a few steps, but she didn't hear the sound of the bathroom door opening.

Patting her own chest, she thought, "Oh, my God. Don't you dare to tell others about this?"!

How could Howard know that you were in front of the bathroom!

So she walked back quietly.

Nina raised her hand and gently pushed the door of the bathroom. Fortunately, the door was not locked.

Never had he locked the door before, because wherever he was, he always had a private bathroom, so no one dared to come in. As for this villa, he didn't even have servants before. Now the servants could not go upstairs at this time except cleaning in the morning.

Nina was busy with her work, so she wouldn't come in.

But to his surprise, Nina came.

He stood in front of the mirror, completely naked, his water drops glittering like crystal in the dim light.

He was tall and strong, which indicated the man's strength and aggressiveness.

Nina held her breath and tried not to see the key parts of his body.

She looked up and saw that Howard wore some ointment on his face. If he felt unsatisfied, he washed it away and applied it again.

It was not any skin care products, because after he applied the ointment on his face, his face had obviously been moisturized a lot.

Even the scars were not as deep as before.

This should be a kind of medicine!

Howard rubbed his face and patted again.

Pulling the white bath towel and wrapping his lower body, he turned around and faced to Nina.

Nina took a deep breath, closed her eyes and closed the door.


Her face was burning and her heart was beating fast.

Leave now!

Just as Nina got into the study, Howard came out of the bathroom wrapped in a bath towel.

A knock.

After standing for a second, Howard looked towards the study.

There was nothing unusual there. Howard changed home clothes and went into the study.

Not long after Nina sat down in front of the computer, Howard came in.

"Baby, how many words did you type? Let me see!" Howard bent down and wrapped her arms around Nina's neck from the back.

"Nothing Few words. " Nina stammered. She was still uneasy. After returning home, she was staring at the computer screen which had already been dark.

Staring at the computer screen sharply, it kept the same look as before as he left.

While his big hand rubbed Nina's hot face, he said, "my sweetheart, your face is so hot..." Lowering his head in front of Nina's chest, Nina felt his heart was beating wildly and disorderly, "my baby, your heart is beating very fast..."

"I... i You are so close to me, how can I keep calm? " Nina tried to push him away.

Howard nodded with a smile, "well, baby, I tell you, I can read mind, OK?"

"What Nonsense! "

Nina didn't believe that there was a person who could not read peop

pleted the data?" Nina tried to make herself smile.

"Why not? Just some documents! " Howard squinted and looked directly at Nina who was wearing an unnatural expression.

"You are awesome, Mr. Howard. Thank you." Nina praised exaggeratedly and handed over the coffee in her hand with a guilty conscience.

"Is this your reward for me?" He didn't answer the coffee.

"Mr. Howard, you're working for me now! I should make you a cup of coffee. " Said Nina in a trembling voice.

Taking over the coffee in Nina's hand, with one hand around her slender waist, Howard took a sip of coffee on her face.

Perhaps there was a bit of hatred in his tone!

Yes, she was awake for a while.

She remembered that every time the beggar finished bathing and dried his hair, she would put her arms around his strong waist and bit him in the muscles slightly.

The beggar threw away the hair dryer and shouted, "baby." Then he took her to the bed, and they began their tacit happiness.

What a familiar scene!

"Honey, what are you thinking?" Howard's Adam's apple shrugged. Just now, he was just like Nina. When he was a beggar, after taking a bath, she would rush over, hold him, and gently bit his waist muscles.

"Oh, nothing. I just thought of something," Nina made an excuse.

Howard nodded and gently raised the cup in his hand. If he didn't guess, Nina must have deliberately tampered with the coffee. He could see from her panicked expression on her face.

"Then I'll have coffee!" There was an imperceptible sadness in his eyes.

Nina was worried and might regret.

She raised her hand and tried to stop him, "Mr. Howard, I put a lot of white sugar in the coffee. If you don't like it, I can go downstairs and change another cup for you."

Hearing that, Howard smiled and said, "sweetie, this is the first time you cook coffee for me. I like it very much no matter what happened."

Finishing his words, he raised his head and drank the wine in one gulp.

A bitter taste quickly spread in his mouth.

Sure enough, the coffee was odd.

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