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   Chapter 98 the second-hand car of the begger

Speak Softly Love By Lou Yu Characters: 10056

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Nina didn't answer. Biting her lips, she stood on tiptoe to touch the pendant in the box.

It seemed like she had seen the words "safe journey!"!

It was the amulet she bought for the beggar!

With that, Howard looked around with great anxiety. In such a short time, there was even no time for Bonny to do something to Nina!

When he looked around, he saw Nina.

Nina was standing on tiptoe. She took a branch and bit her lips, trying to get something.

This girl really recognized the beggar's car!

He took off the pendant and hung it on the back seat. Because the car had witnessed the wonderful happiness of beggar and Nina, he didn't want to throw it away.

he thought it was impossible for Nina to find it out, but it was found anyway due to her thoughtlessness.

"MD!" Howard dashed towards her with an arrow. 'don't be afraid. Can't Nina wait for me for a while?

"Nina, I saw you. Stand still. Do you hear me?" He was afraid that he might frighten her, so he made an excuse while running.

The abandoned garage was abandoned for a long time. It was surrounded by weeds. Nina found it so secret.

Hearing Howard's words, Howard was so worried that she fell down from the stone as quickly as a fly.

Everything was as he expected. When Nina saw Howard running over, she wanted to take the branch back, but she didn't think that it would be easy to pull the branch in, because the branch was stuck at the window and she couldn't get it out at all.

Nina struggled to pull back the stone under her feet. Due to this, she was out of balance and fell to the stone aside with a scream.

Nina closed her eyes and thought in despair, "if I really fall down, the consequence will be unimaginable..." Both her and her baby would get hurt.

Nina covered her lower abdomen with hands subconsciously.

"Nana," Howard had never been so desperate. He jumped up, crossed the weeds and took Nina into his arms.

"Mr. Howard..." Nina felt that she had fallen into his strong chest. She immediately opened her eyes, forced a smile and said, "thank you."

"Honey, don't move!" With Nina in his arms, Howard gently jumped down from the stone.

Nina blinked and stared at Howard. She had been tired of him for countless times, but her face was still stiff.

But in his eyes, there was a smile after the thrill.

Nina couldn't help reaching out her hand to touch his face. It was still cool.

Howard quickly put Nina's hand on his chest and said, "my sweetheart, try it. Is my heart beating fast?"

Howard's heart was pounding vigorously. Nina raised his head and said seriously, "no, it's beating very fast!"

"You little fool!" With a smile, Howard lowered his head and kissed on Nina's forehead.

His thin lips were warm and soft, not as cold as his cheeks.

"Mr. Howard, why is your face so cold?"

Hearing that, Howard was stunned. Then he smiled and said, "because I'm a snake, my face is cold."

"But your body is hot!"

"That's because..."

vaguely and continued, "my little sweetheart, go to my study to work. I will take a shower first and call you back for dinner later."

The large study was the one where Nina had listed everything about you!

"Okay!" Nina happily changed her shoes.

The servant hurried over and took the shoes away.

"Get out. You don't have to come in if I don't tell you."

"Yes, Mr. Howard."

Holding the materials, Howard took the computer to the study on the second floor.

Howard connected it to the power and turned on the computer. "Sweetheart, work hard, okay?"

"Of course. I didn't do it for you. I did it for myself!" Nina sat down.


Hearing that, Howard was speechless. What kind of joke was that? Did he forget that he was the CEO of Hua group?

All of them work for him, honey.

With a smile, Howard walked out and closed the door of the study for Nina.

While they were walking farther and farther away, Nina found that instead of going to the bathroom, he went downstairs.

Was he lying to her again?

Nina gently opened the door, poked her head out, and after confirming that there was no one in the corridor, she quietly walked to the stairway.

She peeped into the living room and found that Howard was searching for something.

It seemed to be a small tube of ointment.

He took up his medical kit, put it back, and went upstairs with his medicine.

Nina drew back her neck and sneaked into the study.

What does the ointment do? That would be a problem, wouldn't it?

Could the drug be harmful to her?

Nina denied such an absurd idea immediately. Since Howard was so good to her, how could she make irresponsible guesses!

Nina sat in front of the computer again. But no matter how hard she took a deep breath, the drug lingered in her mind.

Nina clenched her teeth, opened the door of the study and sneaked out.

The sound of water came from the bathroom. It seemed that Howard was taking a shower.

Was that liquid a bath?

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