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   Chapter 97 don't be a bad woman

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As far as Edward was concerned, Howard was a little weird. Since he loved this woman so much, he should have kept her as a mistress in his house. Why was she allowed to go out for work? What's more, he even asked Nina to send coffee to him. Since Nina wasn't there, she had witnessed the elegance and charm of Mr. Howard when he drank coffee every day. Now, even her poor happy moment was deprived by her.

Nina said stiffly, "okay!" Then she brought the coffee to the president's office of Howard.

The door was left unlocked. Nina pushed the door open and walked in.

Without saying anything, she slammed the cup on the desk.

She turned around and was about to leave.

"What? What's wrong? " Howard was surprised. He knew that Nina was angry even if he saw her back.

Who made her unhappy?

Being in a hurry, Howard accidentally touched the coffee cup when he put the document. The coffee cup fell on the ground.

Regardless of the coffee that was spilled out from the coffee cup, Howard reached out to grab Nina's arm and took her into his arms, and then he asked, "honey, who bullied you? Tell me!"

Feeling very aggrieved, Nina cried, "it's you, Mr. Howard? I told you I wouldn't be your personal secretary. Why did you bring me to the dining room? They discussed that I became the worst woman. I don't want to be a bad woman. Do you know that? "

Oh, it was really his fault.

Nina kept patting on his chest with her small hands. But he didn't dodge and let her vent her anger.

Nina was finally tired. She laid in the arms of Howard and kept silent stubbornly.

"Silly girl, why do you care what others say! It's very tired to live like this, isn't it? "

"But if you don't do it, they won't talk about it." Said Nina weakly.

"Silly girl. There are some discussions that you can ignore. Why are you listening to them? They are just jealous, so let them be more jealous. If you become stronger, they will naturally become soft. Do you understand? "

The character also needed to grow up. People who cared too much about others would naturally be tired.

"You'd better not do that. Sometimes, it is a kind of intelligence rather than self exile."

She pondered on what Howard said and thought that it indeed made sense!

Thinking of this, Nina felt better and more dejected. She nodded.

After a while, she continued, "can you stay away from me, Mr. Howard?"

Howard shrugged, "No."

Nina glared at Howard.

Howard took a box of milk and said, "silly girl, drink it."

Nina sat on the sofa and drank it in one breath.

When Nina walked out of the CEO's office, Howard said again, "my sweetheart, it's a skill to show off to other people's envy."

Nina was pondering over it. Did he mean that she should feel lucky to be with him and be envied by others?

Or happiness? Or happiness?

To put it bluntly, the more others belittle you, the less you care about them? It was such a simple sentence, but Howard put it in an obscure way, as if he was knowingly.

But his words were effective. Nina was no longer angry. If others liked to say it, just say it. She could pretend not to hear it.


on Nina's shoulder.

"You are the fool!" Nina replied unhappily, rubbing her shoulders.

"Wait for me to drive here, you stupid woman!" He went to the parking lot.

"Why should I wait? The parking lot is so far away, I'm following you!" Nina murmured, following Howard.

Walking steadily in the front, Howard didn't look the same as when he was walking with Nina just now.

Nina trotted to catch up with him, but she failed.

She finally understood that when she walked with Howard, he was just waiting for her.

As Howard walked in a hurry, he didn't find Nina following him. He let her because he had driven the beggar's car to an abandoned garage. Naturally, he didn't want Nina to find out the secret.

Nina bent down to catch up with him. Since she couldn't catch up with him, she gave up.

She sat on a stone step and waited for him.

With a quick glance, she saw a dirty black car in the garage not far away, which looked like a second-hand car bought by a beggar husband!

Nina slowly walked over. With all her strength, she managed to brush off the drive fence and approached the car.

She leaned on the car window and looked at the decorations and ornaments in the car. She remembered that she bought a safety card for the beggar husband!

She had checked the car thoroughly but still couldn't find it.

"It's strange. Is this the car of a beggar husband?" Nita went to the other side of the car and saw a pendant like the safety talisman on the back seat of the driver's seat!

But she couldn't see things clearly!

She was about to open the door, only to find that it was locked.

Fortunately, the car window was not completely closed. Nina picked up a long branch and removed the branch, and then the branch went into the car through the gap of the window. Fortunately, she just got the red tassel.

"Babe, where are you?" Howard parked his car in front of the office building and told Nina to wait for him here. Where did she go?

When he thought of Bonny, he could not help but breathe hard. He shouted in a nervous voice, "Nina, where are you?"

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