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   Chapter 95 heavy work

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Nina pressed the button of the elevator immediately. She didn't want to take the elevator with Mr. Howard.

Howard told her that the personnel department was on the forth floor.

Then she went to the human resources department and handed over her documents.

The personnel department was polite. They registered her data and then let her go to the top floor.

She behaved awkwardly and walked out. Since the Secretary Department was on the top floor, no suspense could be missed. In any company, no matter the company was large or small, the secretary would serve for the president's trivial things.

Before coming here, Nina had told Howard not to give her special care. She didn't want to be treated differently.

Therefore, in the Secretary Department, everyone knew nothing about this except that some people knew that Howard had ever been in love with Noah.

It was not until Howard saw Nina entered the secretary room that he came out from the tea room.

There were six people in the Secretary Department, a man and five women.

The people in the secretary department had been working in Hua Group for many years. As for the sudden appearance of Nina, they didn't know too many secrets, but they were still afraid.

After all, she was the woman who had been proposed by Mr. Mr. Howard?

So, after listening to Nina's self introduction, they responded one by one.

Edward, who was in charge of the secretarial department, was in charge of arrogance. He sneered at her and said, "since you are here, you should work hard. I don't care if you were chased by Mr. Howard before, I only know that you are a married woman now!"

"Yes, yes." Nina agreed.

She thought what the director said was right. Since you are here, you must work hard.

She thought that her monthly salary was good enough for her?

"Here are some documents I prepared for the subsidiary company. I have explained the details of the contract in detail just now. You delete the documents I sent to your office and put the red pen in them. Hurry up. I need it this afternoon. " Edward brought a large pile of documents and put them in front of Nina's desk.

'Wow, so many of them!

Honestly, Nina was a little scared and wanted to run away.

She didn't want to be Howard's secretary at all, so he gave it to her by force. Besides, she thought it was an easy job in the secretary department and didn't expect it to be so heavy.

Damn it! Without having received the training, Burke let her go to work directly.

She was just typing with one finger!

"I Why are you typing so slowly? " Nina couldn't lie and she couldn't lie at the moment. If she delayed her work, she couldn't bear the consequence?

"You must give me the latest tomorrow morning. Okay?"

With an embarrassed smile on her face, Nina said, "Okay, it's okay."

She could only type the keyboard slowly for one night.

"Why do you come here to be a secretary after typing slowly? You bring trouble to yourself, don't you?" Edward went back to his office after saying this.

Nina took a deep breath. She wasn't angry because Edward was right.

"Okay, don't worry. Take your time." Said Caspar, the only man in the secretary department.

"My supervisor is always like this. Don't mind!"

, Ethan used the child as an excuse.

"It's all your fault, you know?" "Okay, let's go!".

"I swear, Max, I will only do evil to you from now on. I will no longer care about the beautiful women in the world, and the butterfly flies. I will never see the beautiful flowers with radiant colors again. I only love the one who is with you."

"Don't say that, Ethan. I'm not feeling good. I have broken my teeth. Hurry up. Let me walk this car." "As you wish," Ethan complied. Then he escorted Max back and forth in the garden.

Max had never felt lonely before when Ethan was in the company. Now when he went to the company, she remembered that Nina had come, so she called her.

With one hand holding Nina's phone, and the other one tapping on the keyboard, she said, "Max, I don't have time to miss you now. If you want to chat with someone else, I'll hang up."

"Hello..." "Don't worry. I'm fine.".

She heard from Ethan that Howard had taken Nina with them.

It seemed that she was the busiest one in the world as she was working as a plutocrat in sherry!

'damn it! Is Howard an excuse to take revenge on Nina for refusing his marriage?'.

If Max found an excuse to abuse Nina, she would be out of her mind.

The more Max thought about it, the angrier she got. Then she immediately called Mr. Howard.

"Hello," answered Howard lazily

"You should pay attention to what I said, Howard. Nina is weak. If she get tired because of her illness, I will fight against you without mercy."

"What?" "What's wrong?" Max shouted at him

"Don't play innocent in front of me. Tell me, have you arranged a lot of work for Nina?" Asked Max.

"Well I don't think so. " Howard had informed the secretary department about it, so Nina wouldn't have the trouble.

"I can tell from your tone that you are not in a right way. Don't fool me..." Max continued.

"Wait, I'll go to see her, okay?" Howard did not know what Nina was doing now. But the Hua financial tycoon system had always been strict. During work hours, it was natural that the staff were not allowed to call randomly.

Nina was no exception.

"Okay. Call me if anything happens." Max said angrily.

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