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   Chapter 94 no scum

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Nina was worried about Howard. She went to bed after taking a shower.

Nina had one advantage, that was, no matter where she went, she wouldn't recognize the bed and would fall asleep soon.

In the middle of the night, Nina woke up from a nightmare.

She screamed and woke up, sweating.

Three seconds later, Howard entered the room.

"Nana, what's wrong with you?" He held Nina in his arms.

Nina was shivering all over. "I dreamed that a beggar took my child away." Nina shook her head in panic. She tightly pinched his chest and said, "no, it's not a beggar. It's you. You took away my child Please give my baby back to me, Mr. Howard. "

Nina's tears ran down from Howard's chest. He didn't like to wear pajamas at night, so tears fell directly on his abdomen.

It was as itchy as crawling over a soft little bug.

"Honey, it's okay. I'm here, so is your baby." Howard kissed away Nina's tears, lowered his head and gently stroked her belly, whispering, "little babies, don't bully your mommy. You have to be obedient, or I'll kick your ass when you come out!"

Howard's gentle words calmed Nina down. She smiled through tears and broke away from his arms. "I'm sorry. I had a nightmare."

He held her face in his hands and asked, "my little girl, what kind of dream have you had?"

In her dream, the golden sunlight shone on the weed. Nina was playing with two cute kids in the weed.

Then the sky suddenly darkened and began to rain.

Then, a man took the little girl from Nina.

the daughter who had the same beautiful face with hers.

Nina wanted to shout, but her throat was filled with cotton. She couldn't do anything to get her daughter back.

The man turned back and smiled coldly. "This is not your child, but mine. So I want to take her away!"

Nina cried in her heart, "no --"

But the man laughed even more hysterically. He took the pink little boy into the white fog. When the man looked back, Nina saw the beggar's face.

"Beggar, don't take my child away!" Nina shouted in despair.

A wild smile appeared on the beggar's face. Gradually, it turned blurry and was replaced by Howard's ugly face.

"Mr. Howard, please don't take away my child. Please!" Nina knelt down in the heavy rain. Glancing at her with contempt, Howard left with the little girl.

Nina cried in despair. It rained more and more heavily

Until she woke up.

Nina took a breath with fear, "Mr. Howard, you won't take away my child, will you?"

Regardless of Nina's sad expression, Howard rubbed her nose and consoled her, "don't worry, I won't. I don't want you to be sad."

"Thank you, Mr. Howard!" Nina slowly lay down.

With a gentle smile, he said, "go to sleep. I'll be with you."

Nina didn't chase him away. Instead, she moved inside and made way for the bed outside.

Howard laid down and put Nina's small hand in his warm palm.

They just held each other's waist like that for a whole night.

ld the personnel department that you are coming. Now everyone knows that you are coming to work. Do you think it is necessary to avoid something?"

"I don't want to go in with you anyway. Are you going in or not? If you don't come in, I'll go in first, and you come in later, OK? " Nina said obstinately.

Reluctantly, Howard could not just leave Nina outside. He wanted to go in by himself.

He opened the door for Nina and said, "Okay, you go first. I'll come back later."

Nina nodded and got off the car.

Holding her handbag, she walked to the headquarters of the plutocrat.

Howard lit a cigarette and leaned against the seat. He squinted at Nina's back.

Shrouded in smoke, Howard's smile was worn out.

he felt happy.

It was not until Nina entered the office building that Howard started the engine, and the lotus sports car slowly drove into the Hua tycoon.

Nina tried her best to lower her head, but she was still found by someone.

"Hi, Nina. Are you here for our CEO again?" Someone accosted her ironically.

"Haha! She two timed me. I look down upon this kind of woman most."

Nina lowered her head.

She didn't want to explain and she couldn't either.

Actually, she was now living under the same roof with Howard.

It doesn't matter whatever you say. If you don't even believe yourself, who can believe you?

Nina didn't know what to do either? It seemed that she had gradually turned her rejection of Howard to rely on him. This terrible change had taken place, but she could do nothing about it.

Because it was not her who took control of all this, but Howard.

As for their future

The future was yet to come, so she had no idea what it would be like.

When Nina entered the elevator, she heard Howard's fierce rebuke behind her. "Watch your mouth when you go to work. Don't let me hear it for the second time. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mr. Howard." The women looked down in horror and hurried away.

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