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   Chapter 93 in the same house

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Nina's whole body went numb. "Mr. Howard, I'm pregnant now. You can't do anything to me."

Howard chuckled, nibbled en Nina's earlobe and said in a seductive low voice, "honey, you mean, as long as you are not pregnant, I can do whatever I want, huh?"

"Howard, you are such a coward. That's not what I mean." Nina was so anxious that her face flushed.

Howard's Adam's apple quivered. He kissed on Nina's neck and reluctantly moved his lips away.

"Honey, don't worry. I will be very careful during your pregnancy, okay?"

"It's not "careful". It's not allowed! Otherwise... " Nina had a red face and argued.

"Otherwise, what will you do?" Howard sneered.

Otherwise, I will leave here and never be found. "

He pointed to the outside and said, "you can go there to have a look."

Surprised, she walked to the window and drew back the curtain as she didn't know what he was up to.

The bodyguards moved to the sides of the garden, and even the birds couldn't fly through it.

"Mr. Howard, are you trying to imprison me?"

"You little fool, I'm clear now. I'm not Rain. Of course he would not do such a stupid thing. I'm just protecting your safety. Of course, you can't leave without my permission. Wait for me..." Hearing that, Howard frowned. When his identity was fully known, he could hold a grand wedding ceremony for Nina.

There was something that Howard couldn't wait. If he knew that too much deception would cause irreversible harm to Nina, could he easily speak out the word "wait".

In the night when Nina took the children away, Howard blamed himself more than once. However, it seemed that time would never go back.

It would be great if she knew now!

"Mr. Howard, if you don't do anything to me, please let me have the baby and I'll appreciate it." Said Nina sincerely.

He raised his hand and rubbed Nina's hair affectionately.

It felt so familiar! Just like her beggar husband.

Nina was in a trance, and her eyes became blurred.

"Sweetheart, do you like me a little?" Howard shrugged and put his arm around Nina's shoulder.

"I think sometimes you are like a beggar. What I mean is not the appearance, but some actions. "

"Well, I don't mind you treating me as a beggar now." Howard refused vaguely.

"By the way, has doctors told you how old is my baby?" Asked Nina.

Howard had already seen through Nina. Today, she tried every means to sound him out.

"I don't know. I'll take you to the hospital for an examination some other day."

If not wrong, when Nina was pregnant, it was after the beggar left. He took her back from the bar and secretly asked her in the identity of Howard.

It was such a coincidence in the world that beggar and Nina never took any measures before, and little babe never took action before. But the drunk woman before them impatiently interrupted them.

Checking the date was really a mystery to her.

Because Nina didn't know the night he wanted her.

"No, thanks. It's just an idle question." Nina gave up the idea as she saw that Howard was making an excuse. She didn't want to be in the hospital with him. It was difficult to avoid susp

ly face of Howard.

No matter what Nina saw now, she thought Howard's face, which had never changed, was fake.

"Strong?" But Mr. Howard didn't think so.

"I agree with you. People are equal. They work for your family. You shouldn't yell at them. They will be sad." Said Nina seriously.

Howard nodded. He was used to giving orders. However, he felt strange that beggar had never been like this before. Was it really because of his identity?

"I promise you. I'll try to change my mind." He took out a chicken drumstick and put it into Nina's bowl. "Of course I agree to change. The condition is that you must eat it."

"All right." Nina condensed her nose and put a piece of muscle into her mouth, but the next second she vomited.

Hearing that, Howard became anxious and said, "Damn it. It's all my fault."

In a hurry, Howard massaged Nina's back.

After tossing about for a while, Nina finally vomited up, but her stomach was empty.

She leaned on the table and gasped for air.

"I was wrong. Do you want to hit me?" Howard took Nina's hand and slapped himself on the face.

It was very light.

With these words, Nina rested her hand on his face and stroked it carefully.

Without moving an inch, he narrowed his eyes.

However, she couldn't figure out any method, so she had to give up.

She smiled and said, "Okay, my stomach is much better now."

"I don't dare to force you to eat anything you like, baby. Tell me what you like to eat, okay?" Howard poured her a glass of water and said, "rinse your mouth."

She rinsed her mouth and said casually, "I had pumpkin cakes in B city. They are good. Do you remember?"

"Okay, honey, wait here. I'll let you look for pumpkin pies right away." He sent for the servant and told him to look for pumpkin pies all over the city.

Within twenty minutes, the servants brought a variety of pumpkin cakes.

But no matter how much she ate, she couldn't get a chance to taste what they had in B city.

But the vomiting was not bad.

The dinner not only made Nina feel tired, but also made Howard even more tired.

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