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   Chapter 92 Gavin's discovery

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It was so unfair in this world. Some people couldn't afford 20000, while some said 200 million was insignificant.

During the dinner, Nina didn't say anything.

Aunt Sophia had been polite with Mr. Howard all the time, asking him to eat more.

Gavin realized that the beggar took chopsticks in his left hand when he was eating, but why did Howard take chopsticks in his left hand too!

When Nina went to the washroom, Gavin was standing in the corridor and whispered to her, " Nana, you didn't notice that Mr. Howard used his left hand to eat with chopsticks."

"Dad, are you getting too old to mind our business? He can pick up the chopsticks with one hand and use the other one to do his own business." Nina said impatiently.

"Silly girl, have you forgotten that beggar also use his left hands to grab chopsticks?"

Nina's mouth twitched, "Dad, do you mean it's because of Howard? Does he have any relationship with beggar?"

"Yes, I think. Except for his appearance, Howard and the beggar are very similar in many places. They drink water, have their legs overlapped. And the appalling aura is too similar..." Gavin thought to himself.

Nina had doubted it before, but

"Dad, what about his appearance? This is not easy to be faked! " Nina frowned.

Gavin nodded, "I'm also confused about it. If you have the chance later, you can check his face secretly. Maybe, he wore a mask."

"But why?"

Since Howard could show her the true face, why did he wear the mask!

What's the meaning of playing hide and seek with me?

"I just can't figure it out. Anyway, you have to pay attention to it in the future."

"Okay, I will take care of myself, Dad."

Nina had always thought that she was being too sensitive. But now even her father had found that Howard was very similar to a beggar. What's the secret between the beggar and Howard!

When Nina went back to the table, she found that Howard was skillfully using the chopsticks with his right hand.

Nina and Gavin looked at each other.

A sharp light flashed across Howard's eyes. He didn't hear the conversation between Gavin and Nina in the corridor, but he had some guess.

As a business genius, Howard not only got undeserved fame, but also cultivated acute insight in business in the past few years.

So, before Nina came back, she changed the chopsticks to her right hand.

Many people knew that he ate with his left and right, but Nina, the stupid girl, didn't know that.

Nina observed his face, but found nothing.

After dinner, the lawyer came with an investment agreement. Under the helpless eyes of Nina, her father and Howard made an investment agreement.

After the lawyer left, Howard glanced into the living room.

The housing price of a city was more than an average person's!

For merely 80 square meters' house, it would still cost about 3 million.

"Honey, now that the beggar doesn't come back, you should give your house to uncle and aunt." Howard stood up, "this place is too small and the living condition is also not goo

Nina's scalp tingled. She had no appetite recently, so she repeatedly asked the cook, and she had to name several dishes.

After the servants left, Nina had a thin layer of sweat on her body.

It was uncomfortable to stick to her body.

Then he stood up and turned on the air conditioner, "let's go upstairs to check on your room."

Fortunately, it's not our room.

Nina was stunned the moment when Howard was about to open the door.

The decoration was what she liked, even familiar to her.

The potted plants and decoration were extremely exquisite, and the curtains and bedsheet were all light pink, and the bed and furniture were all in pure white.

Nina looked around the bedroom, speechless.

She was not only moved by his sweet words, but also thought of every detail she had with the beggar.

Howard opened the wardrobe for Nina, which was full of clothes.

"Mr. Howard, did you buy all these for me?" Nina asked in disbelief.

"Honey, these are all left when you secretly ran away from the Hua Trade Building. You have tried them on and they naturally fit you."

Of course, Nina remembered that she was taken away by Max in the Hua trade building.

"Cough "How about my underpants?" Nina asked while staring at the delivery boxes which were placed in order.

But she regretted as soon as she asked the question. Why did she say such words in front of Howard! It was okay as long as there was someone suitable.

"Yes, of course." A wicked smile came into the eyes of Howard, "you are pregnant now, so you can only buy loose one. But in the future, the babies need to be nursed."

"Mr. Howard, you..." Nina lowered her voice, "shameless."

Hearing that, Howard was a little shocked. If Nina knew that he was the father of the child, she would not say that.

"Shy in front of me? Don't forget that we've already done it. " Holding Nina gently from the back, he bowed his head and gently bit her earlobe. "Honey, you don't have any secrets in front of me, so you don't need to be shy."

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