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   Chapter 91 invest

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With a sullen face, Nina threw the vegetables one by one into the bowl.

" Nana, you silly girl. It is our great fortune to hook up with Mr. Howard. Don't embarrass him, or he will dislike you." Said Aunt Sophia in a low voice.

"Huh! Who likes him?" Said Nina scornfully.

"Don't you want to remarry for your child?" she asked, pointing at her belly

"Just him?" Nina looked back at Howard and said, "Mom, don't think too much. After all, he is the president of the Hua group. Even if he wants to be my son's father, I still worry about him!"

"You silly girl, how could he throw your child into the well?" Said Aunt Sophia angrily.

"That's impossible..."

But, it seemed that he cared my child a lot. What was his motive!

"That's where we can't find the beggar. Now there's a man, a good man, who voluntarily will be the father of your child. And you look as if he owes you money. Don't you think you're stupid?"

"All right, mom. It's so annoying!" Nina's head was sore because of her mother's nagging. She threw the last cabbage into the bowl, and her waist was a little sore. She stood up and beat her waist with both hands.

She looked at the living room inadvertently. Then, the beggar who was playing chess with her father was sitting in the living room.

Nina was shocked by this scene, tears welled up in her eyes.

"Beggar..." Muttered Nina.

"You'd better stop thinking about that bastard. I know that the beggar is not a good man. If he is a good man, who would like to be a beggar?" Complained Sophia.

Nina lowered her head and sighed. When she raised her head, she saw that her father's forehead was sweating. Her father was shaking with the chess pieces.

What happened to father?

Nina walked out in confusion. She had learnt Chinese chess since childhood.

She lowered her head and looked at the chessboard. The chessboard was good for her father! It was high likely that Howard would lose.

Nina glanced at Howard, only to find that he was frowning, playing with a chess piece, and staring at the chessboard attentively.

He didn't sweat at all. The air-conditioning in the living room was hissing. His father shouldn't have sweated so much!

Well, when Nina saw her father's hesitation to go chess, she suddenly understood that her father was afraid to win because of the authority of Howard!

So she picked up a key chess piece of her father and put it down, "father, when did you become so stupid? That's what you did to make the army formed by Howard."

"Well, Nina..." Gavin wanted to stop her, but Nina had already put down the piece.

Nina clapped her hands and looked at Howard arrogantly, "you won't regret it. You lose."

"I admit defeat for bet. You can tell me what you want." Howard pushed aside the chessboard and looked up at Nina.

"What do you mean?" Nina was confused at his words.

Howard shrugged, "I lost. Don't you want something as a reward?"

"No big deal! I don't want anything!"

In her mind, aunt Sophia who was in the kitchen shouted, "Nina, this silly girl. He can give everything to her, but she didn't want anything.". Who is Mr. Howard? He was a rich and influential man. With a little bit of money, his family would spend a lifetime of it.


speaking, she raised her hand.

"Where's uncle?" Burke threw a sharp glance at Gavin. He looked so serious and overbearing that Gavin was shocked. He wanted to refuse but finally said, "I agree too."

Gavin raised his hand and said in a trembling voice.

Nina gnashed her teeth and said, "you are too powerful. You want to sell your daughter?"

"We are not..." Gavin's face was as red as that of Austin.

"Honey, the Hua group is only investing in uncle's factory. And the Hua Group has been doing investment business all the time. Is it buying someone's woman? Why do I need so many women? " He took out his phone and told the lawyer to deal with the investment business at once.

Nina was speechless.

After thinking for a while, she said, "Mr. Howard, 200 million is not a small amount. You have to think it over carefully. My father is a factory, so if you lose 200 million, I won't have the money to pay you back."

Howard smiled slightly, "then you'll pay for it!"

"Damn it!" Nina blurted out, "I finally know how valuable this second-hand is!"

"A lady!" With a smile on her face, Mrs. Sophia said to sherry, "Mr. Howard, my baby Nana is still a lady. Sometimes, she said some rude words even if she didn't say anything inappropriate. It's all because of Miss Max. She's not like this before! "

"Mother, let's go to have dinner!" Nina shouted at her nagging mother.

Gavin had been nervous since Howard visit, but only her mother felt happy and excited.

The bright life ahead of us is ahead of us.

"Dinner is ready!" Sophia happily ran into the kitchen.

"Mr. Howard, as a woman, my mother knows little about business. It's not too late for you to withdraw your investment now, and you haven't asked for the consent of the board of directors. They will sue you for embezzlement of public funds. If you're sent to the police station, nobody will give you food at that time!" When her mother was not here, Nina tried her best to persuade Howard.

"Two hundred million dollars is too little. I don't need it from the board of directors. Understand?"

All right. If two hundred million dollars wasn't enough, what else could she say?

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