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   Chapter 90 a distinguished guest

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Now, Nina's father and mother had known the truth, but they didn't want to make trouble for Nina when they saw her become unhappy. Both Nina's father and mother wept and felt sorry for her.

"How wonderful it would be if Nana could marry Howard, Hugh!" Sophia said to her father secretly.

But Mr. Gavin had a strange feeling about the disappearance of the beggar. When he saw it on TV, he would always be in a daze for no reason. Howard looked like a beggar, but in totally different appearance and couldn't be mentioned in the same breath with him.

What's more, since Nina came to live with them, there were always some men in black who appeared downstairs in front of them all the time.

At the beginning, Gavin was worried about the crime of perpetrator stealing, but as time went on, nothing wrong happened in the community. On the contrary, it was much safer.

On the other day, when Nina's father was reading the news in the living room and her mother was talking with Nina in the bedroom, the doorbell suddenly rang.

Gavin folded the newspaper, stood up and opened the door.

Gavin had a good relationship with his friends in the neighbourhood. He thought it was his chess friend who came to play chess with him again today.

However, he got stunned the moment he opened the door.

Only on the TV, he could see Howard's handsome face without any wrinkles in a well tailored suit. He was as domineering as an emperor, but there was a hint of smile in his eyes.

Gavin got even more frightened.

To his surprise, Howard came to his home.

"What You don't welcome me? " As usual, Howard touched his chin. Since he didn't know how to call him, his voice was a little embarrassing.

Gavin said in a trembling voice, "is this When did a gust of wind bring Mr. Howard here? Hurry up Come in, please! "

Gavin turned around and shouted at the bedroom, "wife, an important guest has come. Serve him a cup of tea!"

"Oh, what's wrong with your father? There is no outsider. Your father is so excited." She muttered and walked out. "husband, even if your lover comes, you shouldn't be so excited like this..."

Aunt Sophia was surprised to see Mr. Howard standing in the living room.

"Howard..." She rubbed her eyes in disbelief, "it's really Mr. Howard!"

"Hello, Nana, come out. We have an important guest." She had never heard her mother's shrill voice before.

"Who is it? Why are my parents so surprised?" Nina got out of bed lazily, put on a pair of slippers and walked out of the bedroom.

Nina was surprised to see that it was Mr. Howard. How could Mr. Howard come to her home!

"Why are you here?" Nina asked in surprise.

With a smile, Mr. Howard answered, "Nobody said that I couldn't come here, didn't I?"

"Oh, my Nana, you never fawn on others since childhood. Nana, how could you talk to him like that?" Sophia glared at Nina and said, "ask Mr. Howard to sit down. I'm going to make tea."

"Please take a

, Miss Nina, you are so kind-hearted. Now that you worry about them, I'll ask them to leave." Then he said to the people outside, "let's go. Take the money and find a place to eat."

"Yes, Mr. Howard." All the people outside answered in unison.

Hearing what Nina said, Howard smiled and looked at her with his charming eyes, "I forgot to tell you that my favorite food is home cooking."

Nina was completely speechless. As expected, people were shameless and invincible!

" Nana, since Mr. Howard said so, let's just cook some home cooked dishes. Let's go and help mom with cooking." Sophia dragged her by her sleeve to the kitchen.

Since both Nina and her mother were not here, Gavin felt more restrained and didn't know what to say to Howard.

"You like playing chess, too?" Glancing at the chessboard, Howard asked deliberately.

Mr. Gavin was very nervous, with sweat all over his face. He suddenly felt stressed in front of Howard.

Although they both worked in the business community, they had so different social status.

Howard was the commander of the third army, and Gavin felt that he was just a small potato.

"Yes, I like playing chess in normal times." Gavin replied respectfully.

In front of Gavin, Howard had tried to swallow his pride. When he came to the Liang clan as a beggar, Gavin was not overcautious now!

"I want to play chess with Uncle ." He stood up, put the chessboard on the tea table, and then placed the chessboard indifferently.

"Okay." Gavin said in a trembling voice.

He believed that he had played a great game of chess and was afraid that he would be carried away with his head. What if he won Howard?

Would Howard be angry and acquire his small factory because of it?

Look, Mr. Gavin, you have these all kinds of foolish ideas. I don't think you will pay attention to his small processing factory!

Given it to him, it would be too troublesome!

It was just a tool for Howard to frighten Nina.

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