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   Chapter 89 be your secretary

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Before reaching the operating room on the second floor, Howard didn't know which operation room Nina was in. He kicked away the heads of each operation room, ignoring the screams of women and doctors. He finally found Nina.

Nina covered her lower body with her hands and shouted desperately, "Howard, why do you always like to meddle in other people's affairs? I have told you many times that you have nothing to do with my baby and it's none of your business if I decide to have an abortion. Let go of me, okay? "

Howard grabbed Nina's clothes and put them on her, "remember, woman. I will take care of this matter from now on. Don't touch the baby in your womb. Otherwise, the consequence..." Howard glared at Nina, "I won't let your whole family live in peace, understand?"

Nina jumped up angrily. She shouted in disbelief: "Howard, the child is mine. What makes you use him to threaten me? Are you insane?"

"I was out of my mind, so I want your child. For your parents' sake, you'd better listen to me." Howard knew that Nina cared about her parents very much, so he threatened her with the safety of her parents.

He didn't want to do this, but there was no way.

Nina was utterly speechless. "Mr. Howard, you are such a fool."

"Hmm, if you abort the baby in secret, I will do more brainless things!" Then he walked out of the operation room with Nina in his hand.

The nurse came out from the bottom of the bed and obsessively looked at the back of Howard, saying, "this woman is actually Mr. Howard's, and the baby in his belly is naturally Mr. Howard's, oh This woman is really something! "

Jealous, jealous, and a little bit disappointed.

He grabbed her onto the bed and covered her head with his body, like a Satan. "From now on, you are not allowed to leave even one step away from me! If you secretly abort the baby, you must think about your family! "

"Mr. Howard, are you out of your mind? How dare you restrict my freedom? Besides, it's my baby. Don't say it in a way as you do. Okay? " Nina shouted at him.

With a snort, he said, "I won't do that again. What do you think? I fell in love with the baby inside you. What do you think? "

"What the fuck! You are so unreasonable and unreasonable!" Panicked, Nina finally said, "Mr. Howard, I have to go back to work."

"You can go to work. I happen to need a personal secretary. You are just the right person for me!" Howard said with a teasing smile.

"I My department is not good. I can't be a secretary. "

"Yes, my secretary always keeps me company and this doesn't need to be a department expert, you know?"

"I still want to resign!" Nina winked, trying to find an excuse to refuse him.

Without any hesitation, Mr. Howard took out his phone and called Brian. He directly dismissed Nina. Even Brian was confused why Mr. Howard still couldn't let Nina go after she was married.

However, he could only ask out of cur

g that, Max was a bit confused. It seemed that she wanted to accept his proposal, but she was also a little embarrassed.

"Honey, the scenery of this hospital is beautiful. Let me accompany you to go there."

smart as he was, Howard took a coat and put it on Nina.

As a smart woman, Nina knew what Howard meant. She nodded and walked out of the ward with him.

"Max, say yes to my proposal. This is a perfect match Haha... " Seeing that Howard and Nina had left, Ethan didn't want to say anything more.

"Don't make fun of me, Ethan. Let me think about it. Get up first."

Then he handed the ring back to Max and said, "Max, take the ring. I'll get up."

"Well, it's just a ring. I'll take it." Max picked up the phone in confusion.

A bright smile bloomed in his amorous eyes. He hastily put the ring on Max's ring finger, and then kissed it solemnly.

Three days later, Nina and Max were discharged from the hospital.

Then, Max was taken to the house by Ethan.

However, Nina still had no news of the beggar.

Nina looked back at the sweet past with the beggar, as if it were yesterday.

In the beginning, considering the threat of Howard, she didn't dare to have an abortion. As time went by, the motherly love became stronger, and Nina naturally gave up the idea of having an abortion.

When she woke up at midnight, she even could not help caressing her belly and imagined the appearance of her baby.

She had a rest at her parents' house for more than ten days. To kill time, she talked to Max over the phone.

The chicken soup would last the whole morning.

But then again, Max told her that she was going to marry Ethan.

Naturally, Nina would sincerely wish her happiness. She was very glad that Max had found her own happiness. If Ethan would give her a grand wedding, then she thought that Max's love could be complete.

But for herself

It was not just a grand wedding the beggar owned her!

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