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   Chapter 88 get married

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Every now and then, Howard would gently rub her hair and pinch her nose. "Sweetheart, do you think you owe me something?"

Nina nodded and answered, "yes, sometimes I feel I owe you something for being good to me."

He narrowed his eyes and thought for a while. "Then do you have any plan to repay me?"

"I will pay the medical fees you paid for me and the house you gave me and the beggar later after I leave the hospital." said Nina directly

"Honey, that's not what I meant." Hearing that, Howard frowned impatiently. He held Nina's hand in his hand and said, "I mean if you are pregnant now, and your beggar's husband doesn't come back, or if you have a baby in the future, the baby will have no father Is it not feeling well? "

Finally, Nina understood everything. She smiled bitterly and said, "it's okay. I'll figure it out."

"What can you do?"

Nina huddled up in the quilt and closed her eyes.

'does she want to have an abortion, or perhaps find a place to hide and give birth to the baby?

The former seemed to be easier, and the latter would be unbearable if only she thought about it.

It was not the physical pain that she couldn't bear, but the gossip. Gossip was a fearful thing. Molly would get drowned sometimes!

Two days later, Max finally came out of the ICU and entered the VIP luxury ward.

Hearing the news, Nina was very happy.

She was also a patient, so she couldn't get into the ICU easily. Now that Max was transferred to the ward, she could go and see her!

But Max was still drowsy. Every time Nina visited her, she would see her head tilt and be in sound sleep.

For the past few days, Ethan had been so exhausted that he had taken off his clothes. His face was covered with stubble, and his eyes were bloodshot. His eyes were sunken, and even the little face was dark.

It seemed that he totally ignored himself.

Nina praised Ethan, believing that he was a reliable man.

One day, Howard had a video conference, so Nina sneaked into Max's ward. When she was still there, Ethan stood up and went to the bathroom.

Sitting in front of Max's sickbed, Nina held her hand and said, "Max, I know that Ethan is handsome and rich. If he proposes to you, you can marry him."

There was a slight wound on Max's hand, and the doctor said she needed to sleep for a while. But she vaguely heard what Nina said. She wanted to open her eyes, but she couldn't anyway.

However, Max cursed in her mind, "idiot! I will marry the Playboy, so you can torture me!"

She tried to say something, but she failed.

She put her hand on Max's belly and said, "Max, now that you're pregnant, you can't always go to bed. You've been sleeping for so many days. Now I know that you're not only a foodie, but also a sleepy ."

Nina smiled and pinched the Max's face with baby fat.

"Wow Nana, are you sure you are not taking the opportunity to revenge? It hurts! " Max cried out in

nurse aside and lifted her out of the bed.

There was outrage in his voice, which was too much to be endured. He even gritted his teeth and said, "honey, what do you want to do?"

It turned out that when Howard came to the ward after the video conference, Nina wasn't there. So he thought she was going to see Max, put away the laptop and lazily walked to the next room.

Wearing a happy smile on Ethan's face, Ethan was wiping the sweat for Max's face with a towel. "Max, hey, I'm already a father. Now that you've become a mother, are you as happy as I am?"

Max secretly gritted her teeth and said, "just shit. no one and I will have a baby with you!"

Howard pushed the door open and glanced at the ward. Seeing that Nina was not there, he frowned with displeasure. "Where's Nina?"

"Oh, yes. She just came back. Didn't you see her? "

Hearing that, Howard's eyes turned severe. "She went back? When? "

"About twenty minutes ago," Looking at Howard's dark eyes, Ethan took a deep breath and asked, "brother, you can't tell me that Nina is missing, can you?"

But before he could walk away, Howard grasped his collar and asked, "why did you let her go? Don't you know I'm in a meeting? "

"Of course I know But why can't I let her go? She's your woman, not mine... " Ethan didn't know what he did wrong. He innocently looked at the angry Howard.

"She's missing!" Howard growled.

"Wait. Boss, let me think..." As he tapped his head with his finger, his eyes suddenly brightened up. "Oh right, boss, Nina said that she can't keep this child, and she can't keep this child..."

"Do you mean that Nina is going to have an abortion?"

"It seems so." Ethan nodded.

All of a sudden, Mr. Howard loosened his grip. Ethan, however, staggered and fell to the ground, almost subconsciously. It was evident that Mr. Howard had exerted much strength to hold him.

"Hello, boss..." Looking at his receding figure, Ethan shook his head.

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