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   Chapter 87 Guardian

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Not in the mood to talk to him, Howard turned off the cigarette and opened the window to let some air in.

Whether they were alive or dead, Max and Nina would come out at this moment.

Just as Howard closed the window, the door of the emergency room opened and the medical staff came out with the emergency bed.

As soon as they saw him, Howard and Ethan hurriedly walked up to him. They asked with one voice, "how's the them?"

The first one that was pushed out was Max. She closed her eyes and looked pale.

"The child is fine. The adult need to observe. "The doctor said.

"Okay," "As long as she's alive, everything will be fine.".

"What about Nina?" Howard's face was cold, but his heart was in his throat.

The doctor took off his white mask and answered tiredly, "she is in the back."

"Did she What do you think? And What do you think of the baby? " He even didn't dare to look at the doctor's eyes because he was afraid what the doctor would say next might put Nina in danger. Or, she couldn't carry a baby now.

Howard was stiff. Although he had made full preparation, his heart almost stopped beating.

This moment was the most cruel moment in his life.

The doctor held his lips and smiled, "Congratulations, Mr. Mr. Howard. Both the mother and the baby are fine."

He grabbed the doctor with one hand and trembled with fear. "Mr. Howard..."

"What do you mean by 'nothing'?" The shrewd Howard was a little nervous.

The doctor said carefully, "Mr. Howard, I mean the baby is fine, but both the mother and the baby are safe now."

"His child is safe!" Hearing what he said, Howard smiled happily.

That was to say, he had already been a father.

It was really a wonderful feeling.

"I'll give everyone present twenty million as a reward, if you don't mind." Said Howard cheerfully.

The doctor heaved a long sigh and said, "Mr. Howard, I promise your child's safety. And Miss Nina was slightly hurt than Miss Max, and she would be recovered faster than Miss Max."

"You must try your best to restore Max. If you do well, I will still give you bonus." With that, he entered the VIP ward.

"Yes, Mr. Howard. We'll do exactly as you said," The doctor said.

It was worth the money! Two million. If they divided it up, some would cost tens of thousands, which would be equal to their annual salary, wouldn't they? Besides, there would be rewards later. It would make him happy just to think about it.

Nina had stayed in the ICU for three days. When she came out, the doctor told Ethan that Max still needed to be under observation for several days.

These days, the two men barely had a rest, taking turns to wait for the two women who were not completely awake.

Although there were several special nurses, they were still worried.

Howard had thought a lot these days. The car accident happened to Max and

nd the beggar's whereabouts are still unknown. Can I To protect you? Why did you refuse? "

"Do you mean a car accident? That's just an accident. It doesn't happen every day, does it? "

"Yes, it was just an accident." Followed Nina's words.

Nina put her hand on her lower abdomen. A baby was growing here, but she didn't know where the baby's father was?

Children, mommy was not a good mother.

If you come to this world to bear the despise and despise of others, then I would rather not let you come to this world.

Nina had seen many lonely mother raising children. If the beggar really didn't come back, then the child shouldn't have stayed!

"Honey, what are you thinking?" Noticing that Nina was silent, Howard asked, "are you thinking about the baby?"

Nina still kept silent.

"Your baby must be very cute. The girl will be as beautiful as you. The boy Will be as handsome as your beggar husband! "

"Howard, can you stop bringing beggars to me?" Nina was a little excited.

"Okay, I won't mention it."

"I'm sorry. Every time I think of him, I feel sad." Nina said painfully.

Howard nodded.

He was also very sad!

Another week later, Nina was able to get out of bed and move around.

Thanks to Jonny, Andrea had been taking good care of her these days and feeding her, and he took care of her all the time at night. He even went to the bathroom with her.

Even though she was in special care unit, Sherry still did it personally.

Which made Nina feel uneasy. But Sherry didn't dislike it nor dislike it.

Nina seemed to have strength on her body and her appetite gradually improved.

But Sherry's face seemed to be thinner and more ugly with wrinkles on it.

But to her, Sherry seemed much uglier than before, which made her unbearable.

Therefore, occasionally, she said sincerely to Howard, "thank you, Mr. Hua. Thank you for your company for so long. "

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