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   Chapter 86 car accident

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The old lady thought for a long time before she finally remembered and said, "Oh, you mean a few months ago, didn't you?"

Nina nodded hurriedly.

"That woman is weird. She rented a house for ten days and left two days later, but she didn't leave, leaving behind a large sum of money. Haha, this business made a fortune."

Nina was completely dumbfounded.

She was not only cheated by the beggar, but also by the beggar's mother.

"Oh my God! Has the beggar set up a fraud group? He swindles money by hook or by crook. He's really a swindler! You've never won a lottery for so many times! This once in a thousand years swindle a marriage! How dare you!" Max broke out into curses, "Damn it! If I met this asshole again, I would skin him alive and drink his blood."

Nina didn't need to think about it now. The garden at the east of the village was also rented by beggar. Now she finally understood why a peasant blocked her way in the vegetable garden.

At that time, she only thought that the rural people got amnesia. Look how stupid she was. No, it was the beggar's fraud was too brilliant, which was perfect.

But how about his vows! They had a happy time together!

Where was the dragon ring they had made up together!

How could they just disappear all of a sudden!

Nina didn't know how she got back to the car. She seemed to be emptied. She couldn't move her eyes away.

"Hey, Nana, don't frighten me. Isn't he just a beggar? I will recommend many handsome men to you. Oh, No. I know Nana loves handsome men. There are so many men in the world. What a bastard! " Said Max, breaking into tears.

Even though Max couldn't stop crying, Nina still kept a cold face.

As the car moved along a lane, Max never dreamed that something more miserable would happen to them.

No, the biggest danger in her twenty years.

The narrow forest shade one-way car was barely enough, but in the dark, a large truck suddenly appeared ahead.

Max lost her patience and continued to honk the horn.

But the man, as if he hadn't heard what she said, suddenly sped up and rushed straight towards her car.

"Nana, get down!" Without enough time to react, Max made a hard turn to the side of the steering wheel. With a roar, the car fell into a deep ditch by the roadside.

The van stopped. When they were about to get off, there was a quick honk behind the car.

The man raised his hand and shot at Max's car with a silencer. Then he jumped into the truck and drove away.

'too late, too late.

Howard compressed his thin lips tightly, and his eyes were like thousands of years of cold. He jumped down from the car agilely, slid his feet into a ditch, opened the door, and pulled out Nina and Max.

Then he anxiously called out, "Nana! Max!"

No one answered.

"Boss, who did it?" Ethan asked with red eyes as he had seen the gunshot in Max's car.

"It's not the time to talk about this right now. Take the two women to the hospital." Howard ordered.

It was the first time that he hadn't fai

that, Howard's fingers, which were holding the cigarette, were trembling. Although the cigarette was already beside his mouth, he still could not put it into his mouth.

"Thank goodness that Miss Max is not pregnant. Otherwise, I really don't know what to do!" Said Ethan thankfully. They only had sex last time. If she had sex with him more than once, she would have a bigger chance of being pregnant on time.

When Ethan just thought about it, the door of the emergency room opened again.

"Is Max's family here?"

Ethan immediately went over and urgently asked, "yes, I am. How is Max? Is she in danger? "

"Don't worry too much. But since Max is pregnant, she has lost a lot of blood. She can be kept in the hospital in case of sequela. Do you want her to stay in the hospital?"

Max was also pregnant? "Wow, it's so amazing. I did that just once with Max. And she hit the target.".

It turned out that his skill was indeed extraordinary

"If Max keeps the baby, is it dangerous to Max?" He had his own plans. He threatened the kids to marry Max.

"No, it won't be dangerous for adult. I'm just afraid..."

Ethan waved his hand and said, "that's enough. But I have told you to use medicine for her to be careful. Don't make her lose her memory, do you hear me?"

"Okay, let's try." The doctor answered cautiously.

Ethan glared at him and said, "not just try, it's certain!"

"Yes, I will," the doctor replied with a wry smile

After he signed his name, it felt like a dream, or a blessing in disguise.

Unexpectedly, Max was pregnant, and he was going to be a father.

"Hello, Howard. Give me a pinch and I'll know it's not a dream!" He sat down next to Howard and stretched out his arm.

Howard sneered, "those two women are still in the emergency room. I don't know whether they are dead or alive. Why are you so arrogant?"

His words drew Ethan back to reality. "Boss, I haven't been a father for so many years. It's the first time today. I'm a little forgot. Don't bother about it!"

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