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   Chapter 85 Luke's trap

Speak Softly Love By Lou Yu Characters: 9932

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Looking out of the window in confusion, she said, "Max, I have no choice but to believe him."

Because she believed that only beggar could come back.

Her expectation could be paid back day and night.

"You know what? Tell me, how can we get to the countryside?" Max asked slowly.

Said Nina.

On the way, Nina was restless, not knowing what surprise or disappointment to face next.

The so-called surprise was the moment she opened the door, hoping to see the beggar's face, the so-called disappointment and sadness, or that the beggar was not there, or that he was with other women, or even holding one or two children in his hand.

At this time, Ethan called.

After hesitating for a while, Max finally picked up the phone.

"You are still alive! Why do you suddenly call me?" "Mr. Ethan, is there anything I can do for you?".

Then, with a sly smile, he replied, "I just miss you."

"Hypocrite..." There was a flash of smile in Max's eyes.

"What are you doing? Can you spare some time to play in the bar with me? "

"I really don't have time."

"Why not?" Ethan said in a slightly depressing tone, thinking that Max was deliberately going to have a date with him.

"Why? In order to accompany Nana to ask for a beggar. "

Ethan suddenly widened his beautiful eyes, and spoke incoherently, "you two Where are you going Are you looking for beggar? "

Shit, did these two girls know that Howard was a beggar?

"Go to the countryside." Max said helplessly.

He raised his wrist to check the time. It was already half past eight in the evening. 'it's so late. Do they have to find beggar in the countryside?'?

Howard was probably in the bathtub at home, thinking about her baby Nana! What can they find in the countryside!

"Hurry up, Max. It's late now. It's impossible for a beggar to stay in the countryside. Aren't you two afraid of being robbed?" Said Ethan seriously.

"Ethan, since when do you become such a worrywart? I'm driving. Bye!" Max said and drew back her line.

"Hello, Max..." It didn't work even if he roared. He snorted, "I don't think it's a good thing for you to be bitten by a dog."

Then he called Mr. Howard immediately.

Just as he expected, Howard was lying in the bathtub with a layer of froze on his body.

Even so, through the gap that was slightly exposed from the white Molly, it could be seen that the vigorous and tempting wheat skin and strong muscles of Howard.

Hearing the ringtone, he lazily reached for the phone and answered it, "hello..."

"Howard, Nina and that girl Max went to the countryside to find you. It's late now. I'm afraid that something might happen to them." Ethan said in a hurry.

Howard's face softened. A trace of cruelty flitted across his eyes. "When did they send the hair?"

"I didn't ask."

"You bastard!" Hearing that, Howard stood up from the bathtub and said, "come here quickly."

Time was pressing, so he was not in the mood

appen, Max." Nina struggled to open the door. She ran to the door of the neighbor and knocked, "open the door, please."

"Young master, there came the old lady's disgusted voice from the courtyard." who is it? It's late at night. What's wrong with her? Why doesn't she let me sleep? "

"It's me, please open the door." Nina cried.

The door creaked open. Under the moonlight, Nina saw an old lady staggering out with a flashlight.

"Who are you looking for?" The old lady asked with a puzzled look.

"Excuse me, ma'am, where are your neighbors?" Nina pointed at the beggar's house and asked.

"Oh, he moved into the city a few years ago. I heard that his son was doing business in the city and had earned some money, so the house was being rented out. Now the owner of the lease has left, so the house became idle. Girl, who are you?"

Hearing this, Nina was like struck by lightning. She staggered and almost fell down.

"Ma'am, is the son of this family in the city a beggar?" she asked

The woman smiled and said, "girl, there is no one called beggar. All people in our village have the surname" Ma ", and no one else has the second. The child's nickname was Ted Ted fren and his name was Bradley. In our countryside, his nickname is Donny. "

Nina immediately took out her mobile phone and clicked on the photo saved by the beggar, "old lady, do you mean this man?"

The woman took Nina's phone and stared at it, "Oh, man is so handsome. He doesn't seem to come from the countryside at all. How could he be Donny! He is not as handsome as a third of a man, and his legs are still limp, and one of his eyes is a fake one. When he was a child, a bow used to hit a bird, and nobody knows how it made his eyes look like... "

Nina didn't hear clearly what the aunt said afterwards. There was a sentence in her mind again and again that she was deceived by someone.

"Well, do you know the woman who rented an apartment here a few days ago?" "What's up?".

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