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   Chapter 84 cross examine

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After ending the call, Max handed over a stack of tissues. "Why? Don't you plan to tell aunt that the beggar is missing?" she asked

"I dare not!" Nina took the tissue and wiped her tears, answering honestly.

"When you married the beggar before, no one would watch over you. Now, the beggar is gone. You're asking for it!" Max said bitterly.

"I don't want to But now, things have gone so far. Don't blame me anymore! "

Hearing Nina's words, Max shook her head with a sigh.

"Okay, remember, don't tell anything when you meet my parents." Said Nina.

"Yes, I know. You're asking for it!"

They soon came to the downstairs where Nina's parents lived.

After filling the car, Max and Nina went upstairs one by one.

As soon as she opened the door, a mellow fragrance came to her.

"Hello, auntie," Hearing that, Sophia walked up to her and gave her a big hug.

"Hey, Max, why don't you persuade Nana to marry a beggar? She is just too stubborn! I've heard that Rain is back now, and she must regret it! She must be trying to get rid of me these days!"

"Max, I think I have a vivid imagination. I know why they are here. It turns out that they are inherited from my mother's genes."

"Look, Max. She is so stubborn. Alas, she is so silly." Aunt Sophia sighed.

"Or, if Nana doesn't want to come back home, you can keep nagging her. I've heard enough of it, is it enough?" Gavin walked out of the bedroom and scolded, "Nina has been married. You shouldn't blame her."

HMM Nina stood on tiptoe to kiss his face, "Dad, you know me."

"Where's the beggar? Why isn't he here? " Gavin walked into the living room and asked the beggar the moment he didn't saw him.

Nina didn't know how to answer.

Nina said while glancing at Max.

"Uncle, the beggar just got a job and his company asked him to go on a business trip." Seeing that Nina was looking at her for help, Max tried to do the favor.

"Well, it's a good job. After all, he is a boy. he has to be responsible for his children and provides for them." Gavin said with a smile.

"Yes, father." Nina was chatting with her father, "well, Max, you talk with my father, I will help Mom cook in the kitchen."

"Okay," Max waved her hand Max never cooked, so she didn't have to care about who was at home. She just waited for someone to cook. When the person offered the food, she would put a few pairs of chopsticks and take a few bowls at most.

She took a deep breath, and her heart was filled with joy. She thought if she went to the kitchen, her family would question her.

Yes, she avoided dad's questioning. But what about mom?

As soon as she entered the kitchen, Mrs. Sophia sighed, "Nina, you've lost a lot of weight recently. Is it that the beggar suffers for you? You silly girl. You should tell your parents that you don't have any money. Got it? "

Nina sniffed and thought, 'I'm not only aggrieved, but also greatly aggrieved!'!

She couldn't say that in

Nana, let me take you to the hospital and have a check."

Nina bit her lips and thought for a while. "Don't bother to go to the hospital, Max. You can buy a pregnancy test paper when you stop in the nearby medicine shop."

"You are indeed a married woman. You know a lot more than me." Stated Max, half sarcastic and half serious.

"Come on, stop making fun of me. I'm not as pathetic as you think." Nina murmured with anger.

Max stopped the car in front of the pharmacy, got out of the car, and quickly bought a test paper for Nina, and she took the pregnancy test paper to the bathroom.

But the test result was negative.

She was indeed pregnant!

After spending ten minutes in the bathroom, Nina walked out of it.

Max had been looking out of the window. Seeing that Nina had come out like a defeated cock with her head down, her guess was almost right.

"Pregnant, right?"

Not answering, Nina got on the car lazily.

"Should we go to the hospital?" Max asked

Nina took a deep breath, "anyway, I'm pregnant. Why do I still go to the hospital?"

"The baby's father is missing. Don't you plan to abort the baby?"

Nina's heart skipped a beat. "Max, you are so ruthless."

"Well, I'm not ruthless. I just think that if the beggar never appears, are you, a woman from a rich family, only to tear him up by yourself? Nana! If you don't have an encumbrances, your life would be ruined. I'm not scaring you. "

Then she said after a while, "Max, take me to the countryside."

"Go to the countryside? For what?" Max asked in confusion.

"I have been to the beggar's home before. Now that I can't find him, I will ask his mother what about this child?"

"Damn it! Why didn't you tell me earlier? Maybe he is at home now that he has a home! " Said Max.

Nina shook her head. "He is not at home. I left with him. He said he would go to B city to visit Grandpa."

"Don't be silly! Now you still believe the beggar's words? " Max said bitterly.

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