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   Chapter 83 in a daze

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Looking at the calm Howard, Ethan smiled in a low voice.

"But, my beggar husband said that he only went to see his grandfather Why is he missing? " This was the question that Nina had been trying to figure out, but she failed.

"Hey, Nina, you are a silly girl. Maybe the beggar's grandfather is also a fake one. You'd better listen to Max." Since Ethan pretended to be Nina's grandfather, it was too cruel for him to continue to deceive her.

Nina said, "it was you who forced me to marry a beggar, Ethan..." Speaking of this, Nina stopped. She blinked her eyes and suddenly remembered that it was Ethan who asked her to marry the beggar. Moreover, it was he who followed the order of Mr. Howard.

"Did you collude with me to hide my beggar husband?"

With a false smile on his face, Ethan gathered his hair and said, "that's impossible."

As he spoke, he took a glance at Mr. Howard cautiously.

With a casual and calm look on his face, Howard asked, "Max, where's Nina's phone?"

Then she took out Nina's phone from her pocket and handed it to Howard.

He clicked on it, and saw the pictures of the beggar and women one by one. Then he sneered, "Nina, these pictures are photoshopped. Don't you see them?"

Max, Nina and Ethan looked over at the same time.

"Photoshop it out?" "So it's a lie?" said Nina, blinking her big eyes

"Yes, you're right. Nana! Before you checked this photo, you felt dizzy. Then where did you go to find your husband?" Max scoffed.

Here was the problem. At the thought that her boyfriend hadn't been found, Nina became angry again.

"Even if the photo is fake, what about my beggar husband?"

Hearing Nina's words, Max went silent.

Howard was silent because he was the beggar.

As for Ethan, he could do nothing but look at Howard.

"Where is my beggar husband?" Noticing that no one said anything, Nina asked again.

"Dead!" Howard thought about it and gave a simple answer.

Nina didn't believe it at all. She shook her head and said, "it's all your fault, Mr. Howard. Something happened to the beggar husband."

Ethan put on an apologetic smile and explained for Howard, "Oh, my brother meant that your beggar husband disappeared and he couldn't come back. Maybe, maybe one day he will come back himself."

"Damn it. What are you talking about, Ethan? What's the point? That bastard beggar got the sense of inferiority in his blood. He can't live a stable life. Given that Nana is here, he can live a homeless life! " Max analyzed.

"Surely, Max is better than me. I don't think so. So, you can stop looking for the beggar. He will come back when he is homeless. " Agreed Ethan.

The scar on Howard's face twitched a little, then he said lazily, "my sweetheart, maybe, he'll come back a year later."

"It's better not to come back. Nana! Is it better than that unreliable beggar?"

Nina glared at Max, "bastard, don't talk nonsense!"

Remembering what had hap

er stepmother was not bad. she could only alienate them. So, during her college years, the winter and summer vacation were spent in the home of Nina.

So Nina's parents had regarded Max as an outsider.

"Now that you want to eat, just go. My fridge has stored these food for many years. I'm waiting for you to eat them!" Well, she continued to tempt Max.

Another strand of saliva almost flowed out of Max's mouth. She grasped her bag and drew Nina out of the apartment.

Nina was going to call her mother and ask her to cook their favorite food.

But when she just called, she heard her mother's mournful voice, "Hey, Nana, you still remember to call home. If you don't call back, we will call the police."

Nina was surprised. What had happened to her parents? Why were they so angry?

"Mom, what's wrong?"

"Why did you ask me? I have to ask you? Why haven't you answered your phone these days? Do you know that your father and I took turns to call you since last night? We have called you for a whole night, but there was no reply. We are so worried about you. You are the only daughter of me and your father. What if something happens to you? "

All the love from parents.

Since Nina married the beggar, she never felt relieved. She hoped that Nina could go back home every day, but in the end, she never came back home since she married the beggar.

Nina was so anxious that she could not tell her mother that she went to look for a beggar husband!

She had been worried since she married a beggar. Now that the beggar was missing, she was even more worried?

"Mom, please! I'm fine. Don't worry about me. I'm fine. I just want to eat the dishes you made with wing. Please take out the stock in the fridge and make the dishes for us. We are hungry now! "

With a smile and a cry on her face, Nina's mother said, "okay. It's all right as long as you're fine."

"I'm fine, mom. I'm going back home with Max now." Said Nina, sobbing.

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