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   Chapter 82 what goes around comes around

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Howard had changed into a pajamas. He just cooked two boxes of noodles in the kitchen. Since he seldom lived here, there was no servant here, neither did he prepare too much food.

"Are you hungry?" Though he asked, he had already pushed another bucket of instant noodles aside.

Nina sat down in a place that was far away from him. Howard pushed it to look at Nina.

He opened the lid of the cake for Nina, "there's not much food here. Have some noodles."

Nina stirred her noodles, and her tears came out.

Without raising his eyes, he added in a soft tone, "I have put enough seasonings on the noodles. Besides, the tears are bitter. It may not taste better if I add more."

Hearing that, Nina burst into tears more happily.

Howard chewed slowly. He was prepared when hearing what Nina asked, but he still felt nervous.

Nina asked, "do you know where my beggar husband is? Did you kill him in order to get me? "

Howard slowly ate the noodles and said casually, "Nina, am I so bad in your heart? Do I look like a murderer to you? "

Nina's big eyes twinkled with unease, avoiding the aggressive eyes of Mr. Howard.

"I didn't mean that, but my beggar husband is missing Did he run away with a woman or play hide and seek with me on purpose? I'm scared and anxious! "

"Eloped with a woman? Oh, Nina, you said that your beggar husband loved you very much, didn't you? Who told you that your beggar husband eloped with another woman? " Howard smiled and became angry. He was the president of Hua group, a famous tycoon. Why did he run away with other woman?

Well, even if he was a beggar, with his love for Nina, how could she believe that her beggar husband would elope with other women?

Too absurd!

"Mr. Howard, I've seen those photos. It's real. My beggar husband was with another woman." Nina spoke it out with difficulty, fearing that she would be ridiculed by Howard.

Nina's tears fell down to her face again, and she took the fork and ate it.

Something hit him hard in the heart. He said, "Nina, what photos?"

Except for being photographed secretly by the media, Mr. Howard never took any photos. Not to mention the fact that no one knew he was a beggar, how could he have a photo!

"I'll tell you You won't mock me, will you? " Nina wiped her tears.

"What do you think?"

"That day, someone called me and told me that my beggar husband was with someone else. He also said that he knew where my beggar husband was."

"You believe them?" Howard had already guessed that the game was set by Becky and HOHO. Since he couldn't reach Nina through the phone, she had fallen into the trap of the two assholes.

"I didn't believe it at first, so I went to B city. You know what happened later. I didn't find my beggar husband,


"Alas, I made a mistake. I shouldn't have fallen in love with Max," he sighed

"Don't fool me, Ethan. You're so young that you still love me? You don't believe it yourself, do you? "

'he is just a playboy! How could he fall in love with me? Max would not believe it.

Yesterday, when Max went to work, she saw that Ethan was driving a beautiful woman! His love for her was as normal as eating or drinking.

He would forget it at any time.

To be honest, Ethan hadn't believed that he would fall in love with Max until yesterday when he had made a mistake by giving a woman a hard time. It was not until then that he realized that his thing had been conquered by Max and belonged to him exclusively. When he saw another woman who fell in love with him, no matter whether it was love or not. As soon as he thought of Max's face, he dropped his head and refused to accept it, As long as any woman got close to him.

As a result, he had been living a hard life these few days. There were so many beautiful women around him, but none of them could please him.

He regretted having fallen in love with Max.

When Max and Ethan arrived at the suburban villa of Howard, Nina had already put on her clothes.

She sat still on the sofa, like a child who made a mistake.

Seeing Max, Nina's tears came up again.

She sobbed, "Max, I ."

Nina couldn't tell what had happened between her and Howard.

Max held her, wiped her tears and scolded, "what's wrong? Haven't you found the beggar?"

Nina nodded.

"Well, it's impossible for him to be found. Don't you believe that a beggar is a liar? You're so stubborn that you didn't turn around to look at the other side of the wall. From now on, just think that he is dead. It's good that he doesn't come back. If he comes back, I'll help you break his leg..." Max comforted Nina.

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