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   Chapter 81 The Villa

Speak Softly Love By Lou Yu Characters: 7425

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Disdaining to look at them again, Howard turned around and took Nina in his arms. He said to The security guard whose name is Bob, "Bob, drive us to the villa in the countryside."

"Well..." Howard held Nina in his arms, and she was not conscious.

"I want to find my beggar husband. Where is my beggar husband?" In her mind, she wanted nothing but her own beggar husband.

"Honey, your beggar husband is dead!" Hearing what Howard said, Nina was very upset, but he didn't want to continue to see Nina keep calling beggar. She looked for beggar everywhere.

"Ahahah Nonsense, you are my beggar husband, and you are! " Nina's consciousness was completely confused. No matter who was holding her now!

Nina couldn't see anyone else in her eyes. She murmured, "honey, please Help me! "

Howard held Nina's hand. "Wait a minute Bob is here, isn't he? "

"Honey..." Nina complained.

Bob grinned. It was rare for his young master to be so gentle to a woman!

Subconsciously feeling that Howard was being stared at by the man in front of him, Howard glared at him and asked, "Bob, fly a plane, understand?"

"Yes, sir!" Bob couldn't help a suppressed giggle and took the driver's seat.

The helicopter circled in the air and flied towards the mansion in the suburb.

The two of them were sweating.

Finally, the plane arrived at Howard's private villa.

Bob steadily parked the helicopter on the lawn in the garden and Howard got off the plane with Nina in his arms.

he came to the living room and wanted to put Nina on the sofa, but she put her arms around his neck tightly.

they cannot control themselves.

Silence engulfed the room. Suddenly, Howard opened his eyes.

He had to admit that he had been the husband of Nina for a long time and had never been so tired.

Howard smiled with self mockery.

Sitting on the carpet and looking at the mess on the ground, he laughed at himself.

Nina frowned and seemed to be unhappy.

Staring at the clothes for a while, Howard sighed silently. Then he picked them up and walked into the washing room.

he threw the clothes into the dry cleaning machine and poured some detergent. Then he walked out of the bathroom directl

thinking for a while, he lowered his hand.

After all, Nina needed time to adjust her mentality. Even if he went in, what could he say.

Then he turned around, and heard the sound of depressing crying in the bathroom, then the biggest sound of water.

Howard fished out the phone of the beggar, took out his mobile card and cut off the phone with scissors, "beggar, go to hell!"

He threw away the card as if to vent his anger.

This was the most difficult decision after he thought. He couldn't let the beggar continue to live. If Nina still called the beggar and he didn't answer, she would be miserable. If she answered it, there was no doubt that Nina would definitely ask the beggar where he was. She was anxious to see him immediately. How could he tell where he was?

Nina was unwilling to let it go and thought he had done something wrong to her.

Nina would also be overwhelmed with grief.

Then, he could only let his identity as a beggar disappear.

Nina had stayed in the bathroom for a long time, so she couldn't accept the fact that she was with Mr. Howard.

She still felt her body so dirty.

She rubbed her ankle and apologized, "honey, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to do this, but I didn't know what happened..."

She was so sad that she still could not escape from this cruel reality.

She put on his gray shirt, opened the door, and walked out with her head bowed.

She looked like a criminal to be interrogated.

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