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   Chapter 80 the evil spirit

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With a sneer, HOHO reached out her hand to pull Nina's hair, and said word by word, "Nina, what do you mean by 'no hatred'? Do you forget how my child was killed?"

The pain made Nina take a deep breath. Her scalp seemed to be pulled off. "HOHO, your child was just an accident, an accident. You know that, right?"

"Without you, how could an accident happen to the baby? You little bitch, I will let Becky destroy you today, and you will go to hell later! " She tossed her hair to the wall.

Nina was dizzy, and now she was even more confused.

"It hurts!" Nina curled up in the corner, with her hands around herself.

"Honey, where are you?" She called in despair.

"Nina, your boyfriend is dead. He abandoned you Don't expect anyone to come to your rescue. No one will know your death here. " "Let's go, let's play!".

"Bullshit! My beggar husband will not die! Don't come over, woo, woo... " Nina burst into tears. "Mrs. HOHO, since we are workmates, could you let me out?"

"Humph! We work in the same company? How could you remember that. you thought that I didn't know what you said to Brian. He won't force me to kneel down for you for no reason, and he will slap himself. You are making trouble. I'll make you pay for all the things you owe me today. Becky, pull her legs over, and I'll press you on the floor... " HOHO laughed grimly, and her face was distorted with hatred.

"Honey, I'm here." Becky reached out and grabbed Nina's ankle, throwing her onto the bed.

"You bad guys..." Nina tried her best to struggle, but she couldn't resist them.

"Ha ha, you can't move now, come on, Becky, let's tie her up, so that she can be more honest." HOHO took out the prepared rope and threw one end of the rope to Becky, with the other end in her hand.

Soon enough, Nina's hands and feet were tied up.

Right now, what Nina could do was only her complaints. She couldn't move at all.

"Good idea! Stand by and see how I'll punish this little woman!" His fat face was trembling in excitement. He couldn't wait to unfasten his belt.

As soon as he took off his pants, he heard the door was kicked open. When HOHO turned around, she saw Howard standing at the door with a gun in his hand.

The sight of Mr. Howard's shocked Becky so much that he had to put on his pants immediately and raised his hands tamely, "Mr. Howard Why are you here? "

Why was he here? Since Howard couldn't find Nina in B city, he sent people to check who she called with her phone. Even though Nina deleted the call log, as long as Howard wanted, he could find her.

When he learned that Nina had returned to A city, he had to use all the traffic surveillance video of a city. When the news was reported back that Nina had gone to No.204 villa in the western suburb, Howard took the helicopter directly to the villa in the western suburb.

He had known that this was the residence of Becky!

"How dare you hurt my beloved woman!" Hearing that, Howa

soon with two cups of water filled with powder.

Becky was filled with two glasses, one of which must belong to him, which made him stunned.

"Where is the medicine?" Howard glanced at him and asked.

"Young master, I pour all of them in the water." The security guard answered.

Oh my God! It's so effective to blend all the pills into these two glasses of water in one hundred times? A cold sweat came out on Becky's forehead. He sat on the ground, paralyzed.

"Good." Grabbing a glass of water in The security guard's hand, Howard commanded, "The security guard, let me deal with Becky. Let you deal with HOHO."

"Yes, Mr. Howard."

Becky kept kowtowing and apologized, "Mr. Howard, I'm so sorry. I just made a mistake. Oh, it was all HOHO's idea. You should punish her. Please let me go, Mr. Howard! "

"Becky I love you! " HOHO was so desperate. She knew that Becky had left her and there was no chance for them to get back together.

Thus, HOHO knew more clearly that her dream in the wealthy family was coming to an end.

"You are such a bitch. You have destroyed my marriage. Now you are too shameless to say whether you love me or not. I tell you, I have never loved you. Never!" Becky roared, as if, in this way, Howard general would not punish him.

However, he failed to escape from the punishment of Howard.

Howard gently kissed Nina's scalding face and turned to let her lean against his back. He bowed his head, pinched Becky's chin and sneered with contempt, "Becky, you are so shameless. After all, HOHO has worked with you for so many years, but you still completely ignore her. Are you still a man?"

"I am..."

Without giving Becky another chance to speak, Howard raised his hand and poured the liquid into Becky's mouth.

At this time, HOHO was stunned. The liquid medicine left around her mouth kept flowing along the corner of her mouth.

All of a sudden, she rushed to Becky like a lunatic and cried, "Becky, I hate you!"

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