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   Chapter 79 play it by ear

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When Nina was about to hand it over, she suddenly remembered what the beggar husband said. He said that whenever she was in the ring, she must be there. 'is this ring really as precious as the taxi driver said?'?

What if she gave it to the driver, and the driver never returned it to her?

Nina drew back her hand and smiled awkwardly, "master, this ring is really fake. Look at my clothes. I don't look like a rich man at all. Here I am. Master, please put me down."

The driver sighed and said, "girl, I'm not a bad guy. Don't worry about me."

Nina took out the money and gave it to the driver, "Okay, I know, but the driver, I have really reached the destination."

The driver didn't give Nina any change after he took the money. Nina had got off the car.

With a helpless smile, the driver said, "that girl is really scared of me. But I don't think that ring is a fake one."

With that thought, the driver craned his head and shouted at the back of Nina who hurried away, "Miss, the ring is not necessarily fake. You must not lose it."

Turning around, Nina said, "yes, master. Thank you."

Despite her words, Nina knew nothing about it?

Holding the ring in her hand, she looked it up and down. No matter how she looked at it, she couldn't find out that such a small shiny object was invaluable?

To say the least, if this ring was really invaluable, then how did the beggar husband find it?

Nina stopped. If the ring was not picked up by the beggar husband, but his, was the beggar really a beggar? Why did the taxi driver mention Howard? Did this ring have any connection with the Hua financial tycoon?

If it did, why didn't Howard ask anything?

From then on, it didn't make sense for Max to question the identity of a beggar, right?

She was too simple and stupid to be easily cheated by the beggar.

Maybe the beggar was the young master of a rich family. He, like the emperor in ancient times, paid a private visit to the folk and happened to meet her. Then he just played with her and never loved her, but she took it seriously.

So she got more and more addicted to this beautiful lie.

Tears fell down from her eyes. Nina looked up at the luxurious villa and felt as if a knife was piercing her heart.

'maybe this is the home of a beggar husband and that woman. The strange man who called me maybe is his servant!'!

But what about his mother-in-law whom she had met before? And why was their grandpa in B city?

Huh! Nina, it turns out that beggar are all lying to you. You idiot!

Nina didn't think much. She walked up numbly and rang the doorbell.

On the third floor, in a hidden window.

HOHO stood in front of the window and gently swirled the coffee.

With a gleam of excitement in his eyes, Becky said, "that woman really comes."

ere are you?"

There was no response in this large room.

Nina rolled on the bed sadly, "beggar..."

Suddenly, a man's face appeared in front of her. She couldn't see clearly who he was. Yes, it should be a beggar, right?

"Beggar Is that you? " Nina asked in a husky voice.

"Yes, I am your boyfriend. Honey, I miss you so much..." Becky smiled with lust and reached out to grab Nina's clothes.

Nina's consciousness became more and more confused. She asked subconsciously, "beggar, why did you leave me? Why?"

"Honey, I'm here now? I want you now, darling! " When Becky saw Nina's flushed face and fair skin, he rushed to her like a hungry wolf.

"You are not a beggar. You are not a beggar! Who are you?" Even though Nina was in the fire, her residual consciousness told her that this was not the voice of a beggar, and her beggar husband would not be so rude.

His fat hand had touched Nina's skin. She picked up the pillow and threw it at Becky, "you bastard, let me go. Tell me, where is my beggar husband?"

"Honey, your beggar husband died a long time ago, and now only I can save you. Now, please treat me as your boyfriend, okay? Listen to me this time!" Becky pounced on Nina again.

She would like to give all her strength to fists and kicks, in order not to let Becky get close.

Becky was so furious that he screamed, "HOHO, didn't you say that Nina was a weak sheep? Why is she so fierce like a wolf? Come and help me! "

HOHO forgot that the effect of this drug was enormous, which not only disturbed people's consciousness, but also increased people's strength.

Of course, most of the reason was that they wanted to have Nina who was rich and powerful.

"Mrs. HOHO? Why is it Mrs. HOHO?" Nina widened her eyes in disbelief, but she couldn't see things clearly. "I have no grudge against you, HOHO. Why do you want to kill me?"

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