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   Chapter 78 honey trap

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Nina came down from her bed and saw the clothes folded neatly on the bedside. It must be bought by Howard. She couldn't care too much now. The most important thing now was to get dressed and leave!

But when she put on her clothes, Howard came in with a plastic bag in his hand.

"Honey, are you awake?" Said Mr. Howard, with a soft voice. He was not as cynical and unruly as he used to be.

Such a high spirited man made Nina think there must be something happened between them.

She stuttered, "yes, I'm awake."

"Last night..." Both of them said with one voice.

"You first." Staring at Nina's nervous face with his long and narrow eyes, Howard had vaguely guessed what she was thinking about.

Last night, it was indeed Howard who took Nina out of the bathroom.

After he carried Nina to the bathroom, he asked the hotel manager to buy some clothes for him, for himself and for Nina.

However, Nina's clothes were here and Nina hadn't finished bathing yet.

Panicked, he kicked the door open, and saw Nina close her eyes with no breath.

Howard's heart sank, "Nina......" He yelled at Nina who was naked in his arms.

Unexpectedly, Nina put her hand around his neck.

With a self mockery smile, he gave Nina a big kiss on her face, "honey, you scared me."

Nina nestled in his arms, and whispered in his sleep, but not fully understood.

He held Nina carefully and couldn't help looking at her fair skin. He was her husband, but now he couldn't have her.

It was too much to say!

Especially when he was wiping the body of Nina, the girl let out a "Oh" from time to time, which almost drove Howard crazy.

But when he saw Nina biting her lip with shyness and being embarrassed, he knew that she must have misunderstood him.

"Honey, what's wrong?" Howard smiled.

"Last night, did we Like that? " Nina stammered.

"Well Your beggar husband abandoned you. What are you still keeping for him? Is it worth it? " Howard answered vaguely. He put the roast chicken on the table and sat down elegantly on the sofa.

"Even if my beggar's husband abandoned me, you can't take advantage of me." Nina stared at Howard in anger.

Shrugging, he said, "silly girl, you know clearly that you had had sex with someone last night."

"I..." Nina thought carefully and felt nothing uncomfortable under her body. She stood up straight and said, "you really did nothing to me?"

Hearing that, Howard smiled and said, "well, baby, you seem to be expecting me to do something." After a pause, he smacked his lips and continued, "what about I make it up now?"

"Mr. Howard, you are courting death!" Nina cursed.

"Don't mind it. There are so many beautiful girls in the world waiting for my love. I don't want to die!" With a teasing smile, Howard took Nina's hand and said, "come on, my sweetheart. Eat something. You are so bold to scold me."

"No problem. I'm not afraid of you." After washing her hands,

at the place that the strange man told her.

A city was so big that Nina had never been to there, given the address given by a strange man.

It was easy to get there. Once getting on the taxi and telling the address, the taxi driver would send her to a specific place.

To be exact, the address is in the western suburbs of A city, beautiful scenery, mountain surrounding, and it's a good place for vacation and tour.

When the taxi drove up the mountain, Nina sneered, "the beggar husband is good at finding a place to kill time, but I don't know how he comes with so much money."

She whispered to the driver, "what did you say, miss?"

"Master grace, where is my husband?"

Staring at the ring on her finger, the driver thought for a while and said, "Miss, your husband must be very rich, and he should be the young master of the Hua family, right?"

"No, boss, my husband is poor." Nina replied frankly.

"Is your husband not Howard?" The driver was shocked.

"No, master."

"Then how did you get the ring?"

Nina took off the ring from her finger. At the moment, she looked out of the window, wanting to throw it out. The beggar husband didn't want her, why didn't she keep the ring!

Nina looked at the ring in her hand and said in a sad voice, "it was picked up by my husband. It doesn't worth much."

The driver looked at the ring carefully and said, "lady, if I'm not mistaken, your ring is the most precious pigeon blood red diamond in the world. Even the color of the ring is a little blue. It's said that it is the only unique diamond in the world. It's called red heart. It's invincible and priceless..."

"Master grace, this ring is really fake." It was impossible for such a precious ring to be picked up by a beggar!

The driver once again looked at the ring in Nina's hand suspiciously. "Girl, although I'm a taxi driver, I like jewelry, so I've read a lot of jade identification. Do you want me to help you identify it?"

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