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   Chapter 77 not hate because of love

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With Howard's narrow eyes squinted, he was too heartbroken to say a word.

He didn't dare to use the disinfectant. He simply put some powder on the blood soaked pool, and then adjusted his posture to put a pillow under her feet.

"Beggar, tell me, who is that woman, and those pictures And what happened? " Nina frowned and seemed to have something on her mind.

Feeling a little surprised, Howard bent over and asked in a soft voice like a beggar, "honey, which woman? What are those photos about?"

"Beggar?" All of a sudden, Nina opened her eyes and sat up. When she saw that it was Mr. Howard, she said angrily, "Mr. Howard, don't peep at me. Go to sleep!"

While speaking, she moved a little bit towards the bed, leaving most space for Howard.

Howard lay down beside the bed and thought, 'Nina must have been instigated by someone to look for a beggar, or there is something he doesn't know in it.

But Nina was so defensive that he could not get anything from her.

He slowly approached Nina and gently held her in his arms. "Honey, what on earth have you known?"

Hearing Howard's reply, Nina breathed evenly.

The night was as dark as ink. After Howard fell asleep, their door was suddenly locked. Then a fat figure came in.

It was a dark night. The black figure murmured, stretching out his hands.

He was the owner of the hotel.

Since he saw Howard's wallet, he became evil. He secretly opened the door with the spare key in the dark and came in.

However, he stood quietly in the room for a while, but the light was still dim. He could only reach the bed by memory.

When he opened the door, Howard woke up. As a cultivator, he was extremely sensitive to voice at night.

When the fat man put his hand into his pocket, Howard took the opportunity to grasp his wrist. Then he kicked the man and he fell to the ground with a howl.

"Who?" Nina jumped off the bed in horror.

The light was on. Howard stepped on the man's head and reached out to take off his black hood.

"So you mean that you own a secret shop?" With a sneer, he continued, "it's just that you are unlucky to meet me today. You have broken up with a gangster."

"Yes No, I can't. sir, I swear it's really my first time. I never did it before. I saw so many gold cards and lost my mind in money. That's why I did such a stupid thing. Please forgive me! " The fat man was shivering, with water stains all over his body.

"Since you don't have the guts, don't do such a dirty thing, understand?" But he was kicked away by her.

When Nina saw the urine stained on the ground, she couldn't help retching.

She put on the bloodstained socks and put on her high heels. "Mr. Howard, let's go!" Disdaining to look at the man on the ground again, she limped out.

Suddenly, there was a thunder in the sky and it began to rain.

Without hesitation, Howard ran ou

and handed it to the guard.

"Mr. Howard, please come in." The security got out of the car. He had heard a lot about Mr. Howard's name, so he dared not to offend him.

When he held up Nina, the guard stopped him. "Mr. Howard, the woman you are holding needs to see the following ID."

"Oh, I'm sorry. She's my wife. We left in a hurry and forgot to bring her ID card. Please give me a favor." As he spoke, he gave the guard more than ten bank notes.

Although the security guard took the money, he was still not relieved and asked, "Miss, are you really Mr. Howard's wife?"

She was too embarrassed to say anything.

Nina nodded and said, "yes."

Finally, the security guards stepped aside to let Howard enter the hall with Nina on his back. He murmured in a low voice, "why didn't I hear that Mr. Howard sum up marrying someone?"

he put the money in her pocket. Anyway, it was the most cheap thing to get the money!

Nina didn't know how long she had slept. She felt her eyelids heavy and she couldn't open them.

When she woke up, she rubbed her eyes and looked at the floor clock not far away from her. Then she knew that time had passed the noon.

What happened yesterday was just illusory and unreal.

After entering the hotel, it seemed that Howard threw her into the bathroom. Then, she fell asleep in the bathtub and she didn't hear what he called her.

Later, she didn't know how she got back to bed, let alone what happened last night?

'my God! A fool! It's Nina. What else could it be?'?

She despised herself.

Because there were only two people in this presidential suite, only her and Mr. Hua. Undoubtedly, it was Mr. Howard who took her out of the bathroom, and of course, it was Mr. Howard who put on her.

She really regretted what she had done.

Did she have sex with Mr. Howard?

How could she meet with Mr. Howard! She would feel guilty to her beggar husband!

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