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   Chapter 76 a girl was married to a bum

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Howard smiled at Nina and said, "I think the talented man and the beautiful woman are a perfect couple. So, you can marry me."

"Come on, Mr. Howard. How do you think we get married? If I marry you, I would be a beauty and married a shit like you. Get it? "

"Am I a shit?" Touching his chin, he nodded, "Okay, even if I'm a shit, I'm definitely a stinky one full of nutrition, making people dying for you, understand?"

People around them burst into laughter.

"How shameless you are, Mr. Howard!" Said Nina resentfully.

The waiter served two fast food, "two fast food for you have come."

"Thank you!" However angry she was, she couldn't ask the waiter for help.

She pulled over the tray and began to eat.

"Pumpkin cakes taste good. Waiter, I want two more." It was the first time for him to eat pumpkin pies, and the soft and sweet smell of vinegar made him delicious.

"Coming." Soon the waiter brought two more.

"Do you want more?" Howard asked.

Nina put the last pumpkin cake into her mouth, reached out to grab it from the plate of Howard, and continued to eat.

"Hey, honey, you really have a good appetite? It seems that even if you can't find the beggar, it doesn't affect your appetite at all." With a snicker in his eyes, he lowered his voice.

Nina reached for the last pumpkin pie in Howard's plate and continued to eat.

She also liked the pumpkin cakes here. Besides, she had a bad habit from her childhood. The more sad she was, the more she would eat.

As far as Howard knew, Nina didn't eat much. It was good enough for her to eat two pumpkin cakes. But she had four today?

"Honey, are you full now?"

Nina didn't say anything. She just ate up the two pumpkin pies and clapped her hands. She poked her head and said to Howard with a smile, "Mr. Howard, only when I'm full, can I have the strength to find my beggar husband." Nina stood up and said, "I'm sorry. I don't have money with me. Mr. Howard, please pay the bill."

With these words, Nina turned around and walked out of the shop.

She walked neatly and didn't show thanks to Howard at all.

That's right. It was Howard who was willing to follow her. Why should she thank him.

Neon lights blazed and the street was packed with people and vehicles.

Nina was tired. She rubbed her eyes and didn't know where to go.

"Beggar husband, where on earth are you?" Muttered Nina.

Looking at the thin figure of Nina, Howard stopped and frowned with pity.

The first problem that Nina had to solve was that she had to find a place to stay overnight. Her feet had been rubbed with blood, and she was very painful at every step now. She could continue to look for a beggar husband tomorrow. But now, it was impossible.

Saving physical strength was a must.

She couldn't live under the crossroads. Although those young men had been taken to the training center, they were more likely to be bullied!

Before she figured out wha

at me?" Howard snickered.

"What a dirty thought you have! I have a boyfriend who is a beggar, how could I have the same thoughts as you..." Uh huh!

"Sleep!" Nina took off her shoes and lay in bed with her clothes.

The pure white stockings were oozing blood.

The redness in his eyes horrified Howard. "Honey, is it your foot?"

He stretched out his hand to touch her.

Ouch! It hurt so much that she shrank in a hurry. "Mr. Howard, listen up. Don't touch me."

While speaking, a hint of sorrow appeared in the eyes of Howard. He asked in a low and sexy voice, "Nina, why do you have to marry your poor beggar husband? Why do you have to hurt yourself? Why don't you want to stay with me? Why are you so stupid? Tell me, Nina. Why are you so stupid? "

Nina huddled up her little body to the most extent. "You are a mean person, Mr. Howard! I'm not stupid. I just love my beggar husband very much. "

Hearing such a simple sentence, Howard was completely speechless. He turned around, got out of bed and walked out quickly.

She loved Beggar so much that she was willing to do everything for him.

It's a pity that you, a beggar, are so loyal to Nina.

Touching the mask, Howard felt lucky that he was a beggar, but he was a little worried that if the mask could not be removed, and Nina could not find the beggar, what would happen next.

Nina was too tired to answer the door. In a daze, she asked, "Mr. Howard, where are you going?"

Nina didn't hear his answer. She thought it was better for her to leave as Howard had gone, so that she could have a good sleep.

She turned over and put the quilt in her arms, found a comfortable posture and fell asleep deeply.

Howard went to a pharmacy to buy some medicine, disinfectant and powder for wound injuries.

When he came back, he found that Nina was asleep.

Howard gently removed the white stockings of Nina. The dense blood blisters were oozing out, which was shockingly shocking.

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