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   Chapter 75 ask for a train

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Howard gave a snort of contempt and stood still.

Those young men went even further. They thought that Howard was afraid of them, so they gave the higher order, "go!" The young men rushed at Howard together.

"You brats, don't come over, or you will suffer losses." Nina poked her head out and shouted. After all, they were only teenagers at the middle age, so they would definitely not be a match for Howard!

But these young men didn't listen to him. One by one, they rushed at the body of Mr. Howard, trying to assault him.

But in the blink of an eye, they fell to the ground again. Now, Mr. Howard hit them so hard that several of them broke their arms and legs.

"Ouch, ouch..." Several young men shouted painfully.

"Mr. Howard, could you please be more gentle to them? They are all kids. " Nina was angry.

"They are indeed kids, but they are really bad ones." Without any hesitation, he took out his phone and dialed 110.

The young men were regretful. They had dominated the area and had never thought that they would fall at the hands of Howard.

Soon a police car approached. The policeman shook his head with a wry smile when he saw the kids on the ground, "they are less than eighteen years old. I can't sentence them because they have already gone to jail."

"If they dare to act recklessly again, I'll break their legs and feet next time." Howard continued, "do you understand?"

"We got it, sir. We promise you that we won't do anything reckless again." The boy crossed his arms. Dragging their legs, they cried.

"If I had known it earlier, I would give you a discount." The police said reluctantly. He said goodbye to Howard and Nina and then took the boys into the police car.

After the police car drove away, Nina looked at her in astonishment and asked, "Mr. Howard, why are you here?"

Hearing that, Howard shrugged and said, "Hua Group has several subsidiary companies in many cities. Don't you know that?"

"Okay." But she didn't know that the Hua group was so powerful.

"Thank you for saving me. I'm leaving now." After finishing her words, Nina turned around and left.

"Where are you going?" Asked Howard.

"I..." She paused and didn't want to tell him that she was here for her husband! If he knew that her husband had sex with other women, he would be teased and mock by her!

He had proposed to her more than two hundred times, and she had refused for more than two hundred times. She had always said in front of Howard that how handsome her beggar husband was, how nice he was. But now, her marriage with a beggar husband had an affair and made her give up on him. When he knew that, Howard was very happy.

"You?" Followed Nina, Howard kept asking.

"Oh, will you stop asking? It's none of your business. Mind your own business, Mr. Howard. " Nina replied impatiently.


ina stared at the ground sorrowfully.

It was not that she did not want to be strong, but that she was extremely afraid of losing. She couldn't imagine what a mess her love world would be if she lost the beggar.

"Let's go to have dinner." Howard held Nina's hand.

Nina threw away his hand in depression, stood up and walked forward.

She headed forward, but she didn't know where she should go.

Now Nina seemed to be in the mist, without a trace of sunlight.

Howard finally couldn't stand Nina's silence. He walked in front of her and coldly stopped her.

Nina took a look at Howard and walked past him.

Howard stretched out his hands and held Nina up.

"Howard, you are such a coward. Let me go!" Nina struggled and roared.

Without saying a word, Howard walked into a fast food restaurant nearby with Nina in his arms regardless of what she did.

He pressed her on the chair and warned her, "don't move!"

"Why should I listen to you?" Nina shouted angrily.

"Hey, look! Is that woman a human trafficker?"

"he looks like her boyfriend. They might be in a relationship,"

"Shut up. He is so ugly. How can we be boyfriend and girlfriend?" Nina glared at those who were whispering.

"Yes, we are not boyfriend and girlfriend. She is the mommy of my doll." Instead of being his girlfriend, he asked as if they were married for a long time, "what do you want to eat, honey?"

"Mr. Howard!" Nina clenched her teeth out of hatred.

"Hush, it's not good to frighten so many people here. If you don't eat, I can eat by myself." He called the waiter, "I want pumpkin porridge, pumpkin pie and a dish of cucumber salad."

"Got it." The waiter agreed readily. Then he turned to Nina who was still angry. "What do you want, madam?"

The waiter took Nina and Howard as a couple.

"The same as him." Said Nina sourly.

"Okay. Mr. and Mrs. Howard, please wait."

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