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   Chapter 74 looking for a beggar's husband

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"Ethan, are you going to help or not?" Max asked impatiently, noticing that Ethan was silent for a long while.

"Max, it's not that I don't want to help you with this matter. I'm telling you that Nina will come back safe and sound. Do you understand?"

"What? I don't get it? If you don't help me, I won't blame you. But you are kidding me! "

He felt so aggrieved. Hadn't he been forbidden to tell the truth?

"Okay. I promise you that your best friend, Nina, will come back unharmed. Okay?"

"Okay, then tell me how do you promise?"

Wearing a painful look on his face, Ethan touched his forehead and said, "Max, I swear on my personal life that I will be willing to do anything to punish her if anything happens to Nina."

"Your personality? Ethan, why didn't I know that you have a personality? " "Don't you think so?".

Then he sighed, thinking that the bad impression of Max last time had been deeply imprinted on him.

"Then how can I promise?" Ethan asked helplessly.

"For the sake of your pledge, I believe you this time. If you lied to me, I wouldn't spare you," Max threatened

"Okay. Now I'm inviting Miss Max to dinner. I'm sure Max won't refuse." Ethan flattered.

"What a good idea! It's so easy to save money. Why not?" Max was just a foodie, so she didn't think it was appropriate to refuse him.

It was already late night when Nina arrived in B city. She stood on the streets of a strange city and looked around, not knowing where she should go?

She touched the money in her pocket and found that there was little left after buying the ticket. Alas, if she knew she would come to B city, she should have carried her wage card!

She was so anxious that her brain was on fire and she forgot everything.

Nina took out the coins and wanted to call the beggar to ask where he lived, but she was afraid that it would alert the enemy. If the beggar knew that she came to find him, he might run away with the woman by his side!

At that moment, Nina realized she should find a hostel to live in.

She tried to find it by herself, but finally got nothing but sighed. The cheapest hotel one night would cost her one hundred dollars. Plus, she only had two hundred dollars with her. She was not sure when she could find the beggar husband! She would be screwed once the money was used up!

Do I really have to beg like a beggar husband?

go begging?

'right, will the beggar husband beg here?'?

Nina cheered herself up and murmured, "from tomorrow on, I'll look for beggar husband everywhere in the streets and lanes!"

Then, she thought of her current relationship with the beggar, and became sad. She used to trust the beggar husband so much. Although she was not sure if the man in the photos was really her boyfriend!

If this was true, then how could she continue to stay with the beggar!

Nina shook her head and told herself not to think


"Hey, buddies. She's pretty, but I wonder what she looks like in the inner part. Let's take off her clothes first." A tall boy ordered the others.

"That's a good idea. Let's see the guys in this chick!"

The young men approached Nina with evil smiles.

"Help!" Nina screamed.

Howard, who was searching for Nina not far away, heard her cry for help. He stayed up all night. Since he arrived at B city, he had been searching around the airport. Since she came directly from the company, she didn't bring much money with her, so she wouldn't go too far.

As expected, in the early morning, he heard Nina asking for help.

While Howard was speaking, Howard was running to her.

All of them fell down to the ground.

"Mr. Howard!" Nina wept tears of joy. It was nice to see the ugly face of Howard at this moment.

"Who are you?" They were going to give it a try.

Hearing that, Howard's eyes grew sharper. With a scornful smile at the corners of his mouth, he said seriously, "or you can join us."

He hid Nina behind him and stood proudly.

Those young men looked at each other for a while. None of them dared to show up. Before they could see what the assassin was using, they all fell to the ground. Obviously, this man was very skilled in Kung Fu.

The man with red hair was not reconciled at all. He stepped forward and stood up with thin back, pretending to be arrogant. "That woman is our favorite. How dare you compete with us?"

His words were quickly echoed by the young men. "That is, this woman is our. Why do you fight with us?"

With a humph, Howard said, "you're still so young. How can you think about women?"

"Man, this man is too arrogant. He even looks down upon us. Let's teach him a lesson." Alfred urged the boys.

The teenagers, who were of the same age with no knowledge of their own abilities, once again surrounded the two of them by virtue of their large numbers.

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