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   Chapter 72 a phone call from a stranger

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Max had been very concerned about this matter recently, and even if the beggars' grandpa had been sick for so long, he would recover. Even if he really had a fatal illness, he should tell Nina the truth. He didn't tell her that he would come back all day long, but never come back.

Didn't he take Nina as a fool!

She had discussed this topic with Ethan more than once. But every time, he always looked like so dandiacal.

He said while patting and laughing, "Max, Nina always feels happy. Isn't that enough? You'd better think of yourself when you have time. What if you seize me means you seize your happiness? What do you think? "

"Come on, it's not about happiness but your sister's sin. If you were not afraid that she would throw her chastity to you, I would have already got married." "Don't you think so?".

"Do you mean that you can't get married because of my fault?"

"Who is unable to get married?" Max shouted, resting her hands on her hips.

"No problem. You can get married!" However, after being scolded by Max, he kept silent and didn't talk about whether the beggar would come back home or not.

As time went by, as long as Max asked any question about the beggar, Ethan would show his love to Max, and then mark stared angrily and kept silent

This was no longer a rule!

He could not help but remember Howard's warning in his mind. But he still warned him, "don't soaking in the tea like this, Ethan. But remember, don't say anything that you don't want to say. Just keep your words to yourself and don't say anything that you are not supposed to say!"

As for the last thing that he couldn't tell them, Ethan was very clear about the true identity of a beggar.

Although Nina hated what Max said, she muttered in her mind from time to time. She felt that the beggar husband seemed to be hiding something from her.

With a sigh, she continued, "Max, I don't think he will marry me? He had no money! He can't even afford a phone. He's my hero! "

Max habitually pointed at Nina's forehead, "stupid girl, it's not so good for a rich man to cultivate a woman. If a man without money is surrounded by a beautiful woman, then he is really capable. In my opinion, this beggar is not a good bird!"

"Don't talk to my husband like that. He's just busy. He needs to take care of Grandpa. He won't leave me!" Nina said stubbornly like a child.

Nina shouted loudly, and the other people in the office looked at her strangely.

"What are you looking at?" Max announced loudly.

All the girls narrowed their eyes and lowered their heads.

"You are just a piece of wood and one track minded man. Just forget it and continue to work. I haven't said anything yet." Max said helplessly, getting up and walking out.

As soon as she walked out of the office of the sales department, she saw HOHO sneaking around at the door.

"Are you done, Mrs. HOHO?" "Mrs. HOHO, may I help you?".

"Yes, I am still alive." Said HOHO, grinding his teeth.

Seeing that HOHO was sti

he tears.

At this time, a strange phone call came in.

Nina looked at the strange phone number and hesitated for a moment. She was afraid that if she answered the phone, the person who called her would be a woman. She was afraid that she would say, "Nina, I'm the wife of the beggar. The beggar won't go to see you again. He is just playing with you. Do you understand?"

Nina's fingers trembled. She took a deep breath and decided to answer the call.

When she heard the man's voice on the phone, Nina breathed a sigh of relief and her voice became happy.

She even blamed herself for her wild guess just now.


The cell phone kept ringing. The sound was mixed with the wind and the sound of waves.

"Hello?" Nina raised her voice.

"Hello." The man answered.

"Excuse me, who are you?" Asked Nina politely.

"You don't need to know who I am. I'm calling to tell you something." The man said coldly.

At this moment, it seemed that the caller called the wrong number.

With a smile on her face, Nina said, "Sir, I think you must have dialed the wrong number. Do you know who I am?"

However, what the person said next totally made Nina unable to stay calm.

The man called out Nina's name directly. "Nina, I'm looking for you. Don't think I called the wrong number. I call you just to tell you that your beggar husband has lied to you, do you know?"

Her heart skipped a beat. She blinked quickly and asked, "who are you? I don't know you. Why did you tell me this? "

After hearing this, the man sneered and asked, "Nina, has your beggar husband stayed at home for a long time?"

Nina got a little panic. 'how does this strange man know that my beggar husband isn't at home?'.

Did Rain send him here?

But Rain was still in the rehabilitation center! How could he have time to find someone to call her?

"I don't know you. Why should I tell you?" Nina said alertly.

"Well, you don't have to tell me. Then let me tell you." The man said insidiously.

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