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   Chapter 70 don't question me

Speak Softly Love By Lou Yu Characters: 10071

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If Howard hadn't come to rescue him, he might have died in the hospital.

He frowned and finally realized the seriousness of the problem. "Ethan, which department are you in?"

But what answered him was a busy tone.

The doctor had taken away Ethan's cell phone, so Howard couldn't get through.

Howard buttoned his shirt and went downstairs quickly.

At full speed, he arrived at the hospital. After parking the car, he went to the infected Department directly.

On the other hand, Ethan was too horrible to look at. He had been grabbed by several men, and his suit had been nowhere to be found. His shirt had been torn up, and the needle eyes on his arm were still dripping with blood.

If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he would never have believed that the Romantic President, Ethan would have been in such a difficult situation today.

As soon as Ethan saw Howard, he felt relieved, his eyes glistening with tears. "Look! He is Mr. Howard. If you don't believe that I am Mr. Ethan, look! His devil face is covered with scars. It's unique in the world! Is he Mr. Howard?"

Ethan kept on defending without thinking.

Howard stood still and snorted, "that's enough, isn't it?"

It was not necessary to tell that everyone in the hospital knew Howard?

Everybody in the city knew the handshake between Howard and Ethan, so they couldn't afford to offend him even if they lost their lives.

"Is he really Ethan?" A doctor left the room and looked down at Ethan, "if he was really Mr. Ethan, how could he possibly go to the corridor? If he was really Mr. Ethan, how could that woman be so bold to talk nonsense? "

As far as Howard knew, that woman was no more than Max.

Max could do anything.

"But that woman said he was infected. How could Is it really Ethan? " A young nurse said gingerly.

"You don't believe me?" With cold eyes, Howard reached out and pushed the doctor away.

"We are wrong..." The doctor came to his senses and hurried to apologize.

In the end, with the momentum to come, he slapped the doctor hard. "As a doctor, you should not investigate the identity. You should investigate the body first, the quack, the mixed doctor..."

"Call the Dean over." Said Howard indifferently.

"Miss Ethan, we're sorry. Please forgive us..." The doctors and nurses on the spot, as pale as death, begged one after another.

"Now I know you are wrong. It's too late!" He pointed at the doctors and nurses, "see? Can you pay for these checks I have conducted?"

It was not long before the Dean came to him with sweat all over his face. He bowed and said, "Mr. Howard, what can I do for you?"

"They will be fined a year's salary." He pointed to the doctors and nurses who had captured Ethan.

"Yes, yes..." The Dean didn't dare to say no.

"It's a little punishment. Two years' salary will be deducted." Ethan said fiercely.

With dejected faces, the doctors and nurses almost knelt down in front of him. "Mr. Ethan, we were wrong. Pleas

"Oh Kaaahhkkk, kaaahhkkk, kaaahhkkk.... "

He took his finger out, eyes as cold as a pool of ice, and leaned over all over his body, "honey, is my blood cold or hot?"

Nina stretched her head out and puked on the ground.

"Baby, haven't you been told that blood is the cleanest thing in the world?"

Nina slowly turned back. There was a trace of red blood on her lips. The words of Howard were so familiar.

Oh, right, the beggar husband also said that.

"Mr. Howard, what did you say just now?"

Howard shrugged, "I've never been used to saying the same twice."

"But, as you just said, my beggar husband also said that, you tell me, do you know my beggar husband?" Nina suddenly became excited. He remembered that she was taken away by Rain from the hotel at that time. It was the beggar husband who asked her to find Howard. Did it mean that the beggar husband knew Howard?

"In the same words, hehe..." With a disdainful smile, he reached out and raised Nina's face, then lowered his head to lick the blood around her mouth. "Honey, I've said a lot of the same words to your beggar husband, haven't I? For example, I love you. I like you and want to be with you forever. Am I right? It's easy to explain because we both like you. "

Nina went blank. Her instinct told her that there must be something between the beggar husband and the Howard.

"Howard, are you the second child mentioned by the beggar husband?" Did the beggar's husband lie to her that he had a younger brother? Was he Sherry's elder brother?

Nina's mind was a little messy. She thought that Howard had something to do with the beggar, but she didn't know what it was.

"Honey, you are getting more and more interesting. My family name is Hua, but your beggar husband is beggar. When did I become Cliff? I'm not interested in Cliff. I only want to be the boss. " Howard withdrew his hand and took out a piece of tissue to wipe Nina's mouth.

"Are you the elder brother of a beggar?" Nina continued to ask.

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