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   Chapter 69 comfort yourself

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Max seemed to be a simple minded person, but she was really nervous since the baby in HOHO's belly was hurt.

No matter how much bad HOHO was, these had nothing to do with the baby in her womb.

Thinking of the lost child in the HOHO croupier, Nina was also in a bad mood. She thought for a while and suggested, "Max, how about we buy some fruits and pay a visit to the HOHO croupier? Even though it wasn't us who made her lose her baby, it still had something to do with us. Don't you think so? "

"I'm not as merciful as you are. I won't go with you," Max answered, with a cigarette in her mouth as she rode

Uh huh. Nina rolled her eyes and said, "stubborn. You always wanted to go there, but you just refused to admit it."

Max was a woman with a sharp tongue and a soft heart.

"I'm afraid..." Max said after taking a pause. "I'm afraid that if we go there, we will be killed by HOHO and Becky."

"How about we ask Ethan to go with us?" Nina thought that with the help of Ethan, HOHO and Becky would be afraid of them and wouldn't do anything to them.

After all, Howard would protect Ethan in a city, so they all had to share him.

Becky was no exception.

Thinking of Ethan, Max laughed happily.

"Oh, really? I didn't know that he was still in the hospital! I guess he won't be able to come out for a day and a half. " Thinking of that he had been forcibly examined by the doctor and nurse, wing said happily, "you'd better go for Howard. I think that Ethan hates me very much now and would like to kill me if he could! I think I'd better keep a distance from him... "

Nina hesitated for a moment. She wanted to say that she didn't want to meet Howard, either!

"Don't refuse. Howard is a good man." Max said.

"He has a girlfriend. Although I don't like Mr. Howard, he has never given up hope on me. I really don't want to provoke him again. Besides, Sherry will get angry if she sees that I'm with him. So I don't have to go after them. " Said Nina reluctantly.

"My stupid girl, Sherry is dead." Said Max.

Shocked, Nina widened her eyes and asked in disbelief, "is Sherry dead? How could she die? "

The woman she met yesterday, why did she die after such a short period of time?

It was unbelievable?

"We are not from a rich and powerful family. How could we figure out the matters in it?" Max continued, shaking her head

Nina nodded her head and said, "that's right. Howard must be very painful now. We can't bother him either."

Taking a deep drag on the cigarette, Max said, "Nana! Why are you so silly? Can't you see that Howard has no feelings for Sherry at all? was he still sad? Huh He would be merciful if he doesn't celebrate by champagne. "

She heard the indifferent tone of Howard last night. How could he be sad? He didn't care at all. It would be better if he died.

"Howard is not that cold-blooded, OK? He is quite good to Sherry! " Nina defended for Howard.

"Ha, how dare you? Was it for you? 'Nina, you are such a si

you'll live. You might dismiss us? No way! Hahaha... "

Since his eyes were filled with anger, he could only call sherry for help when the doctors and nurses were not paying attention to him.

"What's wrong with you?" Without any expression on his face, Howard just remained calm as usual. In the city, no one dared to hurt Ethan so easily. He must be deliberately mystified and making fun of him.

"Boss, I'm in trouble because of Miss Max. If you don't come, I promise you will never see me again. Will you come or not?" He knew that he was still important in Howard's heart, so he tried to make it clear that Howard wouldn't ignore him.

"Haha..." Hearing that it was Max's trick, Howard laughed. "Did you plan to marry Max last night and have her castrate? But that's not a bad thing. Your thing won't cause you any trouble. Are you clean now? "

Howard replied with a tone of joy.

The doctors saw that Ethan was on the phone, one after another came up to snatch it.

"Don't make fun of boss Ah Come and save me! they should have castrated me. I was forced to come to the hospital in the name of an infectious patient. It was a kind of plague Do you understand? Doctors and nurses did all the examinations for me. They didn't listen to my explanation at all. I'm tortured to death! " The voice of Ethan was so painful.

"If you don't come, send someone to prove it to me. I don't dare to look for anyone else. If this matter is spread out today, I will probably be reprimanded by the media tomorrow. At that time, I would feel distressed and unable to defend myself with a hundred mouths. In people's eyes, I will become the devil of everyone's talk. Please, help me, boss." Thinking of the sight that he refused to let the beauties go, he wanted to die.

He didn't dare to ask his subordinates for help. His parents had a sensitive word disease, and he was notorious for his affair. If he did something to offend them, they would never let him go easily.

That was so pitiful!

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