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   Chapter 68 an enraged man

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Thinking of this, Max became very hateful. She raised her foot and gave a hard kick on Ethan. "Ethan, are you asleep? Or dead? "

Without a snort, Ethan fell down to the ground due to her kicks. Frightened, Max threatened, "Hey, Ethan, don't die here. I have no money to go to court."

She reached out and touched his nose, but found nothing.

"Hello, help! Help!" Right now, Sue believed that Ethan would be out of breath, because she had never been so terrified like this before. Her heart was suddenly empty, and she would be more and more depressed.

"What's wrong? What happened? "

Max pointed at the man lying on the ground and faltered, "he He seems to have died. "

"Hey! What are you waiting for? Call the ambulance at once!" An old woman ran over and said while getting dressed.

"Okay, okay, I'll call now." Max shivered, took out her phone and called 120, explaining the specific location.

Max felt that she had never spoken with such a stupid tongue before she told the emergency workers the address.

They hurried to help Ethan up gently, but at this time, Ethan slowly opened his eyes.

They almost thought he was dead, but all of them said in one voice, "Hey, why do you open your eyes? Aren't you dead? "

"Damn it! Who is dead? I'm just sleepy. Why don't you let me in and sleep in your corridor? " He stood up and yelled at them.

In fact, when Max opened the door just now, he had already woken up. He just wanted to frighten her. Didn't someone say that only after losing once would she cherish it?

He just wanted to make Max feel how it felt to lose her. When he listened to wing's nervous call, he was quite pleased in his heart. Now that everyone had gathered around, he couldn't continue to pretend to be dead, so he could only open his eyes.

"Oh, my God. You're not dead. You're just threatening me, aren't you?" Standing with arms akimbo, Max was so angry that she even wanted to kick Ethan to the downstairs.

"I'm so glad that I'm still alive. I'm not willing to die if I have not married you."

Everyone cast a stern glance at Max. Undoubtedly, Max was not a child who would be fooled.

"Girl, don't make fun of us with your boyfriend, okay?" One of the aunts said angrily.

Too much to argue, Max said with an awkward smile, "I'm sorry. I just tested his breath and he was really out of breath, but now he has. I dare not make fun of everyone."

Feeling both angry and angry, Max kicked Ethan, "go to hell!"

"Max, I just want to have sex with you this time. I don't think I have done anything to offend you. Why do you always want me to die?" A sheepish smile formed on his face, and he said, "let's get out of here. I was just kidding with my girlfriend. I'm fine. I'm still alive. I'm living well."

They curled their lips and went home.

"Who is your girlfriend? Explain it clearly to me, Ethan. " "It's none of your business!".

"Ouch!" "Max, I just want to do this for your own good? Think a

"Max, you're too cruel. I will not fight with a woman. Remember, I will not let you off today." Ethan thought that he couldn't defeat so many people at present, so he had better know his place. As an old saying goes, "the best way is to escape.".

If he continued to stay here, he would end up in hospital.

But when he just raised his foot and was about to run away, Max shouted at him, "this man is going to run away. Everyone hurry up and catch him.". Otherwise, his escape will continue to scourge the society and make women unpeaceful! "

"No way! Max, I'm not the monster in Ultraman!" Ethan's face darkened.

"Gee, the baby in Ultraman is much cuter than you! You are now the person who is hated by everyone. Hahaha... " After these words, an arrogant smile appeared on Max's face.

Although he was good at martial arts, a man was not a match for four!

Then he was caught by the doctors and nurses.

"Max, let's wait and see. I will surely get back at you for this!"

Max patted the boy's face and said, "boy, I'm afraid that if you go to the hospital, you won't be able to go out in a short time."

"Max Good enough for you I remember you! " As he was about to say something more, he was dragged into the elevator by a group of people. Max stuck out her tongue playfully.

Max was in a good mood. She went downstairs while humming a tune.

Before the working hours came to an end, she didn't drive, but chose to ride a bicycle.

When she were waiting for the green light at the crossing, she saw Nina rode a bicycle over, so she gave her a kick.

"Max, you are so good at this! Do what you have to do with Ethan in the hospital? Don't worry, you will be punished by him later. " Said Nina with a smile.

For the weird things that Max did, it was not strange for Nina.

"Well, I don't want to see him anymore, okay?" Hearing that, Max raised her head. When the light turned to green, she said, "let's go to work."

They chatted as they rode.

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