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   Chapter 67 the ridiculous dual identity

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It was a simple phone screen, but Nina was looking around. It seemed that this was the case, and the beggar husband's face would be exposed.

"Honey, I've told you that my phone can't make video calls. I saw you..." While Howard's fingers were gently stroking the screen of his cellphone, he paused for a second and continued, "honey, get closer to me. Let me see your little face. Is it true as what Max said that you miss me too much?"

Nina nodded, put the phone on the bed, lowered her head, and clapped her face happily. "Honey, don't listen to the nonsense of Max. I'm a famous foodie. How can I be thin?"

"Well, my baby should take a shower now, so that I can see if you lose some flesh on your body." He looked at Nina and made fun of her.

Nina blushed and said, "you're so naughty. How could you bully me?"

With a Adam's apple bobbing in his throat, he kissed her dirty face. Though the phone screen was cold, he still said in a low voice, "sweetheart, I want to bully you, but it's too far to reach."

With an evil smile, she crooked her finger and said, "honey, come on. I'm here. Come on!"

As she spoke, she deliberately loosened her collar and revealed her sexy collarbone.

Feeling hot all over his body, he refrained himself from bursting out. Then he said in a sexy and low voice, "baby, I can't stand you anymore. I'm taking a shower now. How could I be embarrassed if you flirt like this!"

He always thought that this little girl was quite stupid. She actually learned to provoke his sensitive nerves.

Such a kind of Nina was both pleasing and pleasing.

"Great! You can also come back if you don't want to come back. I will seduce you..." Nina crossed her legs and made a more charming posture.

The enchanting way made Howard unconsciously curved up his thin lips. He narrowed his eyes and glanced at graceful Nina.

With a groan, Howard said, "baby, give me a kiss."

Now she felt much better than when she was drugged by Bonny in England.

Nina listened to him and gave him her lips, "honey, don't cry. Please come back to me quickly..."

Kissing her violently, he asked, "my good girl, have you felt my passion?"

Nina shook her head with a smile. "If I don't see my husband, how can I feel his passion?" Said Nina with a sigh, "honey, do you have no money now? Can you give me your bank account and I will transfer some money to you. Then you can buy a better cell phone?"

"Not really. I really like your feeling now. Don't you like it, my sweetheart? " Howard directly refused, not for phone, but for video chat with Nina after buying a phone.

As a beggar with the identity of a super handsome man, how could he make a video call to Nina? Howard even found it ridiculous to think about it. But, it was time to put an end to his two identities. he just couldn't find a way to end his relationship with Beggar.

"Well, it's good. It's just like starting a new relationship with her husband. When she gets no news about her husband, she will be anxious and think randomly, afraid that something bad happened to the beggar I wonder if the beggar husband aban

Without stopping, Max opened the door and went into the apartment, leaving Ethan outside and sighing, "Max, if you don't open the door, I'll sleep in front of your door."

Max didn't believe it at all. She threw her shoes aside, took off her clothes and walked towards the bathroom, shouting, "whatever!"

Ethan clenched his teeth and thought, "this girl is too heartless, but there is a saying: don't be reluctant to let a child trap a wolf. Hum..." He didn't say that out of nowhere as he and Max thought he was the one to blame!

At least he was a wolf in Max's eyes.

He decided to give up his identity as Boss Ethan and trick Max into it.

Then, he walked closer to the door, and closed his eyes, whether he could fall asleep or not.

But he didn't hear it clearly. He just heard the sound of the shower, the hairdryer and the girl's humming

As the sound entered the room, a hundred claws scratched his heart. He had never dreamed that he would be shut out by some woman one day.

In the past, it was he who refused all the women he didn't like. Today, he finally could taste the feelings of being refused by the woman he liked.

What a sense of being defeated.

But, it's more interesting to be with such a woman, isn't it?

He smiled and gradually fell asleep.

Max didn't sleep well as he did. She tossed and turned all night, and the cynical handsome face of Ethan kept flashing in her mind somehow.

Why is he so hateful? '.

But she didn't expect that Ethan would really sleep in front of her house. She thought that he was just joking. How could a playboy like him make it up to her and stay there for one night?

As a result, when he opened the door this morning, Max saw that Ethan leaned against the wall and fell asleep.

His small fair face was quiet and beautiful.

Even cold-blooded as Max, at this moment, her heart skipped a beat inexplicably.

Although it was early summer now, the marble floor was still very cold. Ethan had actually stayed here for several hours.

Or, he just wanted to take advantage of me? '?

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