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   Chapter 66 a video call with an intimate husband

Speak Softly Love By Lou Yu Characters: 10390

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While driving, Ethan suddenly turned his head around. He said with a bitter smile, "Max, since we're already in a relationship like this, do you still intend to find another man to be your boyfriend? In fact, I tell you that the man who treats you well for the first time is worth being with you all his life, so I deserve it."

Hearing that, Nina smiled. She didn't expect that the handsome and indulgent boy would make an advertisement for her in front of Max. The advertisement was well made.

"Ethan, as far as I know, Max is not short of pursuers. We have all kinds of men chasing after her. Some of them are graduate students, some are president and small CEO, and some are handsome men. If you really want to develop a relationship with her, you have to be more positive." Nina praised Max with full strength.

Looking back at Max's oval face, she was astonished to see a red glow.

Holding the phone in his hand, Howard smiled and said, "honey, are you going to be the matchmaker?"

Hearing that there were not many people in the hospital, Howard was in a good mood. It was good to have them by Nina's side.

"Hehe... A beggar husband. In my opinion, Ethan is much better than Mr. Howard. As far as I know, Mr. Howard is not only ugly, but also unreasonable. Although Ethan is a bit of dissipated, he is a good man. He is very kind. Maybe Max will find her happiness after being together with him."

When Ethan heard that Nina spoke for him, he almost bowed to her. "I'm glad that Nina has a good eye. Max, please allow me to help you."

"Shut up, you brat!" Max lit a cigarette and took a puff, while a smile flashed across her eyes.

In fact, Ethan was not that annoying, was he?

But it never occurred to Howard that in Nina's heart, this glib Ethan would be even better than him?

he felt a little uncomfortable and said in a jealous tone, "honey, don't you know that you can't praise other men in front of your husband?"

Uh huh. Nina smiled and said, "no matter how good Ethan is, he is not as good as my own beggar husband!"

Hearing that, Howard felt nothing but proud and satisfied.

Ethan's face darkened and shouted at Nina's cell phone, "beggar, I will take care of your woman. Can't you let her say I'm good?"

But before Howard could answer, he heard Max's roar, "beggar, come back quickly! Nana misses you! She is so thin now. If you still don't come back, I will marry her to Howard. Do you believe it?"

Howard touched his chin, thinking that Max's sharp words really hit his point.

If Nina promised to marry Howard, he could really make the beggar disappear.

But Nina loved beggar so much that she wouldn't agree to marry Howard!

While Howard was thinking, Nina grabbed the mobile phone from Max. "Honey, don't believe in Max. Howard has a girlfriend and they are together now. They seem to love each other very much. He may appear in front of me occasionally, but I promise you that I will never like that damned Howard. I always hate him. You know, I don't like him, Right? "

Nina took a deep breath nervously, as if she was afraid th

h other. I'm going upstairs. Bye." Smilingly, Nina got out of the car and waved goodbye to Max and Ethan.

"Nana, wait for me. It's late now. Why don't you let me stay?" Max shouted to follow her.

At this moment, Nina had rushed into the elevator and closed the door in a hurry. "Max, I don't need you now. You'd better talk back to Ethan seriously."

Max stamped her foot with anger and scolded, "Nana, see how I fix you when I go to work tomorrow!"

With one hand supporting the door, Ethan stood at the door. "Miss Max, since Nina has refused you to go in, I guess there is no taxi outside now. Of course, you can choose not to let me drive you."

In the past, it was quite easy for other women to play cat and mouse with him. The problem was that Max was really different from that of other women. She went straight into Ethan's car, started the engine and stepped on the gas.

Then he became anxious, realizing that Max was trying to take over the company!

He hurriedly opened the door and sat in the front passenger seat. He didn't want to be homeless in the middle of the night.

With a smirk, Max stepped on the accelerator and the car drove off like an arrow.

When Nina got home, she locked the door, took out her mobile phone and opened the video.

Her delicate face was now covered with dark clouds. She was in such a mood that it was hard to tell whether her face was clean or not.

While waiting, Howard took off his clothes and clicked on the video. With a stride in his long leg, he stepped into the bathtub and said, "my baby..." He reached out to touch her little face on the screen.

Nina was bullied by Randal and HOHO. He was there, but he failed to protect her. Feeling guilty, Howard became even more tired of Bonny.

This woman was used to being arrogant and willful, and treated viciousness as her personality. After all, she was not a kind woman.

Being loved by Bonny was really a burden!

"Honey, have you seen me?" On the bed, Nina held her cell phone and made faces excitedly, "I still haven't seen you."

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