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   Chapter 65 the most important visit

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Looking at Nina, Max took a deep breath and nodded.

"I won't care. The drug was not harmful to others. It would do harm to yourself as well." Max and Ethan pulled Rain out of the car, and then the three people dragged him into the elevator.

When they went downstairs, Rain's bodyguard came up. He shouted harshly, "what are you doing?"

All of a sudden, a gun was put in Ethan's hand. "Step back. Don't follow us. We did it for the sake of Rain."

"Young master..." The bodyguard stopped and hesitated to look at the trembling Rain.

"Don't follow me. Listen to them." He said in a trembling voice.

He had been tired of muddleheaded life. He had been using to develop his company in England. He had been addicted to drugs because he had been controlled better. But now, maybe I can have a try to bring myself back to who I used to be.

Ethan dodged the bodyguards. Then he spun the gun in his hand and put it away.

When he was about to drive, a woman suddenly put her head on the front of the car.

Nina recognized her. She was the Rain's fiancee, Maggie.

Her hair was in a mess and her face was covered with tears.

"Go away!" Ethan shouted coldly, and his face looked exceptionally sharp and serious.

Hearing that, Max dazed for a moment. In fact, she had seldom seen such a side of Ethan.

"You can't take him away. He is my fiance. Let him get out of the car!" Maggie hit the car hard and shouted.

She looked exhausted as her forehead was wet with sweat.

Her pale face was covered with anxiety.

As for the luxurious dress she was wearing, it was already in a mess.

"Ethan, let that woman get in the car. She is Rain's fiance." Seeing her behavior, Nina felt sorry for her.

"Damn it! Rain has a fiancee now. Damn it! Why did he come to you?" Max had no idea that Rain had a fiancee.

However, he had a fiancee, but he still had connection with Nina. It was his fault.

It turned out that the most difficult to understand love in the world. Except for Nina who didn't know it, everyone could see that Howard loved Nina. But now, it was Rain who put Nina in a difficult position!

"This is not the right time to think about it. Let her come up." Said Nina briefly.

Rain had gotten married, so even if he was not engaged, the fact that Nina had been married couldn't be changed.

In that case, she didn't care if Rain was engaged or not!

"Get in the car, woman. We are not bad guys. We are the classmates of your fiance," Max said to her while opening the car door

Maggie wiped her face, bypassed the car and sat in.

It seemed that there was no one else in her eyes. As soon as she entered the car, she hugged Rain. "Rain, I have always brought you medicine. Don't be uncomfortable. Come, I'll find it for you."

Nina couldn't believe her ears and asked, "Maggie, do you know that?"

Instead of answering, Maggie took out a

day, if you are bullied by a beggar one day, remember to come to me, I am waiting for you! "

Nina nodded her head firmly. "I'll be fine. So do you!"

"Come on, stop it. You two made me cry." Said Max while wiping the water from her eyes.

Right then, Nina left Rain's embrace. She put his pale hand into Maggie's and said, "Maggie, go with him."

After taking a deep look at Nina, Rain walked into the drug rehabilitation center.

The moment Rain walked into the rehabilitation center, Nina was no longer able to stay calm. She leaned weakly against Max, tears streaming down her face.

This was the ending that belonged to her and Rain, and also an irreversible fate.

Max touched Nina's nose and said, "silly girl, do you still love Rain?"

"No, I am just sad."

Right, she could only feel sad, which had nothing to do with love.

Besides, her love had something to do with beggar. She only hoped that Rain and Maggie could be together.

"you're back, you two." As Ethan said, he opened the car door.

The moment Nina got in the car, she called her own beggary husband.

Howard looks anxious. He wonder what's wrong with Nina.

When he saw it was Nina, he quickly answered the phone, "honey, are you okay?"

"Honey, I'm fine. We've sent Rain to the rehabilitation center. But I miss you so much! Come back, okay? " Nina begged, "I'm afraid of being alone at home."

In her nightmares, Nina wished that her beggar husband could be with her. Even if she only smelled the light fragrance from him, she could feel peace and happiness.

Howard said painfully, "my dearest baby, why don't you let Max live with you?"

Howard thought that it would be relieved to have Max by her side.

Glancing at Max, Nina found that she was taking a rest with her hands crossed.

"She is very busy recently. Maybe she is in a relationship with a handsome man. How can I always disturb her?" Said Nina teasingly.

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