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   Chapter 63 the dream of the rich

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Turning to the reporters, Andrew said angrily, "please issue a statement for me. From now on, I have nothing to do with Randal."

"No way!" Her voice was trembling and her body went limp.

Howard loosened his tie and thought, 'good job, The security guard did a good job. It seems like a light punishment for Randal. Nina was humiliated by Randal in the rain.'.

With a light snort, Mr. Howard turned around and walked out. Sherry followed him hurriedly.

"Howard, what's going on here?" Sherry was not stupid, but she really shouldn't have said these words. Why did she ask, knowing that it was The security guard who had done it, to make Howard unhappy?

As she expected, Howard glared at her with her dark and deep eyes. "Woman, what do you want to ask?"

Sherry could not help but shiver as if she had been poured into a cold wind. She said in a trembling voice, "no, I didn't see anything."

At this time, someone shouted, "don't stand still. The bridegroom has left. What are you doing here? Haven't you seen enough pornographic picture yet?"

His words caused a burst of laughter. "She's gone..."

With a disdainful look at Randal, they all left.

"Yes, it's great for you to be rich, but it's like drawing water with a sieve!" Iris squatted and looked at Randal coldly.

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she regretted what she had done.

"Well, Iris, let's go!" Lily said, trying to persuade Iris.

"Let's go." Iris stood up, clapped her hands, looked at Lily and said, "do you still envy the rich and powerful family?" Then she pointed at Randall and said, "she's such an example. Don't dream about the future. Marry a beggar like Nina is more reliable."

"What are you talking about? It was the fault of the rich. It's all her own fault. "

Then they walked out of the banquet hall hand in hand.

In the black cayenne.

Nina slowly woke up. Under the dim light, she saw Rain who was sitting on the driver's seat.

He stared straight ahead with a dark face.

"Rain, I want to go home. Can you drive me home?" Nina replied in a weak voice.

"Nina, why don't you come to my house and let me protect you?"

"No, I want to go back to my own home. Let me go down, Rain."

"You are as stubborn as before." Rain said helplessly.

Nina lowered her head in silence.

He turned the car around and drove to the high-grade neighborhood in "Gangnam building".

It was only a twenty minute drive and the black Cayenne quickly arrived at the downstairs of the Nina's house.

Hearing his words, Nina got out of the car and turned him down. She said, "thank you for sending me home. My husband isn't at home. It's not good for you to come to my home at this time."

"Nina, I'm your classmate. There's nothing wrong with me. I won't do anything to you. Trust me." He begged.

Nina shook her head, turned around and entered the elevator, and quickly closed the door.

When s

his heart to see Nina bullied by HOHO.

So did Max. Just after coming out of the banquet hall, Max had been shouting, "Ethan, take me to find Nana quickly. If she is caught by Rain, I don't know what will happen to her."

Beggar had married Nina, so it was true that Rain loved her. If he did something to Nina, she would be miserable.

But there were more and more things to worry about. An electric bike accidentally fell over when Ethan was chasing after Rain's car. As a result, the woman in the vehicle clamored and wanted to go to the hospital, Ethan had no choice but to take her to the hospital.

Therefore, when Howard called, he had just come out of the hospital.

Max felt strange. Was Howard too concerned about Nina?

She took Ethan's phone and said, "Mr. Howard, if my memory serves me right, you were turned down by Nina, and now you have a girlfriend, you should care more about your girlfriend than Nina."

Why didn't you care about her? But now, he should care about Nina. Sorry, I still don't care about my feelings to him. '.

"Can't I care about her as a friend?" He took off his suit leisurely and walked upstairs.

"No need." Max said angrily and drew back the wire.

Howard gnashed her teeth. The girl was too rude.

He was still worried about Nina, who went home.

"Oh, my son, you finally come back. Tell me, who is the woman beside you tonight? To be honest, I don't like her at all. She is not as lovely and beautiful as Nina. You have to know that you have been married with Nina and you are married... "

Rubbing his eyebrows fretfully, Howard thought, as he had never been involved in any love affair, a woman had appeared beside him, which made the whole world uneasy.

"Mom, I don't like her, either. Don't worry. Nina is with me..." Howard pointed to the place where his heart beat.

"Ah, then why are you holding another girl's arm?" His mother asked worriedly as she accompanied him.

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