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   Chapter 62 having no feelings for her

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When Ethan saw Nina fall on the ground, he got very drunk and scared away. "Nina Nina, what happened? "

"You son of a bitch! This isn't over!" Not caring whether HOHO was pregnant or not, Max dashed to her with all her might.

The HOHO hit hard on the ground.

"Max, please don't..." Nina shouted.

Max pulled up her embarrassed Nina on the ground and said, "she has treated you like this. What do you care about her? Silly girl!"

"Max, she's pregnant. You are putting yourself in danger." Said Nina urgently, bending over to help HOHO get off Max.

"Oh my God Blood! She is bleeding! " Randal bit her finger and cried in horror.

She looked down and saw that there was blood on HOHO's leg.

"My child..." She cried painfully with a pale face.

At this time, Becky rushed over, "the baby My baby! "

He glared at Max, "Max, you compensate for my child!"

"Humph She asked for it! " Although being guilty, Max had to pretend to be indifferent.

"I'm gonna kill you!" Becky, who had been married for many years, naturally attached great importance to the baby in HOHO's belly. His eyes blazed with anger, and he grasped the collar of Max with a big hand.

Seeing that his fist was about to land on Max's head, Ethan rushed over and dragged her behind him. "Becky, don't get angry. She didn't mean to hurt you. Take your time and say it slowly. It's not a proper thing to beat someone and it would discredit you as the president of your company!"

"Becky, I can't do this anymore..." Drops of sweat fell from HOHO's forehead, and her face turned even paler.

"Stop arguing! Send her to the hospital now!" Shouted Nina anxiously. As time went on, she found that more and more blood was coming out from HOHO. She was afraid that she would die if no one came to rescue her.

It was until then that Becky woke up. He carried the HOHO and ran out.

"Max, we have made a mistake!" Grasped by Max's arm, she said in a trembling voice, "I know I shouldn't have come to her wedding. But why should I come? Max, waah..."

"It's not your fault. I bumped into her. If you have any problems, just ask her to come to me. Shit!" Said Max fearlessly.

"But that's a small life, Max!" Nina sadly shook her head and tears fell down.

Seeing Nina's sad face, Max dazed for a moment. Then she said sheepishly, "I was so worried just now that I forgot that HOHO is pregnant."

"Don't blame yourself. I'm here with you." Said Ethan as he patted on Max's shoulder.

"Ethan, I'm not afraid of taking any responsibility, but thinking of that innocent child, I was too reckless just now." Max said with a sigh.

"It's not your fault. It's this woman, HOHO, who wants to stir up trouble." Said Iris.

Nina sniffed, "no matter what, it's my fault. It's all my fault..." She staggered to the doo

ce turned red.

It was a set of master suite in a high-end hotel, where Randal was clearly dressed in her pajamas.

On the big bed, Rain was sleeping soundly, her eyes half closed. She remembered how young he was when he was a teenager.

The scene was even able to ignite the blood of all the men in the world.

Randal had been unhappy when she saw Rain leave with Nina. She didn't expect that Rain, who had disappeared for three years, would suddenly appear. With so many people present, he left with Nina.

He came to her wedding, and left without saying a word of blessing?

After all, she was the daughter of a rich and powerful family. Now that she had married Andrew, the rich master. Even if Rain did not love her, he should save her face?

She clenched her teeth with hatred, and suddenly heard a sigh, followed by the whispers of others.

"She is too shameless."

"Haha Poor Andrew! "

"There must be a good show to watch!"

Randal's mind went blank. When she saw what was on the screen, the goblet in her hand fell with a loud bang, and the dark red wine splashed on the ground.

When she was a freshman at that time. On a weekend, she tricked Rain into a hotel, and then used some overpowering drug in his drink. Later that was what was going on in the advertising screen.

Who did this secretly found out what she had almost forgotten? Who?

"Randal, I didn't expect you to be so bitchy! You bitch! " Gnashing his teeth in hatred, Andrew pushed Randal to the ground.

"No, I didn't. someone must have set me up on purpose." It was Randal. She crawled over and grabbed the trouser legs of Andrew. Raising her head, she pleaded with her eyes full of begging, "please don't abandon me, Andrew."

With a sneer, he raised his foot and kicked off her. "Nonsense! How can you frame me? Can't you see that you took the initiative? Bitch!"

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