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   Chapter 61 innocent child

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From time to time, Nina's eyes fell on the tall and thin man Howard, who stood like a crane standing among the crowd. She didn't dare to look at him deliberately, but he would inadvertently break into everyone's eyes.

He was born with pride.

"Hello, Nina. Howard is so delicious. I admire Sherry who is with him very much? That woman doesn't look pretty. But she is lucky enough to be chosen by Howard. " Lily said after she took a sip of wine.

"It's hard to say whether she is lucky or not. But why does she fall in love with an ugly man like Howard?" Said Nina with a smile.

"You silly girl. He is rich. Who is as proud as you?" Iris glanced at Nina and said, "if you agreed to marry Howard, we wouldn't have more jobs to worry about!"

"Me? No. I just don't like Howard's face and I don't hate money, either, am I right? " Nina felt that she was never a person with high self-esteem. If Howard was as handsome as a beggar husband, she would definitely marry him without hesitation.

Every rich lady wanted to lead a comfortable life. When she was willing to work, she also didn't want to work and walk the dog. She was not the so-called "love Jesus". She was just a common girl who had seven emotions and six desires in the crowd but paid too much attention to the appearance of men.

"Uh huh. I heard that your beggar husband is very handsome, isn't he?" Lily took a sip of red wine and asked, pulling the crayfish in her plate.

With her eyes wide open, Nina smiled, "yes, my husband is very handsome."

Thinking of her husband's handsome appearance, Nina was very proud.

"Now that he's a handsome guy, why don't you show him off at home? you'll show me when you have time." Said Iris.

"It's not that I don't want you to see him. he's not at home!" Nina said perplexedly.

Why did everyone think that she didn't bring her husband out because she disliked him as a beggar!

"Nina, this evening dress of yours is so noble and beautiful. You have no idea how shining you are tonight. You are just like the brightest star in the sky. This dress looks very valuable. I heard that beggar nowadays are very rich, right? " Lily's eyes were full of envy. She reached out and touched the shining pearls on Nina's dress, and said, "there are so many pearls on the dress, and are these shining diamonds?"

Lily asked in surprise.

"No, it's not like that..." Nina tugged at her dress. How could it be a real diamond? She said, "they are all fake. The dress is not expensive."

"How much? If it's not expensive, I'll buy the same one next time. I like it very much. " Hearing this, Lily's eyes were full of hope.


Nina took a deep breath. How could she know how much the dress cost? She didn't even notice that Howard was going to pay the bill at all.

"I... I I don't know. " Nina faltered.

"How could you not know? Your husband bought you a suit and d

HOHO to the ground, but she was afraid that something might happen to the kid who fell down to the ground. Thus, she held her head with her hands and shouted, "HOHO, you release your feet. If you don't move, I'm going to hit back. You're pregnant, and I'm not responsible for the accident. Get up..."

However, as a expectant mother who carry a baby, Nina dared not to hurt HOHO, so he became more arrogant and gave her a heavy stamp on the head. "You wretched beggar, if you hurt my baby, I promise that Becky won't let you go and he will kill you. hehe..."

Nina was confused. The world of vision was gradually blurred.

"Max..." Nina said painfully.

"Nana," Max had been entangled by Ethan to greet his business friends. Since she was far away from them, she had not seen the HOHO and Nina fighting with each other. When she heard her name, she suddenly turned around and found that Nina's head was trampled by HOHO.

Max threw the cup in her hand, shook off her shoes, and ran towards Nina.

She shouted while running, "you bitch, let Nana go!"

Max shouted out in a loud voice, like a bomb exploded in the hall. Everyone's eyes turned to her at the same time.

Naturally, they also saw the current situation of Nina and HOHO.

Howard turned around in a hurry. Just a few minutes later, he met an old acquaintance and talked about the business of a plutocrat. Suddenly he heard Nina's scream.

But when he saw Nina was trampled on the ground by HOHO, he was outraged and stepped out.

"Howard, come on!" Hearing that, Sherry poured the wine into a glass, and the red wine spilled all over the glass, spilling all over her body. "Howard, is this my clothes?"

Hearing her words, Howard stopped. He didn't care about how Sherry's clothes looked like, but he saw a lot of reporters were rushing to them.

He couldn't go there now.

Then he took out the tissue and wiped the wine stain for her gently.

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