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   Chapter 60 the drama at the party

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Howard sneered with self-mockery. He couldn't believe that he could be so cute when he saw his wife. He cleared his throat and gestured to the bodyguard. The bodyguard, took out a red envelope and handed it to Randal. "Thank you, Mr. Mr. Howard." With a seductive smile on her face, she glanced at Nina contemptuously.

"Ash, this is my red packet," said Nina in a hurry

"Hey, Nina, it's not easy for a beggar husband to make money. It's so rare for you to come here. Don't give me any red pocket!" She didn't receive the money.

Nina's face was hot. She stretched her hand and didn't know what to do. It was obviously improper to take it back, but Randal still refused.

Paying 1000 Yuan today was the biggest amount of money she had ever received with the cash gift, but she didn't expect that it was all mocked by Randal.

Howard casually took the red envelope from Nina and put it into her pocket. "Miss Nina, since miss she doesn't accept it, why don't you take it?"

"Stay away from me, Mr. Howard." Nina took out the red packet stubbornly again and didn't give a salute. How could she enter the banquet hall when she came? She just went back without doing anything?

"Her backpack is here. Oh, here is her gift." they two came up

Ethan wiped the sweat from his forehead. Since Max's foot was sprained, it was not easy to give him a massage. As soon as he came over, he saw Howard glare at him.

He blamed himself for not taking good care of Nina.

he had already booked the cash gift for the wedding. Who knew that there would be an emergency for Max? Nina didn't wait for them, and she came alone.

Before Randal could reach for the red envelope, Howard took it in her hand and said, "Miss Randal has said that they don't have to receive the red envelope for all the guests. Since she is so open-minded and generous, we should support her." Howard put away the red packet and deliberately raised his voice so that people who came one after another could hear what he said. "Everybody, do you think so?"

No one dared to say no.

"Yes, sir!"

However, Randal's face was as dark as ink.

But she didn't dare to offend him, so she had to force a smile.

"Mr. Andrew, you have taught her a lot. I'm so jealous of you to have such a good wife!" Howard said coolly.

"Yes, yes, Mr. Howard. This way, please!" After he finished speaking, Andrew gave a hard stare at Randal.

He wondered why his wife had to mock him and talk with Nina in front of Howard. Didn't she know that Howard had chased her?

"Honey, let's go inside." Lowering his head, Gillian kissed Sherry's forehead. In a minute, the flashlight had risen.

It was well known that except he had pleaded with Bonnie Liang for over two hundred times, he had never kissed any woman in such a high-profile way.

With a playful smile, he said, "honey, let's cooperate to meet the media."

With Sherry in his arms, Howard was dressed up.

His presence caused an uproar among the guests.

"Mr. Howard, what's your relationship with this beautiful lady?" A reporter asked eagerly.

Howard kissed Sherry's

fun with her. When I give birth to our baby, you must come to me, or the baby will not call you daddy. "

"Sure, sure..." Becky smiled and thought of Nina.

Nina and her classmates were making fun of each other and burst into laughter.

It was undeniable that school days were the best stage in one's life. Even if the past unhappiness became extremely valuable as time went by.

Far away, Howard was having dinner with someone absent-minded. He looked at Nina from time to time.

'she completely ignored me and talked to her classmates happily.'.

Sherry's vanity was unprecedented satisfied that she was able to be Howard's female companion tonight.

At this moment, she seemed to be not only a female companion, but also the future daughter-in-law of the Hua family.

In front of the television, Mrs. Andrea was watching the picture of Randal and Andrew getting married. She couldn't rest her eyes on the bride and groom anymore.

But when she saw Sherry's arm on Howard's arm, she got angry and muttered, "what's wrong with you? Why did you suddenly hold another woman's arm?"

She didn't care about this coquettish woman. She only wanted Nina.

She hadn't seen Nina since she came back from the countryside. She wanted to hear her calling her mom more.

She looked around on the TV and finally found Nina in a dim corner.

Nina chatted with several girls with a smile, although Nina was far away from them.

"My Lord, look! That's Nina, our daughter-in-law." She said excitedly to Carlos.

He cast a cold glance at her. He had to admit that he liked daughters in law as well. This girl was quiet and elegant, wearing a warm smile on her face.

"Do you also like her?" Asked Andrea, staring at her husband's face.

He cleared his throat and continued, "it doesn't matter whether I like her or not. You should think about how to make dad like her."

Upon hearing Bonny, Andrea frowned. She also knew that Carlos were not involved in the matter between Howard and Nina. Thinking of Allen's unkind dignity, she couldn't help but sigh.

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