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   Chapter 59 how does she feel

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When Max was finally full, Nina grabbed her bag and said, "Okay, let's go."

They stood up, but Ethan was still bending over the table.

"he seems drunk." Said Nina.

"Forget about him. Let's leave him alone here." Max shook her head, showing no concern.

"Since you have said that, there is nothing to worry about. Let's go." Nina grabbed her bag and walked towards the door.

"You bad girl." Max gritted her teeth and still stood beside Ethan.

Nina turned back and said impatiently, "Okay, Miss Max, don't be so arrogant. Just hold Max. He at least took you home from the bar."

It would be fine if Nina didn't mention this. When she said this, Max flew into a rage. She gave a hard kick at Ethan and said, "Hey, are you leaving or not? We are leaving!"

Opening his beautiful eyes, Ethan stood up with a smile, "of course I'll go." Then he leaned his body to the side of Max.

"Oh my God! They are digging their own grave!" Max had to support him.

With a smile on her face, Nina shrugged her shoulders and opened the door for them.

Looking at their backs, Nina remembered a sentence, 'some couples are complementary to each other for a long time, while some couples are completely the same, which are gradually rooted in each other's life.'.

What about her and the beggar husband? They were complementary to each other. They loved each other and tried to get close to each other.

With tears in her eyes, Nina took out her phone and called the beggar again.

But there was still no reply.

Nina sighed with disappointment. What did the beggar husband do!

Then Max drove them home. On the way back, she kept scolding Ethan for being such a jerk.

Nina felt that her ears were grinding with pain.

But Max was not bored.

"Where is Max? It doesn't matter whether you scold him or not. he is drunk and he can't hear you." "Max, you're back.".

"I feel it unfair. This bastard had ruined my reputation. Now I want to get back with him."

"How about we pull over and throw him into the ditch?" Said Nina, stretching out her hand to unfasten the safety belt of Ethan.

Hearing this, Max finally stopped insulting Ethan.

He winked at her.

Nina rolled her eyes at him. She knew he was pretending to be drunk. He didn't drink much. How could he be drunk like this. It was just an excuse for him to get close to Max. Of course, Nina didn't mind being a good person.

Exhausted, Nina leaned against the seat and said, "Max, I'm afraid. I'm afraid that the beggar might leave me. His phone was turned off and something happened to him. I'm really very worried!"

"I know he is a liar. If he doesn't come back in a few days, I will call the police and let them catch him." "That's none of your business.".

"Don't do that! Maybe something happened to the beggar!" Ethan suddenly sat up and said.

"Didn't you get drunk? Why did you talk like that?" "Okay.".

"I'm drunk. I said in my sleep." But Max was also frightened by what Ethan said. With these words, he


She still remembered how shameful it was, and how could she not hate it when Nina took the cloth from her this morning.

Hearing HOHO's words, all the other people nodded in agreement. "This explanation seems to be very reasonable."

Randal pointed at the inward part and said, "Nina, our classmate area is at the innermost. You can go in and look for them. It's a pity that your beggar husband didn't come here today. He will show him to our classmate someday."

"You have met him before. How many more times do you want to see him?" Nina said in a low voice, putting a restraint on her anger.

Randal smiled, "yes, I do. To be honest, your beggar husband is very handsome, but no matter how good he is, he can't be lived as a living, nor can he be used as a money..."

At this time, a Black Lotus car arrived gracefully. The bodyguard opened the door, and Howard stepped out of it. The overbearing manner made the noisy crowd silent for a few seconds.

Later, Howard opened the door and held the arm sent by Sherry, like a real gentleman.

The dazed Andrew finally came back to his senses. He hurriedly trotted towards Mr. Howard, holding Randal's hand. They greeted each other with an extremely humble smile. "Welcome, Mr. Howard. Your arrival makes my wedding greatly honored. Please come in!"

Howard smiled and looked at Nina.

His heart skipped a beat.

Nina wore a lilac Lily evening dress in a girlish bun. With a light make-up, she looked uneasy on her fine face. She bit her rosy lips, just like an ancient woman walking out of the painting.

It couldn't be wrong to be euphemistic. She was so beautiful, so beautiful

Staring at the scene, Howard was dumbfounded.

"Howard, what are you looking at?" Sherry held Howard's arm with displeasure.

She felt a pang of jealousy when she realized that Howard's eyes were on Nina.

Sherry got even more jealous when she saw how graceful and elegant Nina was.

"Let's go, Howard." Sherry said loudly, showing off something.

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