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   Chapter 58 got married

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Sherry was embarrassed. She didn't want to annoy Howard, so she smiled like a lady, "yes, you're right. The shoes are blind. Here you are."

Then she threw the shoe to the side of Max.

"Here you are, Miss. Nina. Please take two pairs of the best shoes for me. I remember that you should wear those 37 size shoes, right?" He lowered his head and looked at Nina's red canvas sneakers. He didn't want to see a woman wearing a pair of sneakers with an evening dress.

"No, thanks. My husband bought me a lot of shoes. I'll go home and change a pair." Nina waved her hand.

"Miss Nina, you're welcome. There are only two pairs of shoes. Someone has paid the bill for us today," Ethan said with a smile.

"It doesn't sound like your treat." Said Max.

Ethan nodded his head and said, "Mr. Howard is here today. How can I have the chance to treat you? Am I right, Mr. Howard?"

"I don't want the dress and the shoes." Nina stammered. She had refused him for more than two hundred times. How could she let Mr. Howard spend money.

"Silly girl, you have not seen that. Only when you spend his money will he be happy. These people have nowhere to spend their money." Max whispered in Nina's ear.

At this time, the saleslady brought them two pairs of shoes. Max and Nina each had a pair.

Sherry's face was gloomy and unhappy.

"Let's see if it fits." Seeing Nina standing in embarrassment, he said.

"Thanks, Mr. Howard." She sat down on the sofa and took off her shoes embarrassedly.

She was not used to wearing such high-heeled shoes after all. She almost fell to the ground when she stood up.

Unconsciously, Howard held her and Nina said "thank you" to Howard with embarrassment She sat down quickly and changed her shoes.

She exhaled deeply.

He turned around and said to the saleslady, "put today's expense on my account."

"Okay, Mr. Howard. Take care." The saleslady answered respectfully.

Sherry unwillingly called him, "Howard..."

'what did he mean? He forgot her when he bought shoes for that woman. she's his female companion now, doesn't she?'?

Touching his chin, he continued in an unpleasant tone, "when you came to pick up your dress this afternoon, you bought yourself a pair of shoes. Here is the card."

As he finished his words, he put a bank card into Sherry's hand.

Feeling elated, Sherry put the card into her bag and kissed on Howard's face.

Max turned his head and muttered, "spoiled girl."

She just couldn't figure out why Sherry's family was so wealthy, and Sherry was richer than her!

It turned out that money was a good thing!

"What did you say?" Even though she spoke in a low voice, Sherry still heard it.

"Ethan, take those two women. Let's go." With that, he took Sherry's arm and pulled her there. Sherry staggered and followed him.

Ethan shrugged his shoulders and said, "ladies, have you seen Mr. H

ng of what he pretended to be, Howard became a little fretful. He lit a cigarette and walked back to the single room.

"Boss, what do you mean? Don't forget that you are a married man. Are you serious with that Sherry? "

As soon as he sat down, Ethan whispered in his ear.

"You think it is true, then it is." With a sullen face, Howard wiped his hands with a wet towel gracefully.

Being choked by her words, Ethan put down his cup with anger and raised his voice, "boss, Nina is very simple. You should behave yourself and don't go too far. If she knows about it, I don't know what she will do."

Wheezing with her head down, Max raised her head and asked, "Ethan, what did you say?"

"In fact, Howard and the beggar are just..." As he was drinking a little wine, he spoke without thinking and was about to say, "in fact, the same as the beggar, Mr. Howard, when Howard saw them, Howard picked up a small bean bag and stuffed it into Ethan's mouth.".

"What do you mean?" Max asked in confusion.

"He meant to say that Howard and Ethan were in love with each other." Howard interrupted, "Max, since Ethan is drunk, I'll hand him to you. Remember, his drunk words are the most untrustworthy words in the world."

Ethan couldn't believe what he just heard.

At this time, Nina and Sherry walked in together.

Howard stood up lazily and put his hand on Sherry's shoulder, "sweetheart, let's go."

Sherry went blank for a while and then happily said to Nina, "we'll go now."

Nina felt like she had lost something. She forced a smile and said, "goodbye."

When Howard brushed against Nina, he still captured the loss in her eyes.

'very well, my baby. Hee, I assume that Nina has accepted the way he addressed her. Now he suddenly calls her sherry. She is still jealous, isn't she?'?

Howard narrowed his eyes and a faint smile flashed across his face.

After Howard and Sherry left, Nina ate nothing.

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