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   Chapter 57 conflict

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Nina chuckled and lowered her head, trying to leave silently.

However, her arm was grabbed by a strong hand. "Miss, I have wrapped all the fabric in the counter."

Nina looked up and saw Howard standing in front of her.

Nina couldn't help but take a step back, "Mr. Howard?"

"It's me, Miss. Nina. I left yesterday without saying goodbye. Do you take it as a complete stranger since we meet today?" There was a touch of sarcasm in his voice.

"No, l I left yesterday because I didn't have time to tell you because of an emergency. " Nina's heart beat fast. She knew it was not good to say goodbye without a word. No matter what, it was Mr. Howard who took her out of the mountain, wasn't it?

"Becky, I like this color!" HOHO said in a coquettish voice.

"Mr. Mr. Howard, there are so many clothes on the counter, and I just want the size. Could you please help me to sell these to me?" With a smile, Becky made an obeisance to him.

At this time, Max, Sherry and Ethan came over together.

"HOHO, my friend didn't have a membership card, and she came in. Are you disappointed?" Max stretched out her hand and grabbed the cloth from the HOHO's hand, saying, "you said I'm a poor woman. I'm sure this poor woman wants to compete with you." While speaking, she stuffed the cloth in her hand into Nina's arms.

HOHO clenched her teeth out of hatred. Facing the powerful momentum of Howard and Ethan, she said to Becky sadly, "Becky, I really like that kind of color."

With a slight smile, Mr. Howard said, "it's not that I don't want to lose face for Mr. Becky. I'm also interested in this color. Please make another choice."

"Becky ..." Said HOHO stubbornly, while shaking Becky's arm.

"Never mind. It's just a piece of cloth. You can make it." Nina didn't want to see so many people hesitate about a piece of cloth. At the worst, she wanted to change a piece of cloth.

Before she turned to change the counter.

"That's very sensible of you, Nana!" HOHO said, full of satisfaction on her face.

"Mr. Becky, are you sure you want to use this color today?" There was ice in Howard's eyes. He spoke neither loud nor cold, but his eyes were as cold as ice.

Becky winced and smiled awkwardly. "Mr. Mr. Howard, there are so many clothes. I don't know much about them. It's all women's fault. Mr. Mr. Howard, I'm leaving. Please take your time."

Becky understood that the gap between his family's company and Hua group was too big. One had to bow his head even under the roof.

"Becky, I like it." She didn't want to lose to them.

"Woman, are you blind?" Then he grabbed the cloth from the HOHO's hand and handed it to Howard.

"Mr. Howard, I'm leaving now." The men then dragged the disheveled HOHO out of the bar.

"Don't pretend to be pitiful in front of a man."

"Howard, it's very nice of you. How do you know that I like this kind of

nion is very generous. How can I have any problems? Really, Sherry? "

He just thought of Bonny and looked around. Luckily, he didn't find any paparazzi.

Sherry's face lively immediately, swept away the jealousy just now, and said, "look, Howard, if I'm not wrong, this woman is the woman you have proposed before."

Said Sherry in a condescending tone, as if Nina had turned down his proposal, but his own.

Uh huh. Shrugging her shoulders, she said, "bye."

Somehow, she felt a little uncomfortable when she saw the couple.

"Miss Nina, don't go. Since we've met each other, why not have a get-together?" As Howard waved at Ethan and said, he walked over with his hands in his pockets. Just now, he had selected a piece of good blue silk clothes for Max, which matched his temperament very much. Max had never been interested in evening dresses before. After hearing what Ethan said, she said impatiently, "since you like it, this piece of cloth is enough."

It was rare that Max didn't become angry with him, so Ethan could only be in a good mood.

Max happily followed him.

"Don't you know how to please Max? Why don't you lift her up?" Howard made fun of him.

Ethan shook his head and said, "No."

Max said sullenly, "I'm just a nobody. How can I bother Ethan to hold me?"

Ethan squinted his charming eyes and said, "Max, it sounds like you are blaming me for not hugging you. Come on, let's hug."

"Ethan, you bastard! Are you picking on me?" So she took off another shoe and threw at him.

But it was too coincident. After Ethan lowered his head to avoid the shoe, the shoe made a beautiful arc in the air and hit Sherry's face.

"Max, you are a bitch!" Sherry covered her face and cursed.

"I'm sorry, Sherry," said Max lazily

"An apology means nothing? I'll give you one of the shoes. " Sherry took up her shoes and called Max.

"It's not over, okay?" Howard uttered coldly.

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