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   Chapter 56 ask knowingly

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At this time, Ethan had already walked into the hall. When the woman looked back, of course, she didn't see him.

"Then I'm sorry. According to our rules, only those who have no membership card are qualified to enter. Please leave." The woman said arrogantly. Then she turned around and left.

"Fuck! If I don't work it out, I won't come to this damned place!" Max spat on the ground and drew Nina away.

"Oh, what's wrong? Oh, I see. You two are blocked outside the door, aren't you?" HOHO was quite introverted these days, and she had always pretended to be kind in front of en Nina. Now she was even swollen with arrogance. When Max saw the man holding her hand, she knew something.

She snorted with disdain and said, "I thought you were a mistress. Yes, we were stopped outside the door. I tell you the reason. The lady said that they run a store for a mistress and we don't look like a mistress, so we are not allowed to enter this shop. "

The face of HOHO was burning hot and ashamed. She said, "no, you're wrong. There are so many people here. All the people are from the rich and powerful families. Unlike what you said about those women, they are all mistresses. It's possible for us to work together. I'll just ask Becky to say hello to that woman. What do you think of it?"

"Bah! What kind of treasure do you think Becky is? Damn! he is just a piece of garbage. Who do you think you are? A mistress!" Max looked up and shouted arrogantly.

"Damn it! What are you doing?" Becky was irritated by what Max said. After all, he was the president of a company and was scolded by Max. Of course he was not happy, so he pinched Max's chin.

Max's face immediately turned pale. Obviously, Becky had tried him best to persuade her.

"Mr. HOHO, let go of Becky." Said Nina anxiously.

With HOHO's lips curled, he said, "she is such a bitch. she deserves it."

"Mr. HOHO, we'll see Wow... "

Becky pinched her chin harder, making Max feel like her chin was going to fall.

Nina was so anxious that she kicked Becky's knee and said, "let go of her. You such an evil sirloin!"

The next moment, Nina was dragged aside by HOHO, without moving an inch.

"Nina, you're such a lovely girl. Don't you think so? Maybe it's because of Max? Well, let me show you in." "Just for the sake of Mr. Brian, what do you think?"

"Oh, you remember kneeling to me, right? Huh If you want to keep kneeling in front of me, then let Becky get rid of Max! " Said Nina.

These words undoubtedly made HOHO take off her clothes in front of the crowd. She was so angry that her face turned red. She yelled, "you, Nina, I put up with you that day. Don't be so ungrateful. Let go of Max. I don't want to argue with poor people like them. "

HOHO didn't want her embarrassment to be known by Becky, so she said to Becky with a smile.

Becky loosened her grip on Max's chin and said, "you are right. You won't be able to get into fashion if you are really rich and powerful. Let's go, Mr. HOHO."

HOHO took a look at them with conte

, who blushed and lowered her head.

"Wow, Mr. Howard, you've really changed your heart so fast. More than two hundred times of proposal don't look like a honeyed man at all. I took you for the first time in the world to be an anthomaniac. It turns out that you've misunderstood me. Pitiable!" "Don't you think so?".

Nina grabbed her clothes subconsciously.

It was she who refused the marriage. Max knew it and didn't want to make fun of Howard.

As expected, Howard smiled coldly. "Miss Nina would rather marry a beggar than me. Am I going to hang on a tree?" Then he kissed Sherry in front of everyone.

But when he looked at sherry, she was even happier, "how nice of you to do so." With these words, she went into the arms of Howard.

"I'll go there to have a look," Nina said to Max in a low voice and walked away from Howard with her head down.

Hearing what Nina said, Howard moved his finger. There was a moment when he wanted to grab Nina's arm. Then he raised her face to see what expression she had on her face.

Jealous or sad?

When he thought of Bonny, he controlled himself.

Nina stood in front of a piece of Lily colored cloth and gently stroked it.

"Hi, Nina. I didn't expect that you would come in. But the fabric is very expensive. You'd better have a look at the other cheap ones. Miss, I like this cloth. Please make an evening dress for me." Said HOHO, picking up the cloth.

Nina felt a little regretful. She liked the color.

But what HOHO said was right. The price of the clothes here was too high. It was paid by Ethan, but Nina didn't want to let him pay too much.

"Oh, madam, your taste is so good. This fabric is sold very fast, and there's only a little left." The saleslady took the measuring tape and said, "we can only make one evening dress."

"Well, then let me have a try. I want this dress now." With an arrogant smile, HOHO said, "I'm sorry, Nana. I know you like this cloth, too. Let's wait and see. How about I ask my Becky to make you a dress? "

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