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   Chapter 55 having a heart and a soul

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Touching his chin with a hand fretfully, he answered, "I'm very busy, so I don't have time to accompany you. You don't have to come now, okay?"

"Tell me the time." Bonny was determined to come to China.

"How about the case after it is closed?"

"Okay, no backing out!"

Howard chuckled, "that's it!"

After finishing all his work, Howard stood up and poured some red wine. He sat down again and took a sip. But he tasted really good as clear water.

Since he was not in the mood to drink, it was not delicious.

He opened the drawer of the computer desk, inside was a mobile phone and a mobile card, which were the spare mobile phone of the beggar.


It was estimated that Nina must have called the beggar many times. he might as well take this opportunity to make the beggar completely disappear.

However, he wondered what Nina would do!

"Damn it!" Howard shouted angrily.

He tried to pull his mask with his slightly gnarled finger, but his face was still unmoved and hurt.

Reluctantly, Howard closed the drawer in front of him and took out his phone to call Ethan.

"Oh, I see Boss, didn't you just regain your energy? " As long as he pressed the answer key, Ethan shouted loudly. In his memory, it was the first time that Howard hadn't called him over twenty four hours.

Of course, yesterday, Howard called him, but he didn't hear it because Max had drawn a lot of attention from him.

After the headset left, he called back. But it didn't work.

At that time, Howard was carrying Nina and running in a wild place, followed by three Tibetan mastiffs. He didn't have time to answer the phone at all!

He was a human being, but no one could give him a kick.

Then the phone fell into the water again. And the day and night passed in this way.

"Hey, buddy. You sound so energetic. Are you chasing after a girl?"

"Haha, I haven't found the target to take over the position of Max. l can play with her for a while. But it's not easy to please her. I'll give Brian 100 million dollars to sign a contract."

"Haha We are brothers. If you don't take advantage of him, who else are you going to take advantage of? " Howard answered, absent-minded.

"You are right. Boss, are you calling to comfort me? What's up?" As a matter of fact, Howard came to the hall of the third treasure hall for no reason. Ethan knows him well.

"I want the best dress tomorrow. As for what's Nina's size, you can consult with Max."

"What am I doing? Howard, are you going to join this dinner party with Nina? " Ethan was a little confused.

"No, tomorrow is the wedding of Andrew and Randal. I can't go back to my identity as a beggar. Naturally, I can't attend the wedding with Nina." Thinking of the arrogance of Randal in front of Nina, Howard was still unhappy. He had thought that this day, he held her as a beggar and swaggered in, and then amazed the four.

But now it turned out to be a nice dream.

"Oh, I also want to attend the party tomorrow, but I haven't found a date yet. Would y

ve neither you nor Max, right?" He raised his eyebrows with a mischievous smile.

"Come on, Nana. There's no way we can bully someone named Ethan." Max then got into the car first.

Then Nina had to sit in the car with them.

The car soon arrived at the international designer dress store, Nina and Max were familiar with L brand, and the people who came here were either rich or powerful.

Getting out of the car, they both looked at the red door plaque and didn't dare to come in.

"What is he doing here?" Nina looked at Max with a smile. She leaned on Max's shoulder and said mysteriously, "Max, is Ethan going to order a wedding dress for you?"

"Bad girl, what are you thinking about all day long?" Max widened her eyes and pointed at Nina's forehead.

"Ouch!" Nina rolled her eyes, "if he was not, then he was not. Why did he bully you like this?"

"Why don't you two go in?" He parked the car and came over.

"Ethan, why did you take us here?" "Max, what do you think?".

"We are already here. You two can decide whether to get in or not by yourselves." Then, he walked into the shop without looking back.

"Damn it. He is just a playboy. Don't pretend to be so proud." Max said angrily.

Ethan smiled. I'm not a young master? That means he could stand tall, depending on his identity, foreign trade and status.

"Let's go, Max. Let's see what kind of power this guy wants."

However, when they were about to enter the gate, a woman in cheongsam stopped them. "Do you have a membership card?"

Are you kidding me? We need to carry a membership card?

Well, Nina shook her head obediently. She couldn't even think about it before she came here. How could it be possible for her to go through the membership card? Besides, she couldn't go through the formality even if she wanted to. She heard that one million dollars was paid once in a while!

It was a large number for both of them.

"Oh, we are following the man ahead." Max looked at the woman's disdainful eyes and said casually.

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