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   Chapter 53 a sweet smile

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Nina knew it was useless to defend herself, so she just kept silent.

She blinked her big eyes at granny and said, "that man is very rich. granny, keep the watch."

"No matter how rich he is, he is also your husband. We shouldn't be greedy for his money..." old man took the watch and walked towards Howard.

Nina ran to him, grabbed his arm and ran away. "Mr. uncle, please don't go after Howard. We should go now."

uncle was quick tongued, so he couldn't catch up with her. He said anxiously, "these two kids..."

They got on the car soon. Howard started the car in a hurry. Nina waved goodbye to them

"Come again when you pass by here. Treat each other well. You will be happy." granny urged.

With tears in her eyes, Nina sat in the seat and answered, "Mr. Howard, you see, granny and uncle are really in love."

"Yes, sir!" Howard nodded.

"Mr. Howard, I feel bad about your watch. It's very expensive, isn't it?" Noticing that his answer was simple, Nina asked.

"Not at all. Two million." Said Mr. Howard dryly.

Nina stuck her tongue out and said, "two million?"


"No, it's not that expensive. If you don't want it, you can go home and take some money to redeem it. they are good people, so they will give it to you." Nina didn't expect it to be so expensive. If she had known it, she wouldn't have kept the watch!

"There is nothing that you don't want to leave. Actually..." With these words, he took out the eternal friendship given by the old man from his pocket, and said, "this watch is more valuable than my watch."

"No, no, no, no! Don't take her words too seriously. She and uncle don't know our real relationship. That's nonsense!" Said Nina with worry.

"What if I take it seriously?" Howard cautiously put away the eternal friendship.

Nina huddled up in his chair and squinted, "it's going to rain and my mother is going to get married. We have no choice."

Howard snorted in anger.

After Nina just slept for a little while, she felt that the car had stopped.

"Are you home now?" Nina sat up and rubbed her eyes.

"Not yet, honey. We can't go home with the clothes like that." With that, he got off the car.

"I can go home with the nightgown. I'm sleepy. Can you drive me home, Mr. Howard?" Nina grabbed the back of the leather chair and didn't want to get off.

With that, he reached out his hand and gently pulled Nina down. Then, she was dragged out of the car.

"Howard, you are so overbearing!" Nina screamed.

At the same time, Becky and HOHO were standing on the same couch, arm in arm. When he saw them standing together, he snorted with contempt.

She calmly took out her phone and took several pictures of them.

Since they were not properly dressed, if it was posted online, it would be hard for them to explain it.

However, neither of them took it seriously. With Howard's hand holding Nina's, they headed for the Hua Trade House in the center of the city.

This was the most bustling city in the city, and the H trade building was the most high-end shopping mall.

Undoubtedly, the so-called "customer" behind Hua trade was the CEO of Hua financial tycoon.

"Mr. Howard, the clothes here are expensive. Let's stay here." Nina felt heartbroken when she

lained Nina.

Sad and vexed, Max lit a cigarette. Yesterday, not long after she had gone to work, Brian had taken her to his office and told her that he was going to meet a client. She worked in the financial department, so it was normal for her to accompany the president to meet a client. But when she got there, she found out that the client was actually Ethan.

If it weren't for boss, Max would have yelled at him.

But he just pretended not to know her.

"Mr. Brian, I'll hand over my business to this beautiful woman from now on. She looks smart and capable," said Ethan calmly to Brian

"Mr. Ethan, you have good taste. Max is the most capable employee in our company. She has met you." Brian tipped the manager Max a wink.

Trying to suppress her anger, Max said, "Mr. Ethan, I'm sorry. I'm not in the sales department. I'm in the finance department."

"It doesn't matter. You can do both business and I will transfer your commission to your salary." Brian wasn't stupid. He knew that his old classmate had already taken a fancy to this woman, which was what he wanted. If Ethan cooperated with the long group, the long group would be able to lead a comfortable life with the Mei Group. Everyone in the business circle of the Mei Group and the Hua group knew the relationship between the Hua group and the Hua group. Many people wanted to establish a relationship with the two families, and now the Long group took the initiative to attack him, How could Brian wake up in the middle of the night. "Okay, okay. From today on, you will be promoted by 12% and you will get your salary this month!"

Max gritted her teeth out of anger, but she couldn't lose her temper in front of her president.

Brian clapped the document into the hands of Max, "Max, have a talk with Mr. Ethan about the cooperation contract. I have something else to do. I'm leaving now."

"Hello, Mr. Brian!" Max wanted to refuse.

"If you still want to stay in our company, you should work hard!" Brian said coldly, cutting off the idea of refusing.

Just then, Nina's phone rang. But the line was busy, so she didn't answer it. She replied, "please do not bother. I'm outside.".

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