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   Chapter 52 having a collusion

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Nina meditated for a moment and said: "I felt inferior when I was forced to marry you, but later on, the beggar was good to me, and he was so handsome, I felt happy."

"What a lovely woman." Howard sneered.

"A lovely woman is fine, isn't she?"

Touching his chin, Howard said, "well, it's good, or how can I like it?"

"You come again. I have ignored you." Nina leaned on the seat and squinted her eyes, wanting to sleep.

Noticing that Nina was tired, he didn't say anything. After all, her physical strength was not as good as his. In addition, she didn't have a good rest last night, so she didn't catch a cold. It was very good.

The car soon drove away from the Rain family. Howard felt hungry.

As for Nina, she was hungry last night.

There was a home-made wooden van parked not far away. Howard stepped on the brakes and stopped the car.

Nina was having a dream in which the beggar husband was cooking delicious food for her

"Honey..." Called Howard.

"Honey..." Nina, click her lips.

He wondered what food she dreamed of.

Howard pinched Nina's nose.

"What are you doing?" Nina hesitated and opened her eyes reluctantly, "Mr. Howard?"

Howard nodded with a snicker.

Nina sat up immediately, "are you home?"

"No, I'm not. I'm a little hungry. Let's get off the car." With these words, he opened the door and directly walked towards the restaurant.

Nina murmured impatiently, "what kind of friend are you? Why don't you help me come down?"

It was not because Nina was sentimental. It was just that the terrain here was bumpy, and there were muddy small ripples everywhere.

Turning around, he asked, "you want me to hold you?"

She might as well jump! Nina smiled, waving her hands, "no, I was just kidding."

Nina jumped over a ditch just like a chess game, and finally arrived at the small plaque hall.

Meanwhile, Howard washed his hands and sat by the table.

In the humble and simple restaurant, They felt home.

After washing her hands, Nina sat down opposite to Howard. Then an old woman in her fifties came over and asked, "what would you like to eat?, sweet couple."

"Lady, we are not..." Nina explained.

"Come here, two bowls of home-made noddles. Don't put any pepper in them." Howard answered.

He tried to hold his breath. What he said just now was to admit that he was her boyfriend.

Nina stared at Howard and huffed.

The granny smiled and said to Nina, "girl, your boyfriend is a good man at first glance, and he is obviously a man who makes great achievements. Listen to me, marry him, and you will be happy in the future."

"Granny, I..."

"Thank you, Granny. My girlfriend is younger than me. She sometimes gets angry but I like her very much." Said Howard indifferently.

"Mother in law, don't you think this man is too ugly?" Nina squeezed a word from the gap between the two people's conversation.

"Girl!" The granny stopped, she said to Nina, "who thinks men are ugly for a woman


Two old people walked into the kitchen hand in hand.

Howard froze for a moment. His heart softened. granny and uncle had been together for generations, which was the power given by the great love.

"Honey, I want to be with you forever!" He emphasized.

"Eat!" Nina glared at him, took up the chopsticks, knocked on the bowl of Howard, and said, "you cannot keep your mouth shut. Who wants to be on the same boat with you? I want to unite with my beggar husband forever! "

Touching his chin, Mr. Howard thought it was not a bad idea!

When they finished their meal, they found a problem.

Neither of them had any money with them.

Nina scratched her hair and said, "Mr. Howard, you're a big shot. Why don't you take the money with you?"

He had a bank card and money, but he lost all of them, okay?

"Well, my baby, only the big shot will not take the money, understand?" Howard took off his watch.

"Are you going to give this to granny?" Nina clicked her tongue.

"So you don't agree?"

"Agree." After all, she had no connection with Howard, and he was so rich. If he gave such an expensive watch to the restaurant, it could also help them in their life.

How affectionate granny and uncle were!

Nina envied them!

"Here you are, granny," Nina took his luxury watch to granny and said, "we're full and we have to go back, but we don't have money with us, so you keep the watch. granny, it's not easy for you to sell it! "

Nina was afraid that granny wouldn't know the value of the watch, so she sold it for free.

"Silly girl. There are just two bowls of noodles. Even though they are not rich, the customers often forget to bring the money. When you have the money to eat again, you can just give it to me. I can't keep this watch. Take it. " granny sincerely refused her.

"Take your watch and go back to live a happy life with your boyfriend when everyone forgot to bring money. I and my husband bless you here!" the old man said briskly.

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