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   Chapter 51 don't change in 100 years

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Soon, Howard lit the bonfire again.

Nina put her chin on her knees, lost in thought.

"What are you thinking about?" He was burning with fire, and put Nina's coat on the ground beside the bonfire.

"I miss my husband." She stated slowly.

"If your beggar husband doesn't come back, what will you do?" Howard said tentatively. He was not sure if his mask could be taken off. In the past, he had always taken it off in case of breaking it when he was in the water. But now, after staying in the water for so long, the thing did not move at all.

Nina picked up a pile of charcoal and sent it to him, "Mr. Howard, don't dream about it. My husband will be back. He went to visit Grandpa. Do you know that?"

"Oh, your beggar husband and grandfather." He said, pretending to be surprised.

"Of course it is. Do you think you are the only one who has it?"

Howard smiled and picked more bonfire. "Sweetie, your clothes should be dried. Take them off and grill them for me."

"No, I won't," Nina replied briefly.

"I promise I won't look at you, okay?" Howard covered his eyes.

"Your eyes are on your face. How can I guarantee that you won't look?" Howard was baking clothes. "Do you want me to cover your eyes with your clothes?"

"I totally agree with you on that!" He answered.

Nina took his shirt and covered his eyes with her sleeves. "We have agreed not to take it down. It's a puppy dog."

"I won't put it down."

Still worried, Nina stretched out her finger and said, "pinkie swear."

Howard stretched out his finger and said, "pinkie."

Then she hooked his finger and said, "don't change after a hundred years."

Hearing what she said, Howard smiled happily. He didn't realize that Nina could be so childish before, but he didn't want to disappoint her. He said seriously, "if you can be hung by a hundred years, you must keep the same."

"Okay, I'll tie the tie for you. Turn around." Nina turned Howard's head around, took her clothes and walked to the wall to change.

Nina looked up at him from time to time. He was fine. Someone was sitting with his back to her.

However, Nina didn't know that her exquisite curve had been thrown to the wall by the light of the bonfire, right in front of Howard.

The beautiful scenery on her chest was irresistible to any man.

Howard enjoyed the View thousands of times, and at this moment, it should be the most wonderful moment in his memory.

But he had no time to think of it. His body was well grilled.

Not daring to look again, he gently closed his sleeve and said in a hoarse voice, "honey, are you done?"

Nina put on her clothes in a hurry and ran to roll down the sleeve for him. She looked at his eyes strangely and said, "Mr. Howard, your eyes are so red. Are you still awake last night? No, at that moment, your eyes are still the same. Raise your head and I'll see what's going on."

When Howard covered his ey

Nina didn't say anything.

"If you don't tell me, I will let go of you." There was a snicker in his eyes.

"I just care about you, all right?" Nina hoped to climb up quickly. Hanging in the air didn't feel good at all!

Howard chuckled. He sped up and finally climbed up the chain with Nina on his back.

At this time, the sun was about to rise.

Howard put Nina down, and felt a sting in his hand.

"Howard, your hand is bleeding." Nina exclaimed.

But the price of the high chains was not high at all. There must be a lot of blood.

"It's okay. Let's get out of here before it's getting bright. Rain, he might come back later."

Nina tore her clothes and said, "don't worry. I'll bind up your hand."

Thanks to him, Mr. Howard is being punished, isn't he?

Without saying anything, Howard looked at Nina with a satisfied smile.

As soon as they left the cliff, they heard Rain's shout from the cliff. "Nina, where are you..."

"Rain is looking for me again. Let's go, Mr. Howard." Urged Nina when she saw Nina land on the ground.

"Are you afraid of him?"

"I'm more afraid of this place."

Not long after he left the cliff, he saw a huge spruce. Then he passed by the spruce and found his car.

It was not until both of them got in the car that Nina leaned back into the seat wearily and said, "thank you, Mr. Howard."

Without saying anything, he backed the car and went down the mountain.

There were few people on the street now. Nina felt like she had come back to the human world from hell.

"Honey, what will happen if we show up in front of people like this?" He glanced at his coat and then glanced at Nina's.

"What can they do? At the worst, they will treat us as beggars like my husband. " Nina lazily said.

"Well, Nina, I'm wondering if you feel inferior when you marry a beggar." Hearing what he said, Howard squinted his long and narrow eyes, staring at Nina with a playful smile.

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