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   Chapter 50 the green light (Part Two)

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With these words, Nina came closer to Howard and said, "people can't eat anything."

Staring at Nina for a second, Howard smiled, "take off your clothes if you feel cold."

"Mr. Howard, I'm so scared that I'm sitting next to you. Please don't have any other thoughts. I have a husband," Nina murmured.

"Silly girl, even if you have a husband and keep your integrity for him, you can't wear such clothes to freeze to death here tonight. Do you understand?" Howard became a little angry and took Nina into his arms.

"Okay, okay..."

Feeling hopeless, he had to stop. "Find some dead branches."

"That's great. In TV dramas, men and women could get warm by branches when they fell into the cave." Nina looked around and said.

With his eyes narrowed, Howard asked, "you mean, I'm your man? There are a lot of stories about men and women. someone said that when the bonfire was lit up, they hugged and fell down... "

Nina's face turned red and said, "Mr. Howard, I just draw an analogy. Don't you understand?"

Howard shrugged and said, "fine. Even if you don't treat me as a man, I will still regard you as a woman. Come on, let's see if we can get a chance to cross the bridge on TV."

"This is a cave. There should be some treasures!"

"I'll find the flint, and you'll find the branches."

Since the fire stones had to go deep into the cave to look for Marvin, there were many tree branches at the entrance to the cave.

When Howard walked toward the dark area where nobody could see his hands, Nina was a little worried about him.

She called out unconsciously, "Mr. Howard, come back soon!"

"Honey, wait for me. I'll be back soon."

The voice of

g time. She bent down and gasped for air. "Howard, you're suffocating me to death!"

Instead of answering her question, Rain asked directly, "does Rain love you very much?"

"Maybe, but it's in the past. We were a couple in the past."

"Honey, what about us? Will we have a future?" Howard smiled cynically and looked at Nina.

"Don't be so mean. You can be nice to me occasionally. You know when I hate you the most and when you are talkative." After saying that, Nina went out of the cave directly. She wanted to see how those people came down just now.

When she looked up, Nina saw a long steel rope. She shouted excitedly, "Mr. Howard, come here. It seems that we can go out!"

Then he came out of the cave and said in a careless voice, "honey, it's too dark now. If we climb up, it should be me who carry you. Don't worry that I will be careless or let you down. Look down..."

Nina looked down. It was the bottomless abyss.

"You are so bad, Mr. Howard!"

Howard snickered and wrapped his arm around Nina's shoulder. "Let's go."

"I can walk myself." Said Nina sourly. She came back to the cave.

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