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   Chapter 49 the green light (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-01-18 00:04

However, when Nina's eyes inadvertently glanced at the underwear that Mr. Howard used to cover his privacy, she was shocked.

The dark red mark on the black fabric was, how could it be the same as her husband's trousers?

"Howard, your trousers..."

It took him a while to realize what he was talking about. He pulled the belt and asked, "what's wrong with my underpants?"

"You like it?"

The little girl was staring at his trousers with a pair of big eyes, and her little face was entangled. She didn't speak. What did she mean?

"How about I take it off for you?"

"No way!" Nina shouted loudly and then her voice faded, "why does my husband have the same trousers as you?"

Hearing what Nina said, Howard suddenly came to his senses. He was used to wearing this brand, so he paid attention to the role of Howard and the beggar in front of Nina. However, he completely ignored the detail like trousers.

He sprinkled the water to the basin and said indifferently, "I guess there are a lot of men dressed like this in this city, but you can't see them."

Hearing Howard's perfect answer, Nina rolled her eyes in disgust.

"Change your clothes. It's uncomfortable to wear wet clothes like this."

"Then why don't you change your clothes?" Nina grabbed her clothes subconsciously. She was sick after changing her clothes!

"Hi, Nina. Where are you? I'm Rain. Where are you?"

His voice came closer and closer.

Nina jumped down from the rock and grabbed Howard's clothes. "Hurry up!"

With one hand holding Howard's clothes, Nina grasped his hand with the other hand.

"Honey, it's better for us to be saved by Rain than here." He assumed that even Rain couldn't do anything to him.

"If you want to go up


Howard turned around and the tree branches drew the snake's head. When the snake's head pounced on him, he grabbed the snake's head with his backhand and smashed it several times. The snake stopped moving.

Therefore, when Nina opened her eyes, she saw that Mr. Howard wrapped a snake around his neck.

"Mr. Howard, are you out of your mind?" Nina tried to get away from him, but she was also very scared, so she didn't dare to stay too far away from him. "Mr. Howard, please throw it away. Let's find a way to get out of here."

"This snake is called emerald green snake. It's not poisonous, but it's not easy for it to grow so long," Said Howard.

"It's cold-blooded. Even if it's not poisonous, it makes people feel cold. Would you like to let it go?" Begged Nina who came over carefully.

"Honey, are you hungry?"

Nina shook her head. She wouldn't eat snakes no matter how hungry she was!

Howard smiled, took the snake down from his neck and threw it out of the cave.

The snake ran into the grass as soon as it woke up.

Howard clapped his hands and said, " this snake should thank you. If you were here, I would eat it up."

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